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To differ from other Protect America reviews we have conducted thorough research in order to bring you reliable and informative reviews on the features and plan packages this home security company offers. We’ve analyzed client testimonials, the company’s customer service and products, and their usefulness and reliability.

It’s our goal to help you make the best decision possible when choosing who will protect your home and family. In this set of reviews you will discover what you can get from the various Protect America security services.

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What Makes Protect America Stand Out?

When it comes to this company rest assured that their equipment comes with a lifetime warranty included in every package. They also have incredibly affordable monthly pricing for monitoring services when compared to their competitors.

  • DIY setup is possible
  • Great for renters
  • Free smartphone control
  • Low upfront costs
  • Landline and cellular capabilities
  • Home automation is limited
  • Long contracts
  • Updates will be required
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Plans and Prices

There are five Protect America packages: Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum. We will go through each plan and look at their offers as well as the pricing. The Copper plan is the most affordable of all five, and it’s reasonably priced compared to Protect America’s competitors.

Each plan has professional monitoring included, so even if you select the least expensive package, you can be sure your home will be safe and watched over. Note that any landline option is the easiest to bypass, so we always recommend the cellular option. With these plan reviews, we’ll also check out the Protect America equipment included in its packages.

Price: $19.99 per month + $199 professional installation

Professional monitoring
Control panel
3 door and window sensors
1 motion detector
3 security stickers
1 yard sign

Price: $35.99 per month + $199 professional installation

Professional monitoring
Control panel
6 door and window sensors
1 motion detector
3 security stickers
1 yard sign

Price: $37.99 per month + $199 professional installation

Professional monitoring
Control panel
9 door and window sensors
1 motion detector
3 security stickers
1 yard sign

Price: $39.99 per month + $199 professional installation

Professional monitoring
Control panel
11 door and window sensors
1 motion detector
3 security stickers
1 yard sign

Price: $42.99 per month + $199 professional installation

Professional monitoring
Control panel
14 door and window sensors
1 motion detector
3 security stickers
1 yard sign

Copper Plan Review

This Protect America security system plan is the most affordable out of all the plans they have. It offers professional monitoring and the basic equipment you need to protect your home. Note that if you have a larger home, you might need to purchase additional equipment to cover all the entry and exit points—and cameras come at an extra cost as well. If it’s your first time purchasing a security system and you don’t want to go all in right from the start, then this Protect America security plan is going to be great for you.

Professional Monitoring

This means that your home is always taken care of, even when you aren’t there. Professional monitoring companies are the ones that send first responders to your home in case of an emergency. In case you’re worried if the monitoring center gets compromised, like with a power outage for example, relax, because Protect America home security uses three monitoring centers across the United States.

Control Panel

There is a control panel included in every security package, and it serves as the command point for your entire home security system. In case a motion sensor or other alarm is triggered, your control panel will act as the communication point between your home and the monitoring center, which will, once notified by the control panels, send a first response team to investigate the situation.

Door and Window Sensors

These Protect America alarm sensors are wireless and pre-set with five years of battery life. They are simple and quick to install yourself. What these sensors do is send a signal to the control panel when your doors or windows are being opened or closed; if your system is armed, the alarm will be triggered, and an emergency team will be dispatched to your home.

Motion Detector

This is the indoor wireless motion detector, which can be easily installed, and it has a range of 25 feet. The Protect America motion sensor senses movement when it detects heat emission from someone in the room. Don’t worry, these sensors are pet friendly, so you don’t have to worry about your furry friend triggering the alarm (as long as your pets are under 40 pounds).

Bronze Plan

This plan contains the same equipment as the Copper plan only with 3 additional door and window sensors.

Silver Plan Review

The Silver plan contains everything the Copper plan offers but with additional equipment. The only difference here is that you would get six instead of three door and window sensors. What really makes a difference when it comes to this plan and the ones that follow is whether you opt for the Protect America security system landline, broadband, or cellular monitoring option.

Gold Plan Review

This plan offers the same services and equipment as the Silver plan, only instead of six door and window sensors, you’ll get eleven. Again like the silver plan, what matters here is which type of monitoring you choose. This plan by Protect America is great for larger homes with more entry and exit points.

Platinum Plan Review

This plan contains the same services and equipment as the Gold plan, only here, instead of eleven door and window sensors, you get fourteen. This plan is the most expensive of them all, and we recommend it for people with large homes and unsupervised entry and exit points. Of course, like the previous plans, the major difference is which monitoring option you choose. Let’s take a look at what features and equipment each monitoring option can accommodate for your Protect America alarm system.

Monitoring Options

Monitoring OptionLandlineBroadbandCellular
Home AutomationNoYesYes
Mobile NotificationNoYesYes
Indoor CameraNoYesYes
Outdoor CameraYesYesNo
Live VideoNoYesYes
Cloud StorageNoYesYes
Remote Door LockNoYesYes

About the Company

This company offers incredibly affordable prices compared to its competition. All the packages offered by Protect America are similar in services and equipment, what differentiates them is the amount of equipment and the type of monitoring you select.

Protect America reviews on BBB give them an A. Their security system is simple to install, so you will be able to do it yourself to avoid additional costs. Note that since their packages have a limited amount of equipment, if you choose to add more features, the cost might go up as well, so before making any decisions, make sure to ask a representative from Protect America customer service to give you a precise price.

Mobile Control

This feature is included when you select the broadband or cellular monitoring option. It allows you to control your system remotely. You can arm and disarm your security with the click of a button and set up notifications to alert you when your system is triggered. You can access your home security from any location at any time through the Protect America app.

Three Monitoring Stations

This company is serious about having your back 24/7. They have three monitoring centers across the US. In case there is an emergency and one of the monitoring centers is out of order, you have two more to back you up. Your control panel will notify the monitoring center if an alarm is triggered, and they will send a professional team to investigate the situation.

DIY Installation

Sometimes doing it yourself can save you a lot of money—in this case, you can save $199 on professional Protect America installation. The systems are wireless and easy to install, so you can be sure that you won’t waste much time on the process, and more importantly, you will save your wallet from any extra damage.

Contract Length

The contracts here are quite long but nothing out of the ordinary—the contract length is 36 months, which is quite similar to other home security companies. It should be noted that the Protect America contract cancellation process is a bit tedious and requires a 60-day notice.


However, there are other companies like Vivint and Link Interactive that have started to become more flexible with their contracts and even offer monthly payments. The good thing is that in case you decide to move, you can easily transfer your security system across the US and Canada.

Home Automation

With the Protect America app, you can have remote access to your home security and other compatible smart devices. You can use the app to set your thermostat, lights, and much more. Through the app you will be able to access your home from anywhere in the world and at any time. The app can be used for other smart devices, so if they’re all compatible, you could also control the rest of your home via smartphone.

Protect America Products


Control Panel (Included in Package)

The center point of your entire system, this is the essence of your home’s security. It receives signals from other devices in your home when an alarm is tripped. When it receives this signal, it forwards the notification to the designated monitoring center, which then sends out a team to investigate. It can have a keypad or be a touchscreen panel.



Door and Window Sensor (Price: $39)

These Protect America home security system sensors notify you if any home invaders are opening your windows or doors. The sensor will notify both you and the control panel, which will send a signal to the monitoring company.



Motion Detector (Price: $99)

This device uses infrared technology to detect when someone passes by. It is also pet-friendly for pets up to 40 lbs. This detector is great for large areas in your home like the common room.



Protect America Glass Break Sensor (Price: $99)

This piece of equipment lets you know if someone shatters your windows. In case of an intrusion, or a kids’ baseball game gone wrong, you will be notified, and so will your monitoring center.



Keychain Remote (Price: $49)

Easily arm and disarm your security with this practical device. The keychain remote also has a panic button you can press that will automatically send out a first response team to assist you, no questions asked.



Protect America Smoke Detector (Price: $99)

This device is mounted on a wall, and its purpose is to notify you when it detects smoke or when the carbon monoxide levels are too high. This gas is undetectable by humans, so the only way to protect yourself and your family from it is with a detector. If this device is triggered, it will notify the nearest fire department, which will then come to your rescue. The device will notify the fire department regardless of whether your security is armed or disarmed.



Protect America Yard Sign

This piece of equipment might not be flashy or comprised of the latest tech, but it sure is useful. When home invaders case homes to find their next target, they will think twice before entering your home after they see the sign and know it has an active security system in place.



Garage Door Sensor (Price: $59)

This will notify you the moment someone unauthorized tries to open your garage door. You and your monitoring company will be notified of this activity. Protect America home security systems make sure you are covered on all fronts.



Low Temperature Sensor

It’s a great device to help you save some money before the damage happens. If the temperature gets incredibly low, this device will notify you so you can avoid damaging your pipes or furnace.



Flood Sensor (Price: $99)

This is another device that will notify you on time so you can avoid heavy damages to your home and wallet. It will notify you in case you have a leak in the basement or another area prone to floods.



Protect America Cameras

This company has a portable WiFi camera, so you don’t have to drill holes in your wall to install it. You can easily transport it if you decide to change homes. It records events when the alarm is tripped and stores the data on the cloud under your account.



Panic Pendant

The last, but not least, device for these Protect America reviews, the Panic Pendant is for seniors or persons with disabilities. It is easy to use and can be worn around the neck for easy and quick access. In case of a medical emergency, just press the button and help will be on the way.


Is Protect America a good security system?

This depends entirely on your needs and price range. As we’ve demonstrated in our Protect America reviews, this company offers excellent prices for the services they offer compared to their competitors, who can be more expensive. However, if you aren’t fond of getting attached, you might not find their three-year contracts appealing.

Overall, the company provides you with reliable security and falls in everyone’s price range. They have five main plans that each have three sub-options where prices vary based on the type of monitoring you select.

Is Protect America better that ADT?

The answer depends on what you are looking for in a security company. ADT certainly has an established name and has been in the home protection business for over a century, but it also comes at a price, and the Protect America contract requirements and length are similar.

Protect America has much more affordable prices for their plans and they have more plans than ADT, so you might find it more appealing in the sense of existing options. Both of these companies are good at what they do—the major difference between these two is their prices for plans. We recommend you read our ADT review and visit their website to get a better understanding of Protect America vs ADT.

How much is Protect America monthly?

This depends on the plan you choose and the type of monitoring you select, here is a table with the details for each plan and monitoring service.


Copper$19.99 a month$41.99 a month$41.99 a month
Bronze$35.99 a month$47.99 a month$47.99 a month
Silver$37.99 a month$49.99 a month$49.99 a month
Gold$39.99 a month$51.99 a month$51.99 a month
Platinum42.99 a month$54.99 a month$54.99 a month


Our Protect America reviews have been researched and written by experts in the industry. We hope that you find the information we’ve provided useful and insightful. Our goal is to deliver you facts on home security companies to make your decision process easy and time efficient. Each segment of this company has been analyzed and assessed by professionals from our team to ensure you receive the most accurate information possible. If you would like to leave us a comment or a review on Protect America, feel free to contact us.

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