What You Need to Know About the Growth of The Internet of Things

The history of the world is riddled with the effects of great inventions. Penicillin drastically improved life expectancy worldwide. The motorcar forever changed transport. And the internet permanently changed international communication.

You may not know it yet, but the internet has a new use. “Things” (like tablets, TVs, and refrigerators) are also able to send and receive information all over the internet. This is called the “internet of things” (IoT), and it’s about to change every facet of our lives.

Here, you can read about the magnitude of IoT growth so far. You can also find some predictions about this extraordinary invention’s future. After all, so many devices that you wouldn’t expect are now equipped with the ability to access the internet, meaning the IoT’s capabilities are available to these smart devices so long as they’re connected.

What Are the Most Common IoT Uses and Benefits?

Humans use the internet in many different ways to access all kinds of information. But most smart devices don’t care about updating social media profiles. Instead, they use the internet with other intentions, often using a variety of functions to supply clever solutions to everyday problems. These solutions may seem simple at first glance, but once you understand the internet of things’ market size, you’ll realize the magnitude of these functions.

Remote Control

Most IoT devices can be controlled by their user through something as simple as a smartphone. In fact, 76% of smart devices are currently controlled by smartphones since IoT technology enables its users to control their smart devices remotely.

A greater sense of control and influence is available to the people and computers using IoT technology. Managing processes and controlling systems are much easier now. You can log onto your connected devices and systems using IoT technology from anywhere in the world. The devices will even work on their own accord according to the mandate they’ve been given. This is probably the greatest benefit driving IoT growth in 2019.