Iot Definition and Top IoT Companies

Doorbells, dog fitness collars, cars, MRI machines, even beer coasters are getting smarter, more connected, and frankly, more chatty. Internet of Things devices are taking the world by storm, changing the way we receive medical treatment and play video games, and they are even improving the air we breathe.

What Is IoT Technology?

An everyday object containing a specialized microchip that enables an internet connection can become an IoT device. A fish tank, a human with a heart monitor implant, or a car with built-in sensors alerting the driver of low tire pressure all count. Various objects can now be assigned IP addresses. Then, they can transfer data to an online platform, and finally, a user. 

So what is IoT technology? When analyzing the technology supporting the IoT and its inner workings, a complete IoT system combines four main components: devices (or items), connectivity, data analysis, and a user interface. 


A teddy bear, a TV, an airplane part, or a wearable fitness tracker. All of these devices have microchips inserted into them and are assigned unique identifiers (a 128-bit number that uniquely identifies an object or entity on the internet). Smart devices collect data from their environment like temperature, motion, or even full videos. Then they send the collected data to the cloud.


Depending on the type of device, the data can travel to the cloud via various methods: WiFi, satellite, Bluetooth, cellular, low-power wide-area networks (LPWAN), or the ethernet. 

Data Analysis

Once the data reaches the cloud, it’s analyzed. This analysis could include checking if the room is too hot or checking whether there’s movement in your home while you’re away on vacation. What is the IoT doing when it comes to analyzing a potential emergency as opposed to fulfilling your daily whims? The difference between the two will affect the way the information from the cloud is communicated to the user.

User Interface 

What happens when there is, in fact, an intruder in your house, or maybe a fire? You receive a push notification, an email or a text, depending on the degree of urgency and your preference. 

Most people use internet of things applications on their phones or web browsers to send requests to a device via the cloud. In doing so, they can dim the lights, turn