Checkr Review 2021 – Features, Pricing & Safety Check

Thanks to technology, performing background checks has never been easier. More and more companies turn to services like Checkr to help them make the right decision when recruiting.

Many Checkr reviews we came across said that the service offered a variety of features, but yet not a single review has captured the full potential of this service.

That’s why we decided to write a complete review of the Checkr service and examine all the perks and features it has to offer. Hopefully, you’ll see just how much Checkr can help the recruiting process.

What Makes Checkr Stand Out

Many customer Checker Inc. reviews point out that the Checkr service is one of the best services if you want to perform a background check on a potential hire.

However, we wanted to make a list of pros and cons, so that you can have a clearer picture of what to expect from this company.

  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive software
  • Easy to navigate website
  • Fast background checks
  • International background checks

  • Checkr pricing
  • Only available in the US
  • Drug screenings are a bit slow

About Checkr

Checkr is a background check company based in San Francisco, California. Even though it can be considered a newcomer since it was founded in 2014, Checkr strives to provide its users with top-notch service.

This company has helped many other companies make the right choice when it comes to recruiting people. Aside from a few complaints, online Checkr reviews left by customers are nothing but positive, which speaks volumes about Checkr’s intention to maintain an impeccable reputation.

The service provides you with the best 21-century technology, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, making the screening and recruiting process much faster and easier.

Checkr Pricing Plans

Similarly to any other background check company, Checkr gives you the opportunity to choose one of its many subscription plans. What we saw in many Chekr background check reviews was that customers were a bit confused by the pricing options.

In this review, we will go over every pricing plan individually and hopefully try to make it easier for customers to decide on the plan that suits their needs. That said, there are four pricing plans you can choose from, including the Basic, Standard, Pro, and Driver plan.

However, we should also note that Checkr pricing for all of these packages is only for a one-time screening.

1. The Basic Plan

The Basic plan will cost you $8 per report. With it, you’ll have access to information such as:

  • SSN trace
  • Sex offender registry
  • Global watchlist
  • National criminal search

Once you’ve completed your search, the service will deliver your report in 3–7 days.

2. The Standard Plan

As we saw in customer Checkr background reviews, the standard plan was their favorite subscription out of all the pricing plans. Namely, that’s because you can get a detailed report for only $16. You’ll get information like:

  • SSN Trace
  • Sex offender registry
  • National criminal search
  • Current county background check

Like with the Basic plan report, this report is processed in 3–7 days.

3. The Pro Plan

According to many a Checkr customer review, users are satisfied with the features this plan covers.

However, it is costlier than the other two pricing plans mentioned above—$27 per report. The waiting period before you’ll get your report remains the same.

In this report, you’ll get access to:

  • SSN trace
  • Sex offender registry
  • National criminal search
  • Current county background check
  • Unlimited county background check

4. The Driver Plan

This is the most expensive plan out of all the other pricing plans. Most customers who left Checkr reviews said that the Driver plan was a little expensive for a one-time search.

However, they certainly got what they were looking for in terms of background screening. This membership will cost you $31 per report. What makes this different from all other subscriptions is that you’ll get the results instantly without waiting 3–7 days.

This Checkr cost is considered fair since you’ll get a detailed report containing information such as:

  • SSN trace
  • Sex offender registry
  • National criminal search
  • Current county background check
  • Unlimited county background check
  • Motor vehicle records

We should also note that there are special offer packages specifically designed for clients with a big pool of potential candidates.

However, if we want to review Checkr thoroughly, we must tell you that there are many additional fees for County Court, DMV, and State Court access.

Below, you can see all the additional costs of the Checkr service:

  • Motor vehicle records – $4
  • Education verification – $12
  • Federal criminal records – $5
  • Drug screening – $45
  • Professional or personal reference – $10

Checkr Services

Now that you know everything about the Checkr company itself, you must be wondering what kind of background check does Checkr do?

Well, the Checkr service offers various ways to perform a background check. Companies mostly use it for running background checks on their potential employees. As Checkr’s search engine has access to billions of public files, employers can learn everything they need about their candidates as well as the people within the company.

Now let’s dive into every feature individually.

Background Checks

As far as customers are concerned, based on many Checkr background check reviews we came across online, they are satisfied with the easy and simple way of performing a background check on the website. You can smoothly run a background check or a background screening on anybody using the information such as:

  • First and last name
  • Social security number
  • Email address
  • ID card
  • Physical address

Criminal Records Check

One of many perks of the Checkr service is that you can perform a national criminal records check. Checkr security reviews showed that customers were very impressed with this feature as it combined both publicly available and purchased criminal records from state, county, and other sources.

With this feature, you can also perform a:

  • County criminal records check
  • Federal criminal records check
  • State criminal records check
  • Continuous criminal records check

Registry Searches

With this feature, you have access to different domestic and international government watchlists. Since this is a Checkr background check review, we should also note that this feature has access to sex offender databases in all 50 states.

That said, if you use registry searches on the website, you’ll get access to:

  • SSN trace
  • Address history
  • Sex offender registry
  • Global watchlist records

Driver and MVR

All the information in this report is provided by the Department of Motor Vehicles. So, when a company wants to hire an Uber driver, it can easily perform a background check and learn more about the potential candidate. An Uber driver Checkr review reveals all kinds of information on the driver, such as license status, violations, accidents, endorsement, and much more.

This feature is most commonly used by the Department of Transportation, helping in the drivers’ recruiting process.

Verification Search

The verification search might be the best feature when it comes to screening future candidates. For example, you can see candidates’ credentials as well as their education level. To see that this is not just another Checkr product review, we will show you everything you can check using the verification search option.

  • National and international education verification
  • National and international verification
  • Credit check
  • Personal or professional reference check
  • Professional license verification
  • FACIS search

Drug and Health Checks

Many companies use the Checkr service so that they can ensure a healthy work environment. The service provides clinical drug screening, which means it provides alcohol and drug testing for the people at the cooperation. In this Checkr background review, we should also note that the Checkr service can manage and schedule health screenings for the people at the organization.

Civil Background Checks

County or federal civil background checks provide insights into candidates’ legal history. Companies can obtain information such as restraining orders or breaches of contract. A county civil check provides information about whether a candidate has been mentioned in any lawsuits in the past seven years. On the other hand, a federal civil background check gives information about federal court records in the past 7–20 years.

Checkr Customer Support

Checkr background check reviews wouldn’t be complete without information about customer support. That’s why we need to inform our readers about ways of contacting Checkr’s customer support team. Depending on whether you are an existing candidate with a Checkr background check, an existing customer with a Checkr account, or a partner who works with Checkr customers, you can submit a request on the official website and ask questions.

Checkr phone number is also available to anyone who needs customer support’s help. Call the company at 844-824-3257, and the customer support team will solve any problem with the service you might have. The final option is to mail your dispute and any additional documents to Checkr Inc. 1 Montgomery St. Suite 2400. San Francisco, CA. 94104.


We can say that services like Checkr are the future, making recruitment a lot easier and leaving little room for error when it comes to deciding on a candidate. Hopefully, this review can be used as a guide next time you are looking to perform a background check on someone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does Checkr cost?

The Checkr service has four different pricing plans at your disposal. The service has the Basic, Standard, Pro, and Driver plan. In all of these plans, except for the Driver plan, you will have to wait 3–7 days to get your report. All of these subscriptions are only for a one-time search and are not monthly memberships.

  • Basic plan- $8 per report
  • Standard plan- $16 per report
  • Pro plan- $27 per report
  • Driver plan- $31 per report

How long does Checkr background check take?

Most of the Checkr service background checks take about seven days to complete. That’s because every background check is unique, as is the person applying, so every background check timeline varies depending on which background check feature you choose.

However, if you decide to go for the most expensive Driver plan, which will cost you $31 per a report, you can have a detailed report much sooner.

What companies use Checkr?

Many companies use Checkr services for their background check processes. That way, they can be absolutely sure that candidates they consider hiring are not a threat to the workforce. Among the most recognized companies are companies such as Uber, Lyft, Thumbtack, and Warby Parker.

However, more and more small organizations are seizing the opportunity to run background checks using the Checkr service.

Is Checkr background check legit?

The Checker service provides trusted data taken from country or state courts’ public records. Since the service is approved by the FCRA, the Checkr service doesn’t break any privacy rules or regulations. The information you’ll get as a company will enable you to make the right decision about your potential candidates. If you still have doubts, you can find and read customer Checkr reviews and see what real users said about Checkr.

Is Checkr secure?

The Checkr service is a secure way to perform different background checks on people within the company and potential candidates for a specific job position. Using Transfer Layer Security (TLS) with a 128-bit or AES encryption, all the data is transferred securely. Encryption keys and the encrypted data are separated and hosted in the company’s off-site secure cloud infrastructure.