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Most Link Interactive reviews will tell you only the good side of this company, however, we will help you choose a system but also understand the process of selection. We understand how difficult it can be to find the top home security company to protect your home and loved ones. You need to be sure you can trust and rely on that company if ever you need to.

In order to make your decision process go smoothly and with the least amount of stress possible, we’ve compiled information that we hope will help you make your choice. We analyzed the products, customer service, and overall performance of Link home security to make sure you have all the information you need before putting your trust and home in somebody else’s hands.

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What Makes Link Interactive Stand Out?

This company offers a wide variety of equipment that’s great for home automation. Their services can turn your home into a perfect blend of smart technology and security.

  • Great customer service
  • Home automation
  • Customizable home security
  • No lengthy contracts required
  • DIY installation
  • Standard pack doesn’t have a mobile app
  • No broadband or landline options
User Rating: 3.67 (18 votes)

Plans and Prices

There are three main plans that Link Interactive security offers: Standard, Gold, and Elite. Their smallest plan is decently priced when compared to the competition, although it can’t be fully categorized as a cheaper option. However, there is a bit of flexibility when it comes to contracts. Usually companies have a mandatory three-year contract, but that isn’t the case here, so you can rest at ease knowing you don’t have to commit yourself to an extremely long period of time.

The Link Interactive contract can be one, two, or three years long. Their security system is customizable, so you can add on products and mix and match to create the security and smart home of your dreams. They have price transparency, so their product prices are listed right on their website. However, additional equipment does come at an extra cost, so make sure that when you start up your Link security, it falls in your price range.

Price: $30.99 per month

100% cellular monitoring
24/7 professional monitoring
Two-way communication with monitoring center
Intrusion, fire, and crash and smash alarm
Smoke, fire, and CO detectors

Price: $35.99 per month

100% cellular monitoring
24/7 professional monitoring
Two-way communication with monitoring center
Intrusion, fire, and crash and smash alarm
Smoke, fire, and CO detectors
Link Interactive home automation
Remote control via web-enabled device
Energy management
Smart locks, lights, and thermostats

Price: $40.99 per month

100% cellular monitoring
24/7 professional monitoring
Two-way communication with monitoring center
Intrusion, fire, and crash and smash alarm
Smoke, fire, and CO detectors
Link Interactive home automation
Remote control via web-enabled device
Energy management
Smart locks, lights, and thermostats
HD video monitoring
On demand, scheduled, and motion-activated video recording

Standard Plan Review

100% Cellular Monitoring

This is the safest monitoring option among the three. In fact, Link security doesn’t even offer landline or broadband monitoring options, so you don’t have to worry about someone cutting the lines or a dodgy internet connection.

24/7 Professional Monitoring

This means that someone is watching your back everyday, all day—the most important aspect of these Link Interactive reviews. The monitoring center is responsible for dispatching a first response team to your home in the event that an alarm is triggered.

Two-Way Communication with Monitoring Center

This security company lets you communicate with the professional monitoring center through the control panel, so in case of an emergency, you can have someone online to walk you through the process and decide whether to contact emergency services.

Intrusion, Fire, and Crash and Smash Alarm

This Link Interactive equipment is sure to keep your home safe. Fire alarms detect abnormally high heat levels, which will send an alert to your control panel, then the monitoring center will notify the fire department. Same case goes for intrusions, only with the crash and smash feature, even if these alarms get damaged or the intruder tries to break them, the monitoring company will still get notified.

Smoke, Fire, and CO Detectors

These Interactive security detectors can sense high and unnatural levels of CO and smoke, so you can be notified before any serious damage happens. In case of an emergency, these devices will be triggered and a first response team will be sent to the scene to handle the situation.

Gold Plan Review

The Gold plan contains all of the benefits and equipment the Standard plan offers with a few additional features and pieces of Link Interactive security equipment. This plan also comes with home automation capabilities.

Home Automation

This security company supports home automation, which means you can have the ability to remotely control your lights, smart thermostat, locks, and other compatible devices. Another useful feature for this section of our Link Interactive reviews is called Geoservice, and it is also included with this plan. It immediately arms your security system once your smartphone exits your property.

Remote Control via Web-Enabled Device

What better way to feel in control of your home than being able to control it from anywhere in the world and at any time via your smartphone or another web-enabled device. Through your Link Interactive login, you can access the app and arm and disarm your system, as well as control devices, with the click of a button.

Energy Management

With smart devices, such as thermostats, for example, you can monitor your energy expenditure and dial it down if you notice energy being wasted unnecessarily. You can also set timers to heat or cool when you want, and in case you forget to turn off the heating before leaving your home, just switch it off remotely through the Link Interactive app.

Smart Locks, Lights, and Thermostats

Smart locks are incredibly convenient and practical to have installed. These door locks allow you to lock and unlock your home remotely so you can let medical assistants or caretakers in if needed, even your dog walker, without having to make copies of the key or leaving your office to let someone in. As for the smart lights and smart thermostat offered through the Link alarm, you can manage your energy, save a few dollars monthly, and control them remotely from anywhere.

Elite Plan Review

This plan offers every service and feature as the Gold plan, only in this plan you will have the ability to enjoy video monitoring and take a peek into your home from any location via a web-enabled device.

HD Video Monitoring

The Elite plan has security cameras included in the package. The Link Interactive camera also has night vision to ensure you are safe, day or night. There are indoor and outdoor cameras, and these cameras have HD resolution.

On Demand, Scheduled, and Motion-Activated Video Recording

You can set when you want the cameras to activate, like, for example, when you are at work. You can also access the camera feed from your web-enabled devices, and these cameras also have motion-trigger capabilities.

About the Company

The Link Interactive cost for monitoring is reasonably priced, and the complete customization ability is a great benefit for those who know exactly what they want. This company is known for its excellent customer service, and the fact that you can install the equipment yourself is an incredible money saver. Link has 100% cellular monitoring and doesn’t offer landline or broadband options.

Regardless of whether you rent or own a home, you can use this company’s services. Reviews on Link Interactive by the BBB give Link an A+ rating. Their home automation equipment combined with their security systems is sure to make your home safe and smart. No matter which package you select, know that you will be protected.

Home Automation

Link Interactive has a huge selection of top-quality equipment that permits you to have total control over your home by using your web-enabled device. They have Z-Wave lights and Lamp Modules, through which you can manage the lights, and even a smart garage door kit that gives you the ability to control that door remotely.

Among other Link Interactive smart home equipment, they have smart thermostats, so you can adjust your temperature and save on energy, as well as reduce your monthly bills, and the smart locks are a great way to never worry about keys again.

DIY Installation

They took total customization one step further and have given you the freedom to set up the devices wherever you want in your home. This is great because you will save on installation costs, which can be pretty hefty if you take their competition as a reference. Don’t worry, the Link Interactive customer service is always there to help you if you have any questions, and they can guide you through the process.

Shipping, Set-Up, and Support Is Free

Those who decide to go with the Gold or Elite plan will have a completely pampered experience. The majority of their competition charges around $300 for these things. With these two plans, shipping is free and so is the set-up and support. Basically, all you have to do is pay your monthly fee, and that’s it! The Link Interactive deals prepared for the customers who select larger plans come with the benefit of not having to lift a finger.

Flexible Contracts

By flexible, we mean that you actually have a choice with this company. Usually there’s only a binding 36-month contract with home security companies. This can sometimes be a little too much if you’re unsure about the system or company or maybe you want to move to another country someday.

Link Interactive contract durations are 12 months, 24 months, or 36 months. They give you an option to start with the shortest one, and once you feel like they’re the right company for you, you can sign a longer contract.

100% Cellular Monitoring

This company does not have landline or broadband monitoring, and for good reason! Cellular monitoring is the safest and most stable monitoring option you could opt for. With landlines, it’s easy for intruders to cut the wires, and for the broadband monitoring type, a weak network or power outage could mean serious damage.

Link Interactive Equipment


Go! Control Panel and Cell Module (included in the plan)

This touchscreen panel is the brain of your entire security system. It has two-way communication, so in case of an emergency, you will have the ability to speak directly to a representative from the monitoring center and request help.



Door and Window Sensors (Price: $22)

These wireless sensors can detect when someone unauthorized is opening or closing your doors and windows. They are slick looking to prevent potential burglars from noticing them.



Recessed Door Sensor (Price: $34)

The recessed door sensor can be hidden in your Link Interactive home. These sensors lay hidden in the door sash or frame. They do require a drill for installation, but you can be sure they will be invisible to everyone.



Motion Sensor (Price: $53)

These sensors are triggered when they detect movement. If someone trips these sensors, it will send a notification to your control panel, which will notify the monitoring center, and they will send out a team to investigate. Don’t worry, these sensors are pet-friendly for pets up to 40 lbs.



Key Remote (Price: $24)

This tiny portable device allows you to arm and disarm your security system remotely. You can attach it to your keys and activate your Link Interactive security system while pulling out of the driveway. This is great to give to family members or a neighbor since it also has a panic button that immediately sends a first response team to your home.



Glass Break Sensor (Price: $69)

This is a wireless sensor that can actually listen for patterns of breaking glass with its dual-stage detection. It senses at a 360º horizontal angle and a range of 15 feet. The Link Interactive glass break sensor is great for rooms with large and multiple windows or sliding doors.



Panic Button (Price $29)

It’s completely wireless, waterproof, and easily portable. It can be used as a necklace, bracelet, or anything, really, and can be used even in the shower. In case of an emergency, just press the button, and the police or a medical team will be sent to your location.



Smoke and Heat Sensor (Price: $66)

The Link security system uses 2GIG’s next-gen device for fire and smoke protection. It has smoke and heat detection capabilities. It’s also customizable, so you can choose whether you want it to detect heat, or smoke or both.



V722W Exterior Camera (Price: $199)

This camera possesses night-vision capabilities with a view range of 40 feet in the dark. It is powered by an AC outlet and requires a WiFi router.



V522IR Interior Camera (Price: $129)

This camera has night vision and the video feed is stored in the cloud. The Link Interactive camera is easy to install and can be placed anywhere in your home. It is incorporated into the smart home system, so you can access it from your smartphone at any time.



Z-Wave Light Bulb (Price: $18)

You can remotely control the lights in your house with this piece of equipment. You can turn the lights in your home on at night even when you are out of the country to make it look like the home is occupied. You can even set up a schedule for when you want them to switch on and off. Thermostat (Price: $118)

This is a good representative of the next generation of connectable devices. It’s responsive and permits the device to react to activity, occupancy, and even weather patterns. You also have the ability to control the temperature remotely, even when you are not in your home, and get notified when someone else makes any changes.



SmartCode Deadbolt Lock (Price: $135)

Z-Wave lets the lock communicate with the control panel. This Link Interactive smart lock lets you use your phone to lock and unlock the door from anywhere as well as check the lock status and even receive notifications via text and email. It can also be unlocked by typing in a four to six digit code that you choose.


How much does Link Interactive cost?

The price depends on the plan you choose. There are three options—the Standard plan: $30.99, Gold plan: $35.99, and Elite plan: $40.99. You can choose between a one, two, or three year contract for these plans.

You can also add on more equipment to customize your system. Note that the extra equipment is sold separately, so make sure to check your budget before you go on a shopping spree. You can check out some of the equipment and prices in our last Link Interactive review section.

Does Link Interactive require a landline?

No it does not. In fact, this company does not use a landline or broadband connection at all. The security monitoring is 100% cellular based, so you don’t have to worry about not having an active landline to begin with or the risk of someone cutting your cables. Cellular monitoring is the most secure option you can have, and this company provides it.

Can I take my Link home security with me when I move?

Yes, you can. This company lets its clients move with the security system free of charge. All of the products are 100% wireless, which is why the installation is simple. If you decide to move, just unplug or unmount your devices and plug them in at your new home. Also, since the company is a national provider, you will be able to move your system anywhere you choose.  

How does Link Interactive cancellation work?

Usually companies require a written notice 30 to 40 days prior. The best way to learn your options is to call their customer support and ask them, because this may vary depending on your plan and contract length.

Is Link Interactive a good company?

This depends on what you consider good. As you can see, this company made it our top 10 list of home security company reviews. It has an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, and it is an excellent company if you want to have security and a smart home all in one.

Does Link Interactive security equipment come with a warranty?

Yes, all the equipment sold comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, so in case something is not working, contact the company’s customer support. The company will troubleshoot your system to double-check, and if it still isn’t working, they will replace it free of charge (if your warranty is still valid).

Who are the monitoring centers, and where are they located?

They are called AvantGuard Monitoring Centers, and they are located in Utah and Idaho. Their average response time is around 20 seconds.


Our Link Interactive reviews have been carefully compiled and assessed in order to provide you with accurate and helpful information on the company and its services and equipment. Our team of experts goes through customer testimonials and conducts a thorough company analysis as we extract our information. We hope that our review made your decision process easier. If you wish to leave a comment or review on Link Interactive, feel free to contact us.

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