How to Select the Best Pet Camera

Tell friends you are shopping for a pet camera and prepare for derisive laughter. Everyone knows that it’s smart to install security cameras. Nanny cams are uncontroversial. But a camera to monitor your dog? Isn’t that the very definition of millennial-generation excess?

It’s not. It turns out that pet cameras deliver valuable benefits. Here are a few of the many reasons it pays to get the best pet camera for your unique needs:

1. A pet camera can let you know that your pet is sleeping too much or not eating, alerting you to health problems that you might not otherwise notice. Pets can’t tell you when they’re feeling poorly, after all.

2. A pet camera can save you money. A modern pet camera can alert you if your pet climbs onto delicate furniture or finds a way to get into a forbidden room. You can use the camera’s features to shoo your dog or cat back where it belongs.

3. Modern pet cameras have audio features too, so you can talk to your bored pet, heading off bad behavior. Some even include laser pointers for remote play. Being present with your pet, even electronically, can help head off the boredom and loneliness that lead to bad behavior.

In addition to the benefits for your dog or cat, a pet monitor camera is great for putting your mind at ease too.

Here’s an in-depth look at affordable pet cameras that implement essential core features and high-end cameras that do everything from playing with pets to tossing them treats. Scroll down to see our top picks. Soon you’ll be able to enjoy, record, and share your pet’s everyday silliness from miles away. 

Our Top 3 Recommendations

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10 Best Pet Cameras

Pawbo Life PPC-21CL by Pawbo Inc.

Pawbo Life PPC-21CL by Pawbo Inc. - best pet camera
  • Treat dispenser

  • Video streaming and recording

  • Two-way audio

  • Built-in laser for entertainment purposes

  • Supports up to eight users

  • 720p HD resolution

  • The cam doesn’t angle down

The Pawbo Life Wi-Fi pet camera offers a wide variety of popular, useful features at a reasonable price. It lets you record and stream videos, take pictures, comfort or reprimand your pet via two-way audio, dispense treats, and even play laser-tag. Zoom Pawbo 720p HD pet videos up to 4x on your phone and store all the captured footage. Use Pawbo’s app to control the built-in laser and entertain your pet while you’re away. You can even cheer them up with live voice and video.

All of this – and thousands of positive reviews from happy pet owners – make Pawbo Life a strong candidate for the best pet camera on our list. Make your pet feel as if you never left. Keep an eye on their daily routine and their wellbeing. The laser can run automatically or be controlled remotely via your cellphone.

With the wide array of features provided by the Pawbo pet camera, you can even train your pet without being in the room. A simple reward system can be applied with the dog camera treat dispenser.

If you are outside of cellphone range, Pawbo has you covered. The camera supports up to eight users. A list of approved contacts such as friends and family can check up on your furry friend for you. 

Price: around $149.99

Petzi Treat Cam by Wagz Inc.

Petzi Treat Cam by Wagz Inc. - best pet camera
  • Treat dispenser

  • Real-time video streaming

  • Capture photos

  • Affordable price

  • Super-simple app

  • One-way audio

  • No recording options

  • Modest, unspecified pixel count

Reward, observe, and monitor your pets while you’re away with the Treat Cam, an affordable pet video camera for loving owners. Your pet is in safe hands with this one, as the unit offers real-time video streaming, lets you take pictures, and even lets you dispense scheduled snacks with a free mobile app. 

The unit’s low price has to do with its one-way audio capability and the lack of a recording option. The camera lets you talk with your pet via audio, but you can’t hear any woofing, meowing, or any other sound your pet makes to get your attention. 

This dog monitor camera won’t let you share your pet’s adventures or cute moments via recorded video. That’s a dealbreaker for some users. Keep in mind, however, that the camera implements all the necessary features to keep your pet safe and healthy. The super-simple app that controls the unit works wherever you have Wi-Fi.

If you want the widest possible view of your pet, mount the camera on the wall – it was designed for precisely this sort of installation. Bear in mind that this is a pet cam that gives treats, a neat trick for users who know how to play it. 

Overall, the Petzi Treat Cam delivers all the necessary features without weighing too heavily on your budget. The features it lacks are luxuries. This is a great choice for keeping your furry friends safe and sticking to your budget.

Price: $169.99

YI Dome Camera by YI Technology Inc.

YI Dome Camera by YI Technology Inc. - best pet camera
  • 1080p HD

  • 360-degree coverage

  • Advanced night vision

  • Two-way audio

  • Integrated with YI home cameras

  • One-year warranty

  • No treat dispenser

YI’s Dome Camera is the ideal pet cam for people who want full coverage of their surroundings day and night. The wide-angle lens allows 360-degree coverage, leaving your pet with no place to hide. The camera streams 720p HD videos and features advanced night vision. You can customize and schedule your favorite camera positions and then let the schedule play automatically while you’re away. 

The camera also detects activity and sends user alerts with six-second videos of the moving object – presumably your pet. The pet is automatically centered and can be observed clearly on recorded video.

The YI Dome Camera lets you record footage locally on an SD card with 128GB of storage. The Wi-Fi pet camera can also store motion-triggered clips on the cloud for up to a week free of charge. Want to store more on the cloud for longer periods? Choose from a selection of affordable YI subscription plans.

The YI Dome supports two-way audio with a useful hands-free mode. You can talk and listen freely as if you were right there with your pet.

That’s a lot of useful features. You should know that this camera also has a pet-specific shortcoming.

This could easily be the best pet monitor if it could distribute treats, but sadly, this feature is not available. Envisioned as a home surveillance cam, YI Dome is ideal for pets, with this small exception. 

The product comes with a one-year warranty.

Price: $33.99

Petcube Bites 2 by Petcube Inc.

Petcube Bites 2 by Petcube Inc. - best pet camera
  • 1080p HD videos

  • Recording and live options

  • Treat tosser

  • Night vision

  • Sound-detection alerts

  • 130-degree angle

  • Pricey for some users

Petcube Bites 2 provides all the features you’d expect the best pet cameras to possess. The camera provides both live and recorded 1080pHD video, two-way audio, sound detection alerts, even a treats tosser. Yes, just distributing treats was not enough for Petcube, as they aim to get your furry friends off the couch and hunting for up to 100 treats stored fired from the cam magazine. 

With all the available features and a couple of surprises up its sleeve, the Bite 2 is much like having a dog camera for a pet sitter. Petcube lets you follow your pet around dark corners and behind furniture with 138-degree wide-angle cam capabilities. Night vision is also an option, letting you check up on your sleeping pet. You can opt-in for a subscription that lets you record your pet 24/7. 

The exceptional surveillance options aren’t all this cam has in store. The Bite 2 treat tosser does more than just distribute food to your furry friend. This device will encourage exercise, and it’s also pretty good entertainment. The tosser might seem trivial, but it helps the Bite 2 take its place among the best pet cameras this year. 

The tosser can store up to 100 round treats and will set them off on command. The cam is easily set up and will send motion sound alerts if you like. For folks with a more flexible budget and a playful, active pet, Petcube’s Bite 2 is an excellent choice. 

Price: on their official site it costs $249.00,  however, it can be purchased on Amazon for $199.00

Furbo Dog Camera by Tomofun LLC

Furbo Dog Camera by Tomofun LLC - best pet camera
  • Simple, three-step setup

  • 1080p HD camera

  • Treats tosser

  • Sound detector

  • Pet selfie feature

  • Noises other than barking can trigger the sound detector

Furbo is a major brand, so most animal lovers probably heard of it. Not without a good reason: The Furbo Dog Camera has a 1080p camera, a treats tosser, night vision, sound detection, even a feature that lets your dog take a selfie anytime it faces the camera. 

This clever combo of safety and entertainment lets you monitor and play with your pet from miles and miles away. If the cam detects your dog’s bark at 3 o’clock in the morning, you get a push notification on your phone. Then you can soothe and comfort them via two-way audio. The Furbo Dog Camera was even featured on the Ellen DeGeneres show, winning worldwide glory. 

For dog lovers, Furbo provides tossing playtimes, selfies, and exceptional communication features. You can easily customize each feature to suit you and your pet. Livestream videos on your phone or share pics with friends and family, never missing a minute of your pet’s life. It’s possibly the industry’s best pet cam for trendy users who plan on maintaining a long-distance relationship with their pets while they’re away on business or holiday. The simple, three-step setup is also a huge advantage, as all you need to do is plug the device into a power outlet, download the app, and connect to your home Wi-Fi.


Vimtag P1 HD Ultra by Vimtag Technology Co. Ltd.

Vimtag P1 HD Ultra by Vimtag Technology Co. Ltd. - best pet camera
  • Easy setup

  • 1280 x 960 video

  • High fidelity audio

  • 4x digital zoom

  • Encrypted cloud storage

  • Sensitive daylight camera

This Vimtag pet surveillance camera is so packed with features, it can be used as a pet cam, a nanny cam, and a security camera all at once. An updated, bigger, better version of the VT-361, this high-end item offers high fidelity two-way audio, high video quality, night vision, 4x digital zoom, and other advanced features. 

The 1280 x 960 video shows every corner of the room. You can pan, tilt, and zoom the camera remotely. The app even allows friends and family to check up on your pets in case you are too busy or out of cellular range. A clear, super-sharp night vision feature lets you stay tuned and informed 24/7. Cat videos, a dog video, pets sleeping and making a mess – the dog video camera will allow recording and live media streaming via your phone, PC, and tablet app. The cam contains an SD card slot that lets you beef up storage by 128GB. 

All the cam needs is a dependable, durable WiFi connection, and you will never miss a second of your dog’s, cat’s, or lizard’s adorable activities again. If you want more than what the camera has to offer, pay a bit more and enjoy limitless cloud storage and Vimtag sensors. You needn’t worry about safety issues either, as the cloud data is encrypted.

Price: $27.99

E1 Pro by Reolink Innovation Ltd.

C1 Pro by Reolink Innovation Ltd. - best pet camera
  • Remote cam panning and tilting

  • 2560 x 1440 video

  • Two-way audio

  • Night vision

  • Play back recorded events on the app

  • No treat dispenser

Watch your pet via a full 1440p camera from work or a holiday abroad. Control the cam remotely via a pet camera app that lets you pan up to 355 degrees and tilt up to 105 degrees – covering all the dark corners and recesses of your pet’s quarters.

The all-seeing camera has a night vision range of 40 feet (12 meters), thanks to internal LED lights. Enjoy full HD, 24/7 surveillance of your home and your pooch from the comfort of your Reolink app or Reolink client on your phone or computer.

Like most pet cameras, the E1 Pro works as a top-notch security camera while fulfilling its cat camera/dog monitor role. The wireless pet and home security camera supports a strong, easy network connection, with no signal loss or interference. Dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi communications provide a stable connection without hogging all the bandwidth. Dual antennas enable a stronger connection, adding to the cam’s overall reliability.

If you wish, motion detectors will send email alerts and push notifications, uploading and saving captured images and videos to an FTP server. The best pet camera for cats and dogs hungry for movie fame, Reolink saves motion-detected videos to your 64GB Micro SD card if you have one. 

Finally, the two-way audio option lets you soothe, greet, and entertain your pet after a nasty storm or before a good night’s sleep. 

Price: $49.99

EZCam by Zmodo Technology Corp. Ltd.

EZCam by Zmodo Technology Corp. Ltd. - best pet camera
  • 24/7 live video

  • Motion detection alerts

  • Cloud storage

  • Infrared night vision

  • Affordable

  • Background noise filter

  • Only 720p video

The best pet camera for people who want a reliable, budget pet surveillance camera with no nonsense, Zmodo’s EZCam provides access to 24/7 700p video, motion detection alerts, and 26 feet of infrared night vision. This camera is all you need if you want to keep a close eye on your cat, dog, lizard, or otter while you are away.

Motion alerts record short clips of the triggering event, then store them on the Zmodo cloud for up to 12 hours free of charge. Two-way audio lets you hear your pet bark or meow, then pacify them from miles away. 

The microphone filters out background noise, providing clear communication. The affordable pet camera Amazon recommends with more than 2,000 positive reviews can be set up and controlled via the Zmodo smartphone app, which is available for iOS and Android.

Once you connect, you’ll be using bank-level AES 256-bit encryption to keep pictures of your pet and your home secured.

The EZCam comes with a 60-day return policy, three-year limited warranty, and a lifetime of US-based tech support.

Price: $51.98

Wansview Wirless Camera

Zebora 960P by Zebora Group - best pet camera
  • 960p video

  • Excellent digital protection

  • Two-way audio

  • Remote-controlled

  • Easy Setup

  • No treat feeder

The Wansview 1080P provides motion detection with adjustable sensitivity, super-clear audio, scheduled alarms, and alerts sent via an easy-to-use app. All these features result in peace of mind for pets and owners all over the world. In case your pet does something wild, entertaining, or hilarious while you are away, the camera can take images. Perhaps the best pet camera for animal lovers, it lets you save the pics in the app instead of sending it via an email. You can also edit the pics with specialized features instead of going through the motions on your PC or your Instagram account. The setup process is exceptionally easy and simple. 

When you’re watching the live feed you can take your pick between a live video recording you can save on SD card or a snapshot. Then download the videos of your pet playing, sleeping, or just being cute throughout the day or night from the SD card to the app. This Walmart pet camera also lets you schedule the times you record videos, saving time and money. The cam provides super-sharp night vision.

Price: $29.99

Wireless Security Camera, KAMTRON HD

Wireless Security Camera, KAMTRON HD - best pet camera
  • 1280 x 720p video quality

  • Two-way audio

  • Flexible camera lens

  • Night vision

  • Encryption

  • No treat dispenser

Kamtron’s wireless security camera features the best pet cam app for keeping an eye on your pet anytime, anywhere. The fast mobile setup allows for remote live video streaming via just about any device, including your smartphone, Mac, PC, and tablet. All of your pics and videos are encrypted before being sent to the cloud, so you know they’re safe. 

Kamtron offers a number of useful and entertaining features that help owners communicate with their furry friends. The 1280 x 720p video delivers a crystal-clear view of your pet’s room. The viewing angle of 350 degrees x 100 degrees covers every corner of the monitored area. Night vision helps you monitor your pet 24/7.

Kamtron works equally well as a cat camera, a puppy camera, or a home surveillance system. You can use the two-way audio and intelligent motion detection to entertain or soothe your pet from miles away. You can also get a notification on your phone in case of home invasion, a threat to your assets and your furry friends alike. Bear in mind that the app alerts with snapshots – recorded videos require an SD card not included in the price. 

Price: $39.99

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best pet monitoring camera?

The Pawbo Life Wi-Fi pet monitor offers a wide variety of features at a reasonable price. You can record and stream videos, take pictures, comfort or reprimand your pet via two-way audio, dispense treats, and even play laser-tag. Zoom Pawbo 720p pet videos up to 4x on your phone and store all the captured footage. Use the built-in laser with the cam’s app to entertain your pet while you’re away. You can even cheer up your pet with the live voice/video feature.

Do dog cameras have sound?

All cameras have audio, and most have two-way audio so you can comfort them and hear them woof or meow back. Many pet cameras let owners interact with their pets through two-way audio and some even offer two-way, live-streaming video. There’s also a good chance of training your pet while you’re away, especially with a treat dispenser-audio combo. If they behave and obey your orders, simply reward them with a treat.

What is a dog camera?

There are no dog cameras specifically, only pet cameras with or without treat dispensers. Like other pet cameras, dog cameras offer a variety of features, including two-way audio, streaming and recording, taking pictures, throwing and offering treats, and night vision. The idea is not only to monitor your pet, but also to entertain them, comfort them with your voice, and even train them remotely. The best pet camera may or may not provide all these features - the choice is personal. Take a look at the features and make a wise choice.

Final Words

Caught up in our busy lives, we often spend more time than we would like away from home – in places our pets cannot follow. We work overtime and take short business trips. That’s why a cat cam or a dog monitor is a fine solution. Your pet’s safety is always the priority, so most cameras on the least feature motion sensors, good video quality, and two-way audio.

Some cams also offer treat dispensers and automated pics every time your pet runs around near the cam. The pictures can be stored, shared, and distributed among friends. Live streaming cameras allow you to share the pleasure of your pet’s company with loved ones and post a dog barking video online.

Two-way audio and sound detectors work together to help you keep your pets and neighbors happy while you are away. A dog camera app might detect loud, anxious barking in the middle of the night, and the two-way audio allows you to soothe and lull your pet to sleep.

We checked more than 100 cams and found high-quality offerings that might fit different needs. One thing is for sure – all the cams on our list work well and have hundreds, even thousands of satisfied buyers.

Most of all, the cams will keep your pets safe and happy. Don’t let your busy life cause unwanted separation anxiety in you and your pet. Check out our list and throw that dog camera treat high in the air like the proud pet parent you are.