Safest Cities in Texas

Everyone knows about Texas, no matter where on the planet they live. We’ve all seen the westerns like The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly and pretended to ride through the desert, looking for the next town to rob. Aside from going there to live as an outlaw, the time to consider actually moving to Texas may have arrived.

In case everything you know about Texas starts and ends with Clint Eastwood’s films, you might find the list we’ve compiled useful. In the first part, you’ll find the safest cities in Texas to live, all of which are below 100,000 inhabitants. The second part features the most popular cities in Texas, listed according to the crime rates they experience.

Every city on the list includes the property (P) and violent crimes (V) per 100,000 inhabitants listed in parentheses. Keep in mind that the average property crime rate in Texas is 2,563 per 100,000 people, and for violent crimes, that number is 439. The national average for property crime is 2,362 per 100,000 people, and 383 for violent crimes.

Curious to know what is the best city to live in Texas? Those who are planning to move to the second-largest state in the US, or anywhere else in the world, have numerous things to worry about. How much will buying a house cost me? What’s the traffic like? and Are the schools decent? are just some of the questions that they need answers to.

With these questions in mind, and without further ado, here is the list of the safest places in Texas:

Kermit, Texas - Safest Cities in Texas


(Property: 217; Violent: 0)

Kermit has always played a key role in the region; during the late 19th century, the town was the region’s supply center. The city got its name to honor Theodore Roosevelt and his son, Kermit Roosevelt, after the president visited the city. Oil is the main economy driver in Kermit.

This small Texas city has a population of just 6,434. Median earnings amount to $53,000, and the population’s median age is 33.8 years. What helps make Kermit one of the best cities in Texas is that buying a house is not an expensive ordeal, as the average asking price is $78,000.

Life in Kermit is fairly inexpensive, as the cost of living is 21% lower than the national average. The home prices and higher-than-average education investments are also a giant plus, but the biggest upside of living here are the town’s crime rates: In 2018, just 14 property crimes were reported, 6 of them classified as burglaries and 8 as thefts. No violent crimes were reported, making Kermit the first answer to the question, What are the safest cities in Texas?

Even though it has plenty to offer new settlers, living in Kermit has some downsides. The unemployment rate is 8.9%, almost 4% higher than the US average. Other small-town features, such as not enough entertainment opportunities, are a common complaint among the residents. Young people won’t have much to do in Kermit, as there’s basically no nightlife. Those specifically looking for these types of amenities will probably find the city to be one of the worst places to live in Texas as they will only find boredom there.

Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas - Safest Cities in Texas

Fair Oaks Ranch

(Property: 464; Violent: 33)

Fair Oaks Ranch is a city shared by two counties, Bexar and Kendall. The land, owned by oil industry families, was turned into residential lots and incorporated as a town in 1988. Today, this city has 7,407 residents. The median yearly income is $133,000, while the population’s median age is 49.6 years old. Buying a house in Fair Oaks Ranch usually costs $456,000.

What adds to Fair Oaks Ranch being one of the best and safest cities in Texas is the combination of a strong economy and an unemployment rate of 3.9%, numerous activities aimed at both young people and seniors, and the perfect location for good weather year-round.

The crime rates happen to be another upside of living in Fair Oaks Ranch: 42 property crimes were reported in 2018, and just 3 violent crimes. The majority of property crimes were thefts, and only 28 of them occurred during the year. There were also 12 burglaries and 2 vehicle thefts reported. All of the violent crimes reported were assaults, making Fair Oaks Ranch one of the safest cities in Texas in 2018.

Going against this city’s favor is the cost of living, which is 46.7% higher than average, as well as the rapid population growth (298%).

Colleyville, Texas - Safest cities in Texas


(Property: 576; Violent: 19)

One of the most prominent Dallas suburbs, Colleyville is the place to be in Tarrant County. The city was first named Bransford, but it was renamed in 1914 in order to honor Dr. Lilburn Howard Colley, the first person who settled in the area.

According to data from 2016, the Colleyville, TX, population sits at 25,487. The median income in the city is just over $150,000, while the median age is 45.7. An average house costs around $500,000.

The city is a dream location for families, as it has top-notch public schools and a well-developed economy that makes it one of the richest cities in the country. Public safety is also one of the things that make Colleyville the first choice for many American families—during 2018, 154 property crimes were reported, 110 of them being thefts, 37 burglaries, and 7 vehicle thefts. Just 5 violent crimes were reported in Colleyville: 3 assaults and 2 robberies.

Living in the city of Colleyville, unfortunately, comes with some negatives. First and foremost, the cost of living in Colleyville is 58% more expensive than the US average. Second, even though it has a developed economy and low unemployment rates, the city is fairly rural. Lastly, low crime rates, as well as the overall state of the city, draw thousands of people to move to Colleyville, leading to overcrowding.


(Property: 644; Violent: 12)

Situated in Collin County, Fairview represents one of the most expensive small towns in Texas. Officially incorporated in 1958, this city is commonly the top answer to the question, What is the best small town to live in Texas?

The city of Fairview is home to 8,438 people, with a median income of $74,000. The median age is 52.6 years old, and the average price of their property is $433,000.

Fairview does not base its entire economy on oil, as most other small Texas towns do. The diverse economy led to its incredibly low unemployment rate of just 3.6%. The town also has one of the largest public school investments in the country. Low crime rates are one the most compelling arguments for moving to this city, making it one of the best places to live in Texas for families.

During the last 12 months, there were 55 property crime incidents in Fairview. 11 of them were burglaries, 43 were thefts, and 1 was a vehicle theft. When it comes to violent crime, just 1 assault was reported during 2018.

The negatives of living in Fairview include a cost of living that’s 38.6% higher than in the rest of the US, not to mention the insanely high population growth. During the last 18 years, Fairview saw a population growth of 443%, making it the fastest growing city in Texas.

Murphy, Texas - Safest cities in Texas


(Property: 607; Violent: 29)

Another Collin County city, Murphy received its first settlers in 1846. The city was named in honor of William Murphy who provided the land for the railway tracks that reached the city in 1888. The oldest building in town is the First Baptist Church of Murphy, built in 1901 and definitely worth a visit.

Murphy houses 20,610 residents. This fairly rich city has a median income of $121,000 and a median age of 35.6 years. An average house in this area costs around $382,000.

Apart from being one of the safest cities in America, Murphy also offers other benefits to visitors and residents. The city has a diverse economy and an unemployment rate of just 3.6%. It offers numerous entertainment options, making it attractive to young people. Art and culture are a big part of Murphy.

Crime rates in Murphy during 2018 looked like this: 127 property crimes were reported, consisting of 113 thefts, 11 burglaries, and 3 vehicle thefts. The number of violent crimes reported in the same period was just 6, 2 assaults and 4 rapes, making Murphy one of the best medium-sized towns in Texas when it comes to safety.

Murphy’s bad side consists of below average education investments, high population growth, as well as a high cost of living, which is 30.8% higher than the rest of the country.

Keller, Texas - Safest cities in Texas


(Property: 626; Violent: 52)

Part of Tarrant County, so far Keller is the largest city on the list, and it firmly deserves a place among the safest cities in Texas. The town originates from the 1850s, when it became one of the stops on the Texas and Pacific Railway. Its location on the Trinity River made it perfect for farming, drawing in more settlers. Keller took almost 100 years to become incorporated, finally doing so in 1955.

The city has a population of 45,758, with a median income of $114,000. The median age is 40.2, and an average home costs $397,000.

What makes Keller one of the most alluring cities in Texas is its perfect mix of infrastructure and amenities aimed to entertain and educate. There are 11 parks and over 26 miles of biking trails to entertain you, and the Keller Independent School District has nearly 40 campuses that educate 34,000 students.

When it comes to crime rates in Keller, there were 300 property crimes reported during 2018, 233 of them being thefts, 56 burglaries, and 11 vehicle thefts. 25 violent crimes were reported, consisting of 11 assaults, 7 robberies, and 7 rapes.

Keller is one of the more expensive Texas towns to live in, with the cost of living being 43.2% higher than the average. The city is crowded, which commonly leads to traffic jams, setting the average commute time to 31 minutes, 5 minutes longer than in most of the US.

Horizon city Texas - Safest cities in Texas

Horizon City

(Property: 599; Violent: 81)

Even though the planning for the community started during the early 1960s, Horizon City wasn’t officially incorporated until 1988. The city was named after the corporation in charge of the original planning, Horizon Corporation. In case you’ve been wondering Where in Texas is the best place to raise a family? Horizon City has one of the highest birthrates in the US, helping its county, El Paso, get ahold of the 24th spot on the list of the top 101 counties with the highest number of births per 1,000 residents, 2007–2013.

Horizon City has a population of 19,288 and a median income of $52,000. The median age is 25.4 years, while the average price of houses listed for sale in the city is $120,000.

Making this city one of the most affordable and safest places to live in Texas for families is the combination of the below-average cost of living (10.3% lower than average) and numerous entertainment options, ranging from escape rooms to golf and ATV adventures. The proximity to El Paso city center is a huge plus, especially when it comes to the choice of schools and hospitals.

The crime rates in Horizon City for 2018 looked like this: 118 property crimes and 16 violent crimes, 94 thefts, 17 burglaries, and 7 vehicle thefts were reported, as well as 13 assaults and 3 robberies.

Even though it’s one of the safest places to live in Texas, life in Horizon City has its drawbacks. The unemployment rate is 5.2%, one of the highest ones so far on the list. More importantly, the schools in the town don’t receive enough funding, the reason why most people from Horizon City send their children to schools in El Paso.

West University Place, Texas - Safest cities in Texas

West University Place

(Property: 874; Violent: 64)

Commonly called West U, West University Place belongs to Harris County. The city was officially incorporated in 1924, and in addition to being one of the safest places to live in Texas in 2017, it has an interesting tradition of naming its streets after famous authors and universities.

West University Place has a population of 15,741 and a median income of $207,429. The median age is 42.4. Most of those who own property in the city are likely to be multi-millionaires, as the average house costs $950,000.

Most consider this city to be the most desirable part of the Houston metropolitan area, and the best city in Texas, for those who can afford it. West U has an average commute time of 18 minutes (8 minutes below the US average), as well as numerous parks, making it an ideal place to raise a family.

Crime data and statistics show that there were 137 property crimes and 10 violent ones reported in 2017. The property crimes committed consisted of 89 thefts, 44 burglaries, and 4 vehicle thefts. And 9 robberies and 1 assault were reported.

West U definitely qualifies for a spot when answering the question, What are the best small towns in Texas? However, living here has some disadvantages. The cost of living is 126.9% higher than the national average, making this city even more expensive to live in than New York. The average home prices are expected to exceed $1,000,000 during 2019, making West University Place an unattainable dream for most of us.

Flower Mound, Texas - Safest cities in Texas

Flower Mound

(Property: 924; Violent: 59)

Flower Mound is a city shared by two Texas counties, Denton and Tarrant. The city originates from Presbyterian religious settlements established during the 1840s. If you asked anyone back in the 1970s What is the most popular city in Texas? the answer would be Flower Mound. As the construction of Dallas–Fort Worth International Airport completed in 1974, Flower Mound more than tripled its population.

Almost 45 years later, Flower Mound is a city with a population of 71,253, with a median income of $121,000. The median age in the city is 38.5. Settling here will cost you $373,000, according to average home price statistics.

Flower Mound has some stunning views to offer, making it the best city in Texas to visit for nature admirers. It shares the LLELA Nature Preserve with Highland Village, and it has access to Grapevine Lake. The city of Flower Mound has 54 public parks and recreation facilities. Adding on to the positives, the unemployment rate in the city is just 3.3%.

The crime rates that the city experiences are superb, considering its size: 694 property crimes were reported in the last 12 months, composed of 596 thefts, 79 burglaries, and 19 vehicle thefts. When it comes to violent crimes reported, Flower Mound stays way below the average Texas crime rate with 4 robberies, 31 assaults, and 9 rapes in the last year.

Beautiful and safe cities that have thriving economies come with a high cost of living, as evident by Flower Mound. The cost of living in this city is 30.6% higher than the national average. The population growth of 359% in the last 18 years has yet to slow down, leading to overcrowding.

Highland Village, Texas - Safest cities in Texas

Highland Village

(Property: 989; Violent: 65)

Located in Denton County on the outskirts of Dallas, Highland Village was a town of just 517 back in the 1970s. By the time the 1980s came, the population exceeded 3,000 and the city started to transform from a purely residential suburb to a more business-oriented one. Can it answer the question, What is the best city to live in Texas?

Today, Highland Village is a city with 16,149 people and a median income of $133,161, well above the national average. The median age is 42.1 years, and the average property value is $367,000.

The city offers dozens of entertainment options, especially for nature enthusiasts. LLELA Nature Preserve, for example, has numerous trails for walking and running, as well as rivers and streams for fishing and kayaking. The unemployment rate in Highland Village is just 3.6%, and crime rates make it one of the safest Texas cities.

Highland Village had 167 property crimes reported during 2018. As in most cities, the majority of the crimes reported were thefts (151), with just 11 burglaries and 5 vehicle thefts. 11 violent crimes were reported, all of them classified as assaults.

The cost of living in this city is 30.3% higher than the US average, making Highland Village expensive to live in, not to mention the high real estate prices. The growth in the population of nearly 130% over the last 10 years makes it one of the most crowded small cities in Texas.

Euless, Texas - Safest cities in Texas


(Property: 2,282; Violent: 152)

Euless is a city in Tarrant County, named after Elisha Adam Euless. Once he moved to these parts of Texas, others followed. Elisha was a prominent community figure, investing money into building a community center, as well as other facilities that today made Euless one of the best places to retire in Texas in 2018. As a sign of appreciation, the city was named after him.

54,219 people live in Euless, and their median income is $54,000. The median age of the city is 34.7. Houses cost an average of $219,000.

What makes Euless the best place to retire is its plethora of golf courses and over 300 acres of parks. The city can also be a good home to those seeking work, as the unemployment rate is 3.7%. Euless and Tarrant County also invest a lot in education.

The Euless, TX, crime rate for the last 12 months was below the national and state averages: 1,263 property crimes were reported, as well as 84 violent ones. Property crime data tells us that there were 909 thefts, 214 burglaries, and 140 vehicle thefts committed. 53 assaults, 29 robberies, 1 rape, and 1 murder were the violent crimes reported during 2018.

The Safest Cities in Texas with over 100,000 in Population

McKinney, Texas - Safest cities in Texas


(Property: 1,343; Violent: 148)

Once the fastest-growing city in the US (2000–2003), McKinney is the county seat of Collin County. The town was incorporated in 1859 after a local landowner donated a portion of his land for the townsite. McKinney has always been the economic center of Collin County.

The city has a population of 162,898 and a median income of $83,000. The median age of the residents is 33.3 years, and the average home price is $309,000.

McKinney is one of the best cities to live in Texas for singles. It offers a historic downtown full of entertainment options, recreation areas such as Towne Lake, and enough choices to satisfy any food-related cravings. Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary is a place everyone in love with nature should visit. The unemployment rate in McKinney is low, at just 3.7%, and investments in education are above average for the state of Texas.

What makes this city not so suitable for raising children are the crime rates it experiences: the McKinney, TX, crime rate stats for 2018 show that there were 2,417 property and 267 violent crimes reported during the year. The property crimes consist of 1,965 thefts, 297 burglaries, and 155 vehicle thefts, while the violent crimes involved 151 assaults, 68 robberies, 26 rapes, and 2 murders.

Even though the crime rates in McKinney are below the US and Texas average, this city is not commonly included on the lists of Texas cities worth moving to. As with most major cities in Texas, the crime rate is expected to keep increasing.

Frisco, Texas - Safest cities in Texas


(Property: 1,488; Violent: 102)

Shared between counties Collin and Denton, Frisco is one of the most popular commuter towns in the Dallas metro area. First called Emerson, this town’s name was later changed to Frisco City after the St. Louis–San Francisco Railway. The name was shortened later to just Frisco.

Frisco has a population of 154,407 with a median income of $112,000. They are 35.1 years old, as per median age data available. Those interested in buying a house in one of the safest cities in Texas from natural disasters will need to prepare $395,000 for the privilege, according to the real estate averages.

The unemployment rate in Frisco is just 2.9%, one of the lowest in the country, showing the strength of the city’s diverse economy. The proximity to Dallas offers all of the commodities that a big city has to offer, such as art, culture, and entertainment.

Crime rates in the city are impressive, once its size and population are taken into account: 2,571 property crimes and 176 violent crimes were reported last year, according to Frisco, TX, crime rate public data. Property crimes consisted of 2,178 thefts, 309 burglaries, and 84 vehicle thefts. 99 assaults, 36 robberies, 39 rapes, and 2 murders contributed to the violent crime numbers.

A strong economy and low crime rate are the most common parameters for choosing a new town to live in. This is why Frisco has experienced a 358% increase in population since 2000. The increase in population pushed real estate prices up and raised the cost of living to 31.8% higher than the average.

Carrollton, Texas - Safest cities in Texas


(Property: 1,752; Violent: 122)

One of the best cities to visit in Texas, and another city on the list shared by two counties, Denton and Collin, Carrollton was first settled in 1842. Carrollton was an agricultural town until the railroad came through near the end of the 19th century. By the time 1900s began, the city had two churches and a school, as well as multiple buildings of industrial significance for the region. It was officially incorporated in 1913.

Today, Carrollton has a population of 133,168. The median income is close to $70,000, and the median age is 36. It was one of the safest places to live in Texas in 2018, and it stands with the best medium-sized cities to live in when crime rates are considered. When it comes to visits to this place, the LLELA Nature Preserve and Arbor Hills Nature Preserve are the two spots that everyone should see at least once in their lifetime.

2.380 property crimes were reported last year in Carrollton, as well as 166 violent crimes. These numbers include 1,690 thefts, 463 burglaries, and 227 vehicle thefts when it comes to property crimes. The violent crimes reported last year consisted of 67 assaults, 61 robberies, 36 rapes, and 2 murders. The Carrollton, TX, crime rate is far below the state and national averages, for both property and violent crimes.

Carrollton doesn’t invest enough in elementary education, and it isn’t recommended for families that have school-aged children. The cost of living is 11% higher than the US average, and it keeps increasing every year as people flood in.

Plano, Texas - Safest cities in Texas


(Property: 1,734; Violent: 150)

Located mostly in Collin County, with a part of it in Denton, Plano is considered to be the safest large city in America, and it is commonly one of the first answers to the question What are the safest cities in America? The area was first inhabited in 1840, and the city began its rapid growth in 1872 when the railway was completed. During the 1980s, dozens of corporations, including J. C. Penney and Frito-Lay, decided to move their headquarters to Plano, starting another major population growth spurt.

Plano has 283,558 residents. The median income is $83,000, the median age 38.1 years, and an average house costs $326,000 in this city. Living in Plano comes with all the benefits of living in a large city, such as numerous options for entertainment, rich culture, and plenty of schools to choose between.

Plano has one major benefit that not many cities of its size have. The Plano, TX, crime rate is the city’s most enticing quality—last year, there were 5,035 property crimes reported (3,968 thefts, 728 burglaries, 339 vehicle thefts) and 435 violent crimes (220 assaults, 119 robberies, 81 rapes, 15 murders).

The hindrances of living in Plano include the high cost of living (20% higher than the US average) as well as the insane population growth, but despite these issues, it’s still one of the safest places to live in Texas.

El Paso, Texas - Safest cities in Texas

El Paso

(Property: 1,819; Violent: 379)

Situated right on the border with Mexico, the El Paso area shows signs of settlements set up 10,000–12,000 years ago. The historic first meeting between a US and a Mexican president was held here in 1909. El Paso is considered the center of the region. It has a population of 681,124 and a median income of $42,000. The median age in the city is 32.5 years, while an average home is priced at $122,000.

In order to make the list of safest cities in Texas, El Paso needs to check all the boxes. Luckily, it has a lot to offer: El Paso is a great city to raise a family, and it can be a great area for singles to move, too. The city has dozens of parks, a zoo, and a state park. The El Paso Museum of Art’s five galleries are more than enough to interest any art enthusiast, as it is the only accredited art museum within a 250-mile radius. Onto the important stuff: is El Paso, Texas, a safe city?

In 2018, El Paso had 12,526 property crimes, which included 10,429 thefts, 1,297 burglaries, and 800 vehicle thefts. There were 2,609 violent crimes reported, 1,819 of them being assaults, 400 robberies, 371 rapes, and 19 murders. Overall, El Paso is a safe city, as most of these numbers are below the state and national averages. However, some of the violent crime numbers (assault and rape) are above the average values for Texas and the US.

The El Paso crime rate is just one of the things that might turn some away from moving to this city. Its higher education is not great, with the University of Texas at El Paso ranking within the 601–800 slot on the World University Rankings 2019 list. The investment in public schools is, on average, $3,000 lower than the national standard.

College Station, Texas - Safest cities in Texas

College Station

(Property: 1,997; Violent: 199)

College Station is a city in Brazos County, in east-central Texas. The city is located along a railway, which is the main driving factor behind its development. Home to the Texas A&M University, College Station is the best city in Texas to live in if you’re a college student.

107,889 people live here, according to the estimates from August 2018. The median income is just over $33,000, while the median age of the residents is 22.6 years. An average house is priced at $233,000.

The city of College Station offers top-level education and dozens of bars and restaurants. The city is also home to thousands of people who are not college students. They can have their fun at the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

The College Station crime rate for 2018 is represented by the following numbers: 2,304 property crimes (1,887 thefts, 300 burglaries, 117 vehicle thefts) and 230 violent crimes (127 assaults, 49 robberies, 53 rapes, 1 murder) were reported.

The downside of this city is a slightly increased crime rate, even though it’s still under the national average. The cost of living is expected to skyrocket in the next few years, as the population of College Station keeps expanding.

Dallas, Texas - Safest cities in Texas


(Property: 3,185; Violent: 775)

The third most populous city in Texas, and ninth in America, Dallas is one of the most turbulent cities when it comes to its history. In fact, the entire map of Texas has been an ever-changing variable until the late 18th century. The territory of Dallas was first inhabited by the native Caddo people and was later claimed by both the Spanish and the French. In 1836, when the Republic of Texas was formed, the city started to flourish.

Dallas has a population of 1,300,090 today and a median income of $43,000. The median age is 32.2 years, while an average home in the city costs $187,700. What does it offer, and is Dallas a safe city?

As a big city, Dallas has much to offer. It’s known as one of America’s “motor cities,” but its economy is diverse. The dominant sectors include defense, financial services, information technology, transportation, and more.

The unemployment rate in the city is 3.9%, and the cost of living is just 7.7% higher than the national average. Dallas offers numerous entertainment options. For those interested in art and culture, there are museums, such as the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, or the Dallas Museum of Arts. Younger folks might be more interested in paying a visit to the aquarium or the zoo.

The Dallas, Texas, crime rate statistics for 2018 looked like this: 42,624 property crimes and 10,369 violent crimes were reported during the year, both significantly above the state and national averages. 24,847 thefts, 9,874 burglaries, and 7,913 vehicle thefts combined to reach the property crime numbers, while 4,994 assaults, 4,377 robberies, 831 rapes, and 167 murders together make up the violent crime info.

Apart from the obvious problem with crime and violence, the high level of population growth presents a major point against living in Dallas.

Austin, Texas - Safest cities in Texas


(Property: 3,190; Violent: 415)

What is the most beautiful city in Texas? Austin, the capital of Texas and the seat of Travis County, might be the answer to this question. The city’s population of 931,830 earns a median of $55,216. The citizens’ median age is 31.8, and an average house price is $346,000. The fastest-growing large city in the US, it’s shown signs of human inhabitants since 9200 BC. Austin played a major role in the Mexican-American war, and it’s one of the cities in America that should not be skipped on a road trip.

Accounting for how many cities there are in Texas and how similar they can be, here’s what separates Austin: It offers numerous sights for visitors, including architectural marvels such as the Texas Capitol, and recreational ones such as Zilker Metropolitan Park. The unemployment rate in the city is just 2.9%, and there are excellent public schools throughout the city, as the investments in education are on par with the national standards. Austin College is ranked 103rd in the nation, providing above-average higher education.

The Austin, Texas, crime rate is, however, not in the city’s favor; 31,001 property crimes (24,542 thefts, 4,380 burglaries, 2,079 vehicle thefts) and 4,032 violent crimes (2,186 assaults, 987 robberies, 834 rapes, 25 murders) were reported in 2018. All the property crime rates are above Texas and US averages, and when it comes to violent crime, the number of rapes last year was above average. In addition, the cost of living in Austin is 30% higher than the US average, making it the second biggest concern after the high crime rates.

Fort Worth, Texas, Safest cities in Texas

Fort Worth

(Property: 3,215; Violent: 560)

The fifth-largest city in Texas, Fort Worth is the county seat of Tarrant County. It is also number 15 on the list of the biggest cities in Texas. Established first as a military outpost, the city was incorporated in 1873. Nowadays, 833,319 people live in Fort Worth, and their median income is just over $52,000. The median age in the city is 31.8 years, and the average home price sits at $183,000.

Fort Worth is the place to be for those interested in art and architecture. The Kimbell Art Museum, for example, hosts one of the finest collections in Texas, and the building itself is regarded as one of the best works of modern architecture. History buffs will also have fun in Fort Worth, as it was one of the key points in the Mexican-American war.

The Fort Worth, Texas, crime rate data for 2018 includes the following numbers: 28,072 property crimes reported, 20,250 of them being thefts, 5,116 burglaries, and 2,706 vehicle thefts. The 2,966 assaults, 1,286 robberies, 569 rapes, and 70 murders added up to 4,891 violent crimes during the year.

This Texas city doesn’t spend enough on education (almost 30% below the national average), it has a high growth rate (86% since 2000), and it gets extremely hot during the summer. In addition, the Fort Worth crime rate is rising, making the city evermore dangerous to live in, year after year.


Texas is much more than cowboys and desperados. It’s a state of farmers and astronauts, oil workers and tech moguls. It is a state of diversity, in every sense, from the careers of its occupants to the color of their skin. But most of all, as the state’s motto says, it is a land of friendship.

No matter which one of the safest cities in Texas listed above you decide to visit or move to, Texans will welcome you and make you feel at home. In order to ensure you are safe, not only while walking down the street but also in your own home, we recommend you check out some of the best home security systems