pCloud Review — a Reliable Guide for 2021

You are about to read a thorough pCloud review. In a vast sea of different cloud storage providers, this company managed to stand out.

Hardly anyone in this world uses the internet without using at least one cloud storage to keep their precious data and memories. Still, over the years, there have been many malware cases where people’s information got stolen.

pCloud managed to conquer its 12 million users’ hearts by providing the most secure storage. Still, other assets make it stand out as well. Let’s find out which ones.

pCloud Review — What Makes pCloud Stand Out?

pCloud is one of the safest cloud storage services you will find. It ensures that all your files will stay safe and protected while providing easy management.

  • Guaranteed safety
  • A user-friendly interface, easy file management
  • Great for multimedia (and all other types of) files
  • Mobile device friendly
  • Social media backup
  • A Family plan
  • A Lifetime subscription
  • Block-level sync

  • Poor customer service
  • You can’t edit documents
  • Poor add-on services

What Is pCloud?

First of all, let’s explain how pCloud was built. It is relatively young cloud storage, released in 2013. It is used for storage and syncing files. The company is from Switzerland, and it undergoes strict Swiss cybersecurity laws.

It also applies GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation, brought by the European Parliament). The law includes some pretty important points, such as the right to be forgotten or have your data deleted from service after you’ve manually deleted it.

What makes pCloud one of the best cloud storage services is that you can share files with your friends and family or simply sync them across all your devices. It is great for sharing large multimedia files, which is one of their outstanding features.

Another plus is that those files’ size is unlimited if you pay a small monthly or annual fee. Mobile device and user friendly, it is excellent for multi-device usage.

How to Use pCloud

Not only is pCloud compatible with computer operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux, but you can also use it for mobile devices. You can use it on both iOS and Android devices via applications you can install.

The greatest asset — there are no size restrictions. Files can be as big as you want. The only storage limit is your subscription plan (we’ll talk about it later).

pCloud Interface

This pCloud review will show you how easy you can use this service. You can register to pCloud in two ways. Use either one of your accounts (Facebook, Google, Apple ID), or do it manually.
If you have a hard time getting around, there is a wizard to greet you and introduce you to the site by using six simple steps. It will explain all the features and hidden tricks you can use to enhance your pCloud experience.

Still, if you need personal customer support, it is a little harder to reach it since the company listed only the number, without the working hours.

pCloud is the best free cloud storage because of all the file management options. You can do so many things, like relocating, quickly searching for files, and sharing them even quicker. You can also search for files using their name or type and even filter the search by file format.

One of the great things is that you don’t need to use the upload manager. Simply drag the files from your desktop to the pCloud. So quick and easy.

Another asset that makes pCloud the best free online storage is that it is more approachable than other storage platforms — it is installed in the form of an app and visible in the status bar. So, any file placed here will directly appear on all your devices.

One more plus is the offline mode. You can use the platform when you are offline to rearrange or add files and other stuff, and they will sync automatically as soon as you go online. Competition companies often oversee the next benefit — you can preview most RAW files in a web and mobile pCloud version (only available for macOS for now).

Virtual Drive

The pCloud Virtual Drive makes pCloud one of the best cloud storage services. It is a desktop app that allows you to work with your files without taking space from HDD (the drive is created automatically as soon as you sign in). Your virtual drive can store your data, and you can use it for sharing files and folders with close people. Like with Google Drive, you can allow your audience only to view files or to change them.

Moreover, when sharing a folder, there is an option to send invitations via email. If you want to share by just using a link, you will get two URLs. One link allows recipients only to download sent files, while the other will enable them to upload files to a folder. (For example, this is one of the pCloud vs. Google Drive combats in which pCloud takes the win.)

Of course, you can also find pCloud browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Here, you can store different media types (even text) directly from a particular webpage to your pCloud.

pCloud Mobile App

The app is straightforward to use, and an average user will master its functions in no time. Mobile device lovers can also try out a unique feature reserved only for the mobile app — they can upload all the files from their phone directly to the cloud (kind of automatic sync). Still, to do this, they’ll have to turn on an auto-upload feature. This asset powerfully speaks on behalf of pCloud’s title of the best free cloud backup.

You can share files directly from your desktop to your mobile devices. Another great feature — every time you sync the same folder, only new files (or the changed ones) will be shared as level syncing is blocked. Still, Sync functions oddly — all the content is listed together, creating a bit of a mixup.

pCloud Security

Starting from 2020, you can choose where your pCloud storage will be located — the EU or the US. The cloud uses a TLS/SSL encrypted channel, providing a high level of security. The TLS/SSL protocol implies that they copy all data to at least three server locations in the US or Europe (multi-tier).

When signing up, you will choose where you want to store your data — US or EU. Unfortunately, you can’t change the location once you choose one. Still, the company promised that this option would be available soon.

If we are talking about security, pCloud takes the lead in the pCloud vs. Dropbox competition. Here is an exciting story — pCloud offered $100.000 for anyone who managed to hack their system. Over 2800 world’s best technicians and hackers needed six months to admit that they couldn’t hack pCloud.

The Crypto Folder

You will also have an option to create a Crypto folder. It means that, in case of file loss, not even pCloud will be able to retrieve it. Still, this further includes client-side encryption. Folders are visible when ‘locked,’ but you can’t add new files or open the ones in the folder. (If you ask us, it would be better if the Crypto folders were invisible.) Also, if you delete your Crypto password or reset it, you will lose all encrypted files.


The Dropbox vs. pCloud competition is once again won by pCloud. EFH, or Extended File History, is an option that offers recovering data after a year of deletion. pCloud can keep track of deleted files for a year, while DropBox does it for only 120 days. Still, this addition will cost you $39.

Media Type

Even though the cloud focuses on multimedia content, it allows sharing and syncing of different media types. pCloud also has an online audio player that will enable you to play videos or voice recordings right from the cloud.

Furthermore, you can create personal playlists. This option makes pCloud reviews stand out from the ones dedicated to other storage clouds.

Another handy feature is to save all your screenshots directly to pCloud, just by clicking on the PrtSc (Print Screen) key.

Video Player

pCloud has an exceptional video player. It allows you to watch videos in picture-in-picture mode. This way, you can use your browser while working with pCloud. There is also an option to create (and review) a slideshow from photos.

Social Media Backups

Social media backup is a rather interesting feature — you can connect your social network accounts to your pCloud and transfer all the data that way! You will basically use your cloud as back-up storage.

pCloud Pricing

The pCloud service quality doesn’t depend much on the amount of money you are willing to pay as the company has created an option to register for free. Using this type of account, you can share and sync different files. Still, they must be smaller than 10 GB. If you run out of space, you can always upgrade your account with one of the following plans:

pCloud Premium Plan

The Premium Plan will cost you $4.99 monthly, or $47.88 annually, making pCloud pricing pretty affordable. It allows up to 500 GB of download link traffic and the same amount of storage.

pCloud Premium Plus

This type of account will let you use up to 2 TB of storage and the same amount of download link traffic. It costs $9.99 per month or $95.88 per year.

pCloud Crypto Plan

The company offers an additional Crypto plan. It ensures multi-layer protection and client-side encryption. You can use it with all storage plans — Basic, Premium, Premium Plus, and pCloud Business. This feature costs $3.99 per month for the annual subscription and $4.99 per month for a monthly subscription.

pCloud Lifetime

There is another payment option — you can subscribe to your Premium account for the next 99 years (basically, a lifetime plan). It costs $175, while Premium Plus costs $350 (if you ask us, it is a great offer, compared to the one-year subscription). The Lifetime plan allows you to save on external hard drives, flash drives, and similar.

pCloud Family Plan

A Family Plan allows you to share 2 TB of space with other users (up to 4 of them). Still, this feature is only available as a lifetime plan and costs $500.

pCloud Business Plan

pCloud business pricing is affordable as well. It costs $287.64 annually or $29.97 monthly per user. You get 1 TB of storage and pCloud Crypto for each business account. Your business plan must include at least five users. The only minus is that you cannot edit your documents in the browser. All you can do is preview them.

The syncing speed is swift, making it one of the best online file syncing. pCloud lets you be in charge as an owner of the company and check activity logs, modify users, brand, and personalize the interface. The company also offers a 30-day trial period.

Other Premium Service Offers

The features are pretty much the same for basic and premium members. The only difference is the volume of those features.

For example, if you are a free-account owner, the deleted files will disappear from the Trash in 15 days.

On the other side, if you are a Premium member, you will have them for a month (30 days). If you subscribe to a Premium plan, you can request to save your files for a whole year (we’ve talked about this earlier).

General Opinion

The pCloud pricing is very affordable for the service you get. For a small amount of money, you can get a much higher level of security. The unpleasant side is that the company doesn’t offer client-side encryption as a part of the basic, free plan.

The cloud is user friendly and easy to use across devices. Sharing files is simple (as opposed to Dropbox, for example, where it can seem complicated, especially for people who aren’t familiar with the platform).

Moreover, in contrast to other storage clouds, pCloud is extremely phone friendly. In general, we are more than satisfied with the cloud and have a very positive opinion about it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is pCloud any good?

pCloud is a helpful storage cloud with a user-friendly interface that makes the usage pretty effortless. Even though you can easily manage your files and folders, the company put much thought into the security part. pCloud is known as the safest storage cloud. The other reason users adore pCloud is the flying syncing speed, even across various devices.

Is pCloud better than Dropbox?

Our general opinion would be — yes. It is much easier to use, especially for sharing files, which often seems to be a problem for Dropbox users. Also, pCloud is mobile friendly and has the option of direct syncing the files from your phone.

Besides that, pCloud offers a lifetime subscription, which means you can save a lot of money on external hard disks and other devices you would typically use for file storage.

How much does pCloud cost?

The cost of pCloud depends on the plan you are interested in. pCloud is one of the best free storage services. Still, if you want to get more significant storage (500 MB, for example), you’ll need to use a Premium Plan that will cost you $4.99 monthly or $47.88 annually. For even bigger storage and download link traffic, you will pay $9.99 per month, or $95.88 per year, as a part of the Premium Plus plan.

pCloud is the only storage cloud that offers a Lifetime Plan — $175 for Premium and $350 Premium Plus. It also offers a Family Plan as a part of the Lifetime plan that costs $500 for four family members. If you are a business owner, you can pay $287.64 annually or $29.97 monthly for each user and share and sync business files and information much faster than on other platforms.

How fast is pCloud?

pCloud is up to twelve times faster than the recommended download average. The speed varies based on the plan you have chosen. Free plan users have access to the download speed of 40 MB per second.

On the other hand, Premium, Premium Plus, and Business Plan owners can enjoy downloading files with up to 80 MB/s. Of course, the speed also varies based on your Internet connection.

How long has pCloud been in business?

pCloud is a relatively young company founded in 2013 in Switzerland. Even though it is still developing its strategies, the company gained more than 12 million users worldwide, thanks to its online security prioritization (using a TLS/SSL encrypted channel).

Some other things that have made the company stand out are an excellent, user-friendly interface and the ease of managing files. For more information, carefully read the section or this pCloud review dedicated to their Business Plan.