Xfinity (Comcast) Review

There are over a hundred companies that provide you with various types of security and plans, which can make deciding which system is the right one for your home confusing. We’ve put together this Xfinity home security review to help you weed out the outdated and promotional reviews and provide you with the latest information on the company and its services.

We review companies based on their equipment performance, customer service, product quality, and prices. Most importantly, we’ll let you know right here if Xfinity’s security system really is worth the money.

Searching through all the Xfinity home security reviews out there can be rough, we know. That’s why we made it so that you have all the information you need in one place.

9.5 Total Score
What Makes Xfinity Stand Out?

This company provides more than just home security, they also have internet and cable options to go along with your system so you can have everything set up by one provider. They offer 24/7 professional monitoring, and due to the deals they have with smart tech companies, there’s a huge selection of Xfinity equipment to choose from.

  • Professional monitoring
  • Support for third-party devices
  • Discounts available for existing customers
  • Mobile notifications in real-time
  • Complete home automation is possible
  • Customizable packages
  • Rates may increase
  • Xfinity termination fee
  • Most equipment requires professional installation
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Plans and Prices

There’s only one fixed plan you can get with this company. It’s $39.95 a month for the equipment, plus $9.95 a month for professional monitoring. This package entails 3 door/window sensors, 1 motion sensor, 1 Xfinity home security tablet, and 1 wireless keypad.

There’s a one-time installation fee of $99.99, and if you wish to add any equipment, there’s an additional cost of $49.95 per product, apart from the Xfinity home security camera, which has a $99.95 one-time installation fee. (Installation charges can vary based on location, so make sure to call and ask.) 

To give an idea of cost, the standard package ($39.95/month) + monitoring ($9.95/month) + installation ($99.99) + 3 additional devices ($49.95 x 3=$149.85) totals $299.74 for the first month. And the following monthly charges would be $49.90. The additional prices and fee-waiver possibilities depend on your location, so we recommend that you give Xfinity a call and ask about the discounts and promotions for your area.

There’s a mandatory two-year Xfinity contract required with this company—and in order to end the contract, you’ll need to call them so that they can cancel the service for you. However, there’s also an Xfinity cancellation fee. If you cancel before the two years are complete, you will have to pay $230, which can be reduced by $10 depending on the number of months left in the contract. 

One of the perks you don’t see with other companies is that Xfinity doesn’t charge a movers fee, so you can transfer your equipment to a different location free of charge. Since the Xfinity transfer service is free, this gives customers the option to feel safe and secure no matter where they end up. 

Standard Package ($39.95/month + $9.95 + a starting cost of $99.99)

The Xfinity monthly cost is fixed and doesn’t include additional equipment charges. This is the package we mentioned above, and it includes 3 door/window sensors, 1 motion detector, 1 touchscreen controller, and 1 wireless keypad. 

With this, you’ll have all you need to make sure your home is safe and secure. Through the mobile app, you can monitor and receive real-time notifications when a sensor or alarm is triggered. Plus, if you opt to buy the additional camera, you’ll be able to see live footage of your home. 

Door/Window Sensors

These sensors are triggered based on the unauthorized opening and closing of doors and windows. If a door is opened, you’ll get an immediate notification on your phone, and the monitoring company will be notified. They’ll immediately dispatch a team to your home to see what happened and why the alarm was triggered. 

Xfinity Home Security Sensors

These sensors are triggered when they detect motion. When this happens, you will receive an alert on your phone, and the monitoring company will also be alerted. They will then send a team out to your home to examine the situation.

Xfinity Home Touch Screen

This controller represents the center of your home security system. You can control all your devices through it by arming and disarming them, as well as tap into your camera feed. 

Wireless Keypad

Through this piece of equipment, you can arm and disarm your system and check its status. You can also send an alarm to the authorities by typing in a designated code. 

Xfinity Home Security App

Xfinity provides an app to download on your phone, and with it, you gain access to all your security devices. Through it, you can also arm and disarm your security system and check your camera feed from any location at any time. What’s more, you can use the app to control any third-party devices that Xfinity integrates with.

About the Company

Xfinity home security is an extension of Comcast cable TV and internet (now called Xfinity). The company has been around since the 1980s and has made a place for itself in the market as one of the top cable, internet, and now home automation and security providers. A well-established company, the Comcast BBB rating is an A.

The company’s system integrates with various third-party devices, and on top of the tech provided, they also offer around-the-clock professional monitoring. Homes vary depending on size, location, number of inhabitants, and much more. That’s why the ability to completely customize your security system gives this company an edge, especially since it can all be controlled through the Xfinity home security app

We also like the fact that a professional does the installation. If it’s your first time purchasing security equipment—or even if you’re an experienced user—it’s always great to have a professional handle the equipment and installation. This way you can be sure it will be done to a high standard, and you can rest assured that the devices will be set up in the perfect security hot spots to keep your home safe. 

Xfinity Home Security Customer Service

Their team was more than helpful to assist us and guide us through their system. They were quick to respond, and their staff was ready to address all of our questions with useful answers and feedback. There’s a customer portal on their website with articles and Q&A’s to help you out, or you can give them a call or email them with any inquiries you might have. 

Xfinity Home App

The app allows you to receive notifications in real time when an alarm is triggered. This means that you’re able to keep track of your home from anywhere at any time. You can control your other smart devices through it, like your lights, thermostat, TV, and more. Even better, you can tap into your camera’s live feed and check what’s happening whenever you want—and the same applies if you opt for the outdoor camera. 

Comcast 30-Day Guarantee

Xfinity offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means that if the services are canceled within 30 days of installation, there’s no charge. Since the equipment is set up by a professional, it will also be taken down by one. There’s no charge for the professional demounting of the equipment. This equipment is then returned to the nearest Comcast or UPS store.

Comcast Xfinity Packages

This company offers an abundance of products to choose from—and the best part is that you can mix and match to get everything you need for your home to be safe and up-to-date on the latest tech. Their security system also allows for third-party integration, so you can merge it with your existing devices. However, there may be some devices that don’t integrate, so make sure to ask after the specific products you’re interested in. 


For Xfinity’s home security, there’s only one option: professional installation by a technician. You’ll have someone experienced handle the equipment and guide you through the process and use of the devices. The Xfinity installation fee is $99.99 and can be paid in 6 monthly installments of $16.66.

The company schedules when someone will come to install your system, and there’s a two-hour window during which the technician will visit your home. The installation time depends on the number of devices you have, as well as the type. For example, some devices may require the technician to drill new outlets. We recommend you set aside at least three hours for this process. 

Xfinity Equipment

xfinity motion sensor - xfinity home security

Motion Sensor (Price: $40)

Once these sensors trigger, you get an alert on your phone. You can also set actions like turning on the TV or lights when a motion sensor triggers to scare away potential infiltrators.



xfinity door/window sensors - Xfinity home security

Door/Window Sensor (Price: $20)

These come in the basic package but can also be purchased as extras. The package deal for 3 door/window sensors is $129.95, and for 5 door/window sensors, it’s $199.95.



xfinity smoke detector - xfinity home security

Xfinity Home Smoke Detector (Price: $70)

This is also a smart device that can be controlled and monitored through the app. If there’s a fire, it warns you instantly via your mobile app so you can prevent any serious damage from happening. Along with that, the monitoring company will also immediately alert the fire department.


Xfinity Wireless Keypad - xfinity home security

Wireless Keypad (Price: $40)

This piece of equipment is included in the standard package. You can arm and disarm your system with it, as well as contact the authorities by typing in a special code.



Xfinity zen thermostat - xfinity home security

Zen Xfinity Thermostat (Price: $120)

This device has an LED touch display and can be controlled remotely through the mobile app. You can set timers and adjust the temperature to your preferred climate.



Xfinity yard sign - xfinity home security

Yard Sign (Price: $9.95)

These are a useful, low-tech way to deter potential intruders from even considering breaking into your home. After all, the mere notion of a security system means your home is a more difficult target. 



Xfinity indoor/outdoor camera - xfinity home security

Indoor/Outdoor Camera (Price: $120)

The Xfinity cameras are weather resistant and have night vision capabilities. They also have HD live video, which you can watch from your phone. If you add the option of 24/7 video recording, you get the camera 50% off.



xfinity window decals - xfiinity home security

Window Decals (Price: $4.95)

These are placed in your most visible windows. As with the yard sign, if a burglar sees that your home is protected, chances are he might decide to look for an easier target.


What is the cost of Xfinity home security?

The prices vary depending on your location. The fixed monthly fee is $39.95 plus a monitoring fee of $9.95. Additional equipment is sold separately, and the installation cost may vary based on location. The standard one-time installation fee is $99.99. The initial costs can add up quickly, especially if you add more equipment to the basic package. Luckily, it’s only a one-time fee.

Is Xfinity home security any good?

We think it is, especially after talking to the company’s incredibly helpful customer support. They were good about guiding us through our questions and concerns. And now that we’ve reviewed the security equipment, we can conclude that their system works and the equipment is new, has an appealing aesthetic, and is good quality.

What’s included in Xfinity home security?

In the basic package you get 3 door and window sensors, 1 motion sensor, 1 touchpad, and 1 wireless keypad. Additional equipment comes at an extra cost. Since Xfinity has deals with many smart tech companies, you have a large selection of devices to choose from if you want to add more to your home security.

Does Xfinity Home have cameras?

Yes, it does. You can get a multipurpose indoor/outdoor camera that costs $199.95. Xfinity also has regular promotions, selling the camera for $99.95 to home security system buyers. Make sure to call and ask about the promotion prices and current offers.  

Can Xfinity Home cameras record?

They can. With the purchase of a camera, you get free cloud storage and access to the camera’s footage. You can see the live video feed through your phone from any location, and you can also check past footage.

Which is better, ADT or Xfinity home security?

ADT has cheaper monthly fees, but their equipment is more expensive. No one can tell you which one is better than the other, and if they do, they’re probably being paid to do so. 

The best company is the one that will fulfill all of your needs based on your available budget. Choosing a home security company and system is a process that we can only guide you through, but we can never make the final selection for you. You know your home best, which means you’re the only person capable of making the final decision. 

We hope that our review of Xfinity home security helps you in your search for the best security system for your home and that you find the information we provide useful. We hope that you find the right system for your home so that you can feel safe and finally put your mind at ease. Before making a final decision, we recommend that you take a look at other security companies and read a couple more Xfinity home security reviews.

If you want to leave us a comment or share your Xfinity experience, feel free to contact us.

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