Best GPS Trackers for Seniors in 2021

According to the Alzheimer’s Association’s Facts and Figures report, 10% of people aged 65 or over have Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. One of the most dangerous behaviors that commonly affects those diagnosed with these awful conditions includes wandering off, which can lead to serious injury, or even death. 

Adding more confusion to the lives of those already dealing with a disorienting disease, wandering off leads many seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia into unsafe situations. The best way to combat this is with technology.

However, the solutions on offer vary a great deal, both in features and quality. If you want to find the best GPS trackers for seniors to help yourself or a loved one, read on.

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Best GPS Trackers for Seniors

AngelSense Elderly GPS Tracker and App

  • The tracker is securely attached to clothing with a nylon sleeve

  • Accurate, 24/7 location monitoring

  • Two-way "AngelCalls" let you make a call without the elderly person pressing any buttons

  • Unlimited location updates

  • Fairly expensive monthly plan

  • Shortish battery life

The AngelSense GPS Tracker offers 24/7 tracking capabilities and a mobile app with a monthly service plan. This service plan provides constant location updates, departure warnings for when the user forgets to come back from an appointment when expected, and real-time technical support. 

The best tracking device for promoting elderly independence and freedom in performing everyday tasks, AngelSense helps prevent wandering and related injuries. Once attached to your loved one’s clothing, the GPS device can only be removed by the caregiver.

This secure attachment addresses people’s most common anxiety about GPS trackers anxiety: that a disoriented user will accidentally or willingly remove the device. 

Initially used for tracking children and people with special needs, AngelSense quickly spread to the elderly tracking market, creating devices specifically designed for elderly users.

The two-way audio feature, for example, allows families and friends to speak directly to the elderly user without them needing to “pick up.”

The device locator will also send you an alert immediately in case your loved one ends up in an unfamiliar place. 

In order to avoid straining your budget, AngelSense offers three pricing plans and lets you use the 24/7 on-boarding phone support for free.

Coros Pace GPS Sports Watch

  • Real-time GPS tracking

  • Running, cycling, swimming mode available

  • Compatible with STRAVA


  • 30-day storage of historical records

  • No navigation

  • Short battery life when the GPS mode is on

Active seniors looking to change their lifestyle and improve their health will find that Coros Pace is easily the best GPS fitness tracker out there. Coros Pace will track the user’s location in real-time, storing historical records for up to 30 days.

Keep an eye on the user’s everyday activity rates, with the option of observing their continual fitness stats systematically.

Getting older is no reason to stop your exercise routine. Cronos Pace helps you measure performance for jogging, swimming, and cycling. The device is also compatible with STRAVA, a social fitness network that allows users to share and comment on their results. 

This GPS tracking watch for elderly and youthful citizens alike also features a heart-rate monitor, just to stay on the safe side.

The GPS, GLONASS, and BSD all work in sync to provide correct location services. You can also use the device to text, email, call, or interact with friends and family via social media channels. 

Spending your golden years slouched in front of a TV set might be a dream come true for some people, but for those who want to remain active, Coros Pace is a godsend.

You’d expect all these advanced features to take a toll on the battery life of a GPS fitness tracker, but that’s not the case with this product.

In fact, the watch can last for as long as 30 days on standard mode. The GPS mode shortens the battery life, meaning it will need to be charged after 25 hours. 

Laxcido 3G WiFi Phone Call GPS Smart Watch

  • Complex GPS system

  • SOS button

  • Historical route tracking

  • Camera

  • Geo-fencing

  • Low battery alarm

  • Voice chat

  • Step counter

  • SIM card has to be purchased separately

  • On the expensive side

This wearable GPS tracker is a combination between a 3G GPS smart watch and a cell phone GPS tracker. With Laxcido, you can track your loved one’s location in real time, using GPS+WIFI+LBS multiple positioning modes.

Along with GPS features, Laxcido contains an SOS emergency call button, which enables the elderly person to immediately contact friends or family members in case they need help. 

Enjoy the many free specs and a lifetime of superb customer service for Android and iOS application software, along with a web-tracking platform. Keep track of your loved ones in an intelligent, systematic manner with a historical route track option, or a footprint record. 

The GPS tracker watch applies geo-fencing, which allows you to mark a “safe area” in the user’s neighborhood or immediate surroundings.

In case your loved one leaves the designated area, you immediately get a phone notification. This feature, as well as a step counter, low battery alarm, and a camera, will all help prevent dire events from taking place. 

Keep in mind that the Laxcido watch with GPS tracker supports 3G networks, which is an unusual advantage; most other similar items only support 2G.

Amcrest GPS Tracker

  • Real-time tracking

  • Three types of geo-fencing working together

  • Long battery life

  • Easy-to-use app design

  • Easily concealable

  • No surplus features

  • $19.99 monthly fee

This high-performance GPS tracker for seniors will help you track your loved ones at all times, wherever they might find themselves.

What makes this product special are the three separate types of geo-fencing that enable you to impose strict boundaries on where the user should or should not find themselves. The moment your loved one enters a flagged area or leaves a designated area, you get a notification. 

The Amcrest GPS Tracker has a battery life of 10-14 days on a full charge. Its simple, intuitive UI design allows you to easily manage its many features and notification options. Amcrest could also be the best GPS activity tracker for seniors.

Small, compact, and easily concealable, this GPS tracker for elderly people sends you emails or texts any time your loved one is in potential danger. Amcrest manufactures some of the best GPS trackers, which are built to last and provide permanent peace of mind.

KKBear GPS Senior Tracking Smart Watch

  • Three call modes

  • CE, ROHS, and FCC certification

  • Two-way communication

  • A do-not-disturb mode to help with user privacy

  • Affordable - no monthly subscription

  • The keyboard size on the small screen might be an issue for some users

KKBear’s tracker is comfortable to wear with its leather strap, large screen, and a bold display to match. This device isn’t about fancy features, though. Instead, KKBear offers everything you need, while also being the best personal GPS tracker with no monthly fee to worry about.

This device excels at real-time GPS tracking, as well as offering two-way communication, SOS alerts, and a do-not-disturb mode for naptime and appointments at the doctor’s office. 

This surveillance and security device lets the user call friends and loved ones at any time. The SOS button is just a push away in the case of an emergency or danger. Its CE, ROHS, and FCC certification is just one more reason this product is just about the best GPS tracker for the elderly. 

Once you set up a phone book via the app, the wearer of the device can easily make and answer calls. You can also listen in on conversations that are picked up by the watch’s mic. We don’t recommend this, though, as you risk losing your loved one’s trust.

For the very reasonable price of this device, you’ll also get free lifetime use of the company’s iOS and Android apps, as well as a PC web-based tracking platform.

KKBear offers a 30-day money-back return and a one-year warranty quality guarantee. In case anything at all about KKBear’s best GPS tracking device is unclear, you can access 24/7 customer service and email support.


  • Keychain

  • Small and compact

  • Geo-fencing

  • Multi-factor GPS tracking technology

  • One-week battery life

  • Low battery life alerts

  • Can be removed by user

Find out your loved one’s GPS location at any time, day or night, with PocketFinder, the keychain GPS tracker elderly users trust.

The wearer’s address, speed, altitude, and distance from the caregiver are all readily available via the PocketFinder app, 24/7. Designed to be the smallest GPS tracking device on the market, PocketFinder fits into the palm of your hand. 

You can set an unlimited number of geo-fences and receive notifications every time your loved one leaves a safe space or enters a potentially dangerous area.

Miniscule, waterproof, and reliable, PocketFinder uses four location technologies to provide you with the most accurate data: Google Touch Triangulation, PS/A-GPS, Cell-ID, and Google Premier Mapping. The battery lasts up to a week and the device adds to its reliability by giving you low-battery alerts.

In case your loved one needs any help at all, they can just press the SOS button and get immediate assistance. This keychain micro GPS tracker is an invaluable asset for seniors who value their independence, as well as their safety. PocketFinder’s location is updated every 60 seconds, with customizable interval options. 

Spytec Mini GPS Tracker

  • Google Maps tracking

  • Geo-fencing

  • Thousands of positive reviews

  • Small and compact

  • The monthly fee might be too expensive for some users

The Spytec Mini GPS Tracker goes everywhere with your loved one and provides real-time, accurate tracking throughout.

An industry leader in GPS trackers for elderly people, the aptly named Spytec has thousands of customers all over the world. The tracker can easily be attached to a belt, a piece of clothing, or a backpack. 

This surprisingly small GPS tracker locates its wearers via Google Maps and enables geo-fencing, allowing you to mark safe spaces digitally.

The moment the user leaves a marked area, you get a notification via an app. Spytec achieves near-perfect 4G coverage thanks to its network of satellites, allowing you to keep an eye on your loved one at all times. 

This elderly GPS tracker has a 2.5-week battery life, all the while maintaining its amazing monitoring capabilities and minuscule dimensions.

A combo of laser-sharp satellite tracking, compact size, and a long battery life ought to be enough to assure every buyer of Spytec’s quality. The complete service comes at $24.95 per month, but thousands of positive reviews on Amazon show the cost sure is worth it.

LandAirSea 54 Waterproof Magnet Mount GPS Tracker

  • Small, compact

  • Reputable brand

  • Customizable geo-fencing options

  • Rechargeable battery, up to two-week lifetime

  • Real-time tracking and mapping

  • 60-second tracking updates

  • $24.95 monthly fee

LandAirSea, a company that has been making GPS trackers since 1994, built this best buy GPS tracker to help you keep you informed of your loved ones’ safety and whereabouts. The device is waterproof and can be easily attached to a piece of clothing or a backpack.

A powerful magnet ensures the device stays put, adding to its accuracy and reliability, even in extreme conditions. 

The geo-fencing option lets you set geographic boundaries around your elderly parent’s home, neighborhood, or street. Once they arrive at a certain location – or if they leave it – you get a text or email notification.

The device lets you track and map your loved one’s movements and daily behavior, while its built-in accelerometer detects changes in speed and movement. 

This micro GPS tracking device lets you keep an eye on your loved one in real time via the SilverCloud app or web-based software.

Its services include an AT&T SIM, with unlimited data and access to tracking servers, as well as historical playback. If used economically, the one-week battery life can be stretched to two full weeks before being recharged. 

As is the case with most of the best tracking devices, there is a $24.95 monthly fee. This monthly plan buys you 60-second tracking updates and you can change it at any time. Keep in mind that you’ll only be able to use the 54 in the US.


  • Real-time tracking

  • 10-second updates

  • Tiny GPS tracker

  • Movement mapping

  • Geo-fencing

  • 4G LTE

  • User-friendly app

  • Costly monthly fee

PRIMETRACKING’s GPS locator provides real-time tracking 24/7 and sends location updates every 10 seconds. It’s ideal for active seniors who jog, visit friends, drive, and take public transportation. 

You can stay in control of how far your loved one goes and for how long by setting up digital geo-fences. You’ll get a notification via the PRIMETRACKING GPS app whenever your loved one leaves the safety of a designated area. The app is accessible anywhere in the US via your phone, computer, or tablet.

One reason many users consider this the best GPS tracker app available is that it lets you map the routes your loved ones take on a daily basis and check that they’re doing well. As with most similar devices, this features an SOS button, which the wearer can press in case of an emergency. 

These useful features are paired with a compact design, a two-week battery life, and 4G LTE tracking, which also boosts the device’s speed and reliability. For this PRIMETRACKING personal GPS tracker, you’ll have to pay a $25 monthly fee.

AMERICALOC GL300W Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker

  • Customizable, complex geo-fencing options

  • Small and compact

  • Low battery alerts

  • Configured email notifications

  • Can be used internationally

  • One year of history storage

  • Multicarrier coverage

  • $25 monthly subscription

When it comes to small tracking devices, AMERICALOC provides perhaps the widest variety of features in a compact, small format. Easy to carry on backpacks and in pockets, the GL300W tracks movement and offers geo-fencing capabilities. Keep an eye on the user as they move in and out of caregiver-approved zones (geo-fencing) and press the front button in case of an emergency. 

The device stores up to a year of the user’s historical data and is easily rechargeable with a wall charger. The installed SIM card helps you store data. Since it’s international, you can use it anywhere in the US, Canada, and nearly every country in Europe. 

The micro GPS tracking device provides one of the most effective and customizable geo-fencing options. You can configure complex custom digital zones and receive configured email notifications for a predetermined set of events.

Keep a close eye on your loved one via a mobile phone, computer, or tablet. AMERICALOC also allows for multicarrier coverage – in case you need to track both your parents – via its own Android or iPhone GPS tracker app. 

For $25 per month, you can get correct, highly specific location updates every minute, 30 seconds, or 10 seconds, as best you see fit.

As a welcome, the company adds two additional months to your first service purchase free of charge. Other than that, there are no contracts, activation fees, or cancellation fees. You are free to cancel anytime you like.

Why use a GPS tracker?

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia damage a person’s memory. Familiar surroundings and faces become unfamiliar, making it difficult to adapt to new environments.

The disorientation of the disease often leads to wandering, a common and serious concern for many caregivers who worry their loved one may become frightened, lost, or at risk of walking into a dangerous situation.

Thankfully, there are now some solutions to address wandering and help keep your loved one safe and secure. One way to prevent wandering in seniors with Alzheimer’s is to use a lifesaving location device, GPS watch, pendant, or even an elegant GPS bracelet. Using GPS tracking, these devices can help you find and protect your loved one immediately.

In old age, a person’s memory becomes more vulnerable to diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. When their condition worsens, they may have trouble even going home on the same route they’ve taken their whole life.

This is not just a problem for their own security; they can also unwittingly cause or get involved in accidents that affect others, too. The best GPS tracker for your needs will make sure you always know your elderly loved one’s location, as if you were right there with them. 

GPS tracking devices are an increasingly popular option for caregivers and families trying to reduce wandering. Those that are specifically designed for seniors put an emphasis on functions that enhance safety, including emergency buttons and health-monitoring metrics.

Best GPS Trackers for Seniors – Final Words

The best GPS tracking device you can buy makes your elderly loved one’s everyday life easier. That’s priceless. If you have a elderly relative in your home who is suffering from bad memory or a disease like dementia or Alzheimer’s, then a senior tracking device can help you ensure that they don’t get lost or wander off when you aren’t at home.

In today’s world, people are living longer and longer. While this means we’re able to stay with our loved ones for more time, there are some problems that come with old age.

While these health problems are unavoidable, using the best GPS tracker you can find on this list can buy you peace of mind and ensure your parents’ safety. If your loved one does go missing, you can simply look up their location in a matter of seconds. 

There are dozens of common conditions and illnesses that impair brain function in elderly people. These range from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s to dementia and many others. As these conditions worsen, they begin to cause problems in an elderly person’s everyday life.

One of the most common issues is elderly people wandering off from their home. They can become forgetful of where they are or where they’re going, which of course can put them in danger.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best tracking device for elderly?

The AngelSense GPS Tracker offers 24/7 GPS tracker capabilities and a mobile app with a monthly service plan.

The service plan provides constant location updates, departure warnings for when the user forgets to come back from an appointment when expected, and real-time technical support.

The best tracking device for promoting elderly independence and freedom in performing everyday tasks, AngelSense helps prevent wandering and related injuries.

Once attached to the loved one’s clothing, the best GPS tracker can only be removed by the caregiver.

This gives you peace of mind; you can rest assured that your loved one won’t accidentally – or purposely – remove the device without you knowing.

Is there a tracking device for Alzheimer's patients?

There are plenty, and the best tracking device for Alzheimer’s patients ought to offer the geo-fencing option.

As patients with Alzheimers tend to get disoriented and wander off, it would be a good idea to not only track their movements, but also digitally mark designated areas where they should or should not be.

If they leave their neighborhood or stay too long at the doctor’s office, the family member or friend gets a notification instantly.

This way, loved ones can track the user and react quickly and efficiently.

If you or your loved one is suffering from Alzheimer’s, keep an eye on the geo-fencing features in some of the items on this list.

How can I track someone by GPS?

To get real-time results, GPS trackers use a network of satellites.

A GPS tracking chip uses a process called trilateration to determine the physical location of the device, based on its distance from these GPS satellites.

Depending on the company and the subscription options you choose, you can get anything from three-second to 60-second updates on a person’s location.

If the device you buy offers geo-fencing as a feature, you can even get text messages or notifications if a person leaves a designated, digitally limited area.

The best GPS tracker provides precise real-time data and has a long battery life.