38 Interesting Malware Statistics

More and more devices are connected nowadays, risking the safety of our finances, privacy, and personal data. Infectious codes like malware, malicious software, and viruses pose a real threat both to businesses and individuals.

In most cases, malware cannot damage your hardware (though some crypto mining malware can destroy devices, but more on that later). It will, however, mess up your data by stealing it, encrypting it, or deleting it. Some malware can also hijack your processor and power resources, change core functions, or spy on your online activities.

Learn about the newest threats and trends in these malware statistics to see what you ought to keep an eye on in 2019. Stay safe.

Top 5 Malware Stats to Remember

  • The AV-TEST Institute registers over 350,000 new malicious programs, malware, and unwanted programs per day

  • Every 7 seconds a new malware is released

  • The most affected country is Algeria, where 32.41% of computers are infected by malware

  • According to a McAfee study, malware revenue can reach $1 billion by 2020

  • In just a single month in 2018, 57,000 new malware threats were detected