Terrifying Cybercrime Statistics

Today we are almost entirely dependent on hackable technology. Your phone, your computers, your car, your bank and credit card purchases, even your smart home devices and alarm systems (IoT) can be hacked into. In fact, a hacker attack takes place worldwide every 39 seconds, affecting one in three Americans each year. 

In the following article, you’ll get a chance to see some cybercrime statistics from a variety of dependable sources that will help you understand the real threat you’re facing as a business, a person, and an employee. You’ll also learn a bit about how you can protect yourself. We offer the most recent info from 2018 and 2019, and some comparisons with the crime/security from recent history.

Cybercrime is almost constant, committed by professionals and often extremely well-organized groups. As you will see, it’s also increasing in scope, sophistication, and cost.

9 Key Cybercrime Stats

  • Cybercrime generates around $1.5 trillion per year

  • A hack occurs every 39 seconds

  • Global cybercrime damages are estimated to cost $6 trillion per year by 2021

  • Hackers earn around $30,000 per job, whilst their managers can make up to $2 million

  • 60% of fraud goes through mobile devices, 80% of which are generated from mobile apps

  • $1,077 is the average cash amount attackers demand

  • 81% of the US population has a social media account

  • Chinese cyber attacks accounted for over 20% of cyber attacks in 2017

  • $80 billion held in cryptocurrency is laundered annually