ID True Review – Accurate Public Record Search Engine

There are just some moments when you need more information about someone than what you get surfing around for them on social media. Background checking services have become quite popular over the last decade, with the ease of the internet combined with open access to public domain records in the United States.

ID True is a background check company that’s been making quite a name for itself over the last seven years. It offers a subscription-based, unlimited service and requires only a name and state or phone number for look-up. Some ID True reviews have pretty nasty things to say about them, however, especially when it comes to deceitful practices.

We don’t like to make assumptions, so we decided to investigate and check the background checkers! By scouring the internet for user reviews and giving it a real test, we’ll let you know if the slander on the internet is really true. With an in-depth list of features, pros and cons, and comparisons to other services in the industry, our ID True review will give you the answers you’ve been looking for.

What Makes ID True Stand Out

First, let’s go straight to the source and see what ID True offers according to their website. ID True is a subscription-based background check service founded in LA in 2013. It claims that with just a name and city or old phone number, their database can provide extensive information on a person that you are looking for.

From criminal records, previous arrests, marriages, and divorce licenses, to social media accounts and sex offender registries, despite the reviews of ID True, they appear to have an edge on most of the competition when it comes to usability. Their low subscription cost, unlimited search options, and printable findings definitely set them apart from other similar background checkers.

Based on this representation, here’s our list of pros and cons for you to consider:

  • Unlimited record checks anytime, anywhere
  • Printable findings
  • Unusually fast results
  • Reverse phone lookup
  • ID True opt-out feature

  • No free trial packages
  • No one-time report option
  • No education background check
  • Poor customer support
  • A lot of bad customer reviews

All About ID True

Launched in 2013 and located in Los Angeles, ID True is a public record search engine designed to provide background checks for anyone within the United States. They offer several features with their monthly subscription, including unlimited use of their search engine, downloadable reports, and a reverse phone number directory.

There may be many poor reviews on ID True, but they still have been verified by online privacy and security safeguards, TRUSTe and Symantec, lending to their legitimacy as a company. While they are not certified by the FCRA to be used by employers or landlords researching potential tenants, they say their service is ideal for

  • Locating lost family members or loved ones
  • Online dating safety
  • Finding out about new/suspicious neighbors
  • Checking out potential real estate buyers before house viewings
  • Reverse phone lookup for unknown callers
  • Knowing what information is available about yourself

The ID True Price Plan

ID True offers two simple price plans available for their customers. There is no free plan option, or a trial version, although their website is a little deceiving, with the main page leading you to believe you can begin searching immediately for free without providing any credit card information.

Finding their pricing options is quite difficult on their website. After completing an attempt at trying to find someone in their directory, though, they asked for a credit card number before issuing our results with these two ID True cost options:

  • One-month subscription for $24.95 per month
  • Three-month subscription for $19.98 per month

They aren’t the cheapest option, nor are they the most expensive when compared to the competition. It’s definitely a downside that you can’t pay for one-time reports since many people only want to use the service once or from time to time – a need that doesn’t really warrant a relatively pricey monthly fee.

ID True Cancel Options

The website clearly states that if you subscribe for either of their monthly options that you can call their customer support line and cancel your service at any time. This appears to be a perk since they don’t provide trial versions, and there could be many reasons why you don’t need to pay for a background checker for months and months at a time.

This brings us to the first set of poor ID True accounts reviews. Many bad reviews (and there are many) claim they were unable to cancel their subscription, canceled their subscription and still were billed afterward, and/or had the cost of their subscription changed without any notice from the company beforehand.

With this in mind, ID True has a Better Business Bureau rating of F (which is the lowest rating). Upon further investigation, we found that ID True hasn’t had a positive review since 2015, making us wonder just how safe it is to give them your credit card number.

ID True Review of Background Checks

Especially if you’re going to get stuck in an endless subscription with them, let’s review exactly what you get with your background check from ID True.

Since ID True isn’t FCRA certified, their background checks are for purely personal use. They use public domain databases to provide information about people within the United States, such as criminal records, arrest reports, sex offender registries, public tax data, social media accounts, and affiliated persons.

They set themselves apart from the competition by providing fast results, unlimited searches and allow you to download your report. Many online background check reviews don’t give a customer copy of the findings, and the search of databases can take exhausting amounts of time. During our primary search, we received our report in under 5 minutes!

Public Records

In the United States, you would be surprised just how much information there is about you that is considered public and is accessible to any curious citizen, provided they know where to find it.

Public records include most state-involved documents such as; marriage, divorce, death, and birth certificates; arrest reports, issued warrants, criminal convictions, and sex offenders registries.

As such, all payable and free background search engines use these records to provide you with their service – you could do it by yourself, but it would take a lot of knowledge and time to get there.

Criminal and Arrest Records

One of the major purposes of background checks is to gain access to someone’s criminal history. Since this information is considered public domain in the US, anyone with an active issued warrant, previous arrest, or convicted crime will be caught in ID True search and other background searching services.

Perhaps one of the more honorable practices of ID True is that they provide an opt-out option for their database. This option allows anyone to easily remove their name from their search engine, giving ex-convicts and anyone wanting to protect their privacy a chance to do so.

Everyone deserves a second chance, right?

According to other background check services reviews, they don’t allow this option, leaving publicly accessible information public – at least for those who want to pay or spend the foreseeable future asking the public court for a record.

Sex Offender Database

Aside from criminal records, finding out a person’s sex offender status’ has become an increasing concern for American citizens. With almost 1 million offenders on the national registry, ID True promotes the use of this database to find out about new or suspicious neighbors or even your latest online dating match.

Almost all background check reviews include this registry in their database, as it is publicly available and pertinent to the populations’ interest.

Marriage and Divorce Records

On a less sinister note, marriage and divorce records can be helpful for locating lost family members or loved ones, or if facebook-stalking your ex just isn’t enough for you. Finding affiliated persons with the background search is one the best features noted in ID True reviews and is mainly thanks to these public records.

Reverse Phone Lookup

The reverse phone lookup feature is most exceptional to ID True’s service and makes their monthly subscription more worthy of your attention. By allowing you to look up the owner of a particular phone number, you can discover who that person is that’s been harassing your phone or even find another avenue to correspond with someone.

Perhaps one of the most cited aspects found in ID True phone lookup reviews is its provision of phone number history. It shows a list of previous owners of the number, and if the number is currently active. Even if you have an old number for someone, this can be a very useful tool in locating them, as it will provide their name and last reported residence. Once you have access to a possible old residence, you can begin searching for them in the public database.

ID True Customer Service

ID True is popularly known for its customer support, whether good or bad. They advertise on their website that if you have any concerns or inquiries, you can contact them through 1 (800) 443-2205 or send them an email. Their working hours are posted as 6AM to 6PM, so if you call within this time frame, you should expect to get an answer. Their support services are free of charge and toll-free.

Many ID True reviews, however, have a lot to say about their customer support. This is the area in which the majority of poor reviews (many rating the company at less than two stars on most review webpages) are written about. In particular, it is commonly reported that users seeking to cancel their subscriptions, report unnotified billing, or complain about the service, were ignored and even hung up on.

Summary of ID True

Despite a lot of the negative ID True background check reviews, we’re still pretty interested in this service. ID True sets itself apart from other background checkers by creating a fast and functional experience, with an extensive database and reverse phone number lookup.

Perhaps they aren’t the best tool if you’re an employer looking to do background checks on your employees since they aren’t FCRA certified. For personal use, however, they provide unlimited reports for you to find your long-lost cousin and check to make sure your next online date isn’t a registered sex offender.

They even provide options for how to remove people from ID True, giving their company some ethical points in keeping people’s information safe and secure if they wish to remove it.

They’ve definitely had a big wave of unsatisfied customers due to their customer support and shady practices with people’s credit cards. Still, they are verified with TRUSTe and Symantec as a legitimate online company.

Ultimately, you’ll have to decide if it’s worth the risk. We’re leaning to the positive side, knowing that a customer with a bad experience is three times more likely to write a review than one with a good or satisfactory experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ID True legitimate?

It’s probably safe to say that you are questioning the legitimacy of this company. When a service receives so many bad reviews, especially regarding their credit card payments and services provided, it is normal to be hesitant.

That being said, the company is verified with TRUSTe and Symantec, continues to do business, and hasn’t faced any lawsuits, making us believe that while at some point they had a lot of angry customers, maybe they were just that, angry.

What is the best people search website?

The best people search website all depends on what/who you are trying to find. Most background checkers, to a certain extent, use the same public domain databases to provide their services. The ways in which they differ have to do with how long it takes to perform the search, how many searches you can do, cost, and whether you can print the reports that you get.

How to remove my name from ID True?

There are many reasons why someone may want to remove their name from a background database. ID True provides a unique opt-out feature for its website and is incredibly easy to use. You simply put your name into the database, select “remove,” and provide an email to verify your identity. You can’t remove your name from public databases, but you can ask for it to be removed from search engines to help maintain your personal privacy.

Is ID True free?

No. ID True is not free. Unlike many other background checkers that supply one-off reports for a free trial of their service, ID True is an entirely subscription-based service. They offer two options: a month-to-month subscription or a three-month option for a discounted price. They claim that your subscription can be canceled at any time and offer unlimited searches.

Is ID True accurate?

ID True has compiled an extensive database using various public domains from the national, state, and county levels. Because of this, it provides unusually fast search results because it doesn’t have to check every single database separately. Rather, it has its own copy of records on its server.

They regularly update this database, so unless the person you are looking for has been cautious with their data or hasn’t been documented in a while, the information is accurate.

How long does a background check take?

Opposing most of the other services on the market, ID True hosts a quick and convenient portal system for its members. ID True can provide the information you need in a few minutes, whereas other services can take days or weeks to compile your report. According to recent ID True reviews, every user with access can have unlimited record checks within minutes.