10 Best Security Cameras — Smart Protection for Your Home

Burglaries are up all over the country, and beefing up your home security sounds like a good idea. We are going to show you some of the best security cameras on the market to help you improve your home security.

Remember that the vast majority of burglars are afraid of security cameras, which is the main reason why you should invest in the best one that suits your needs. Read on to find out more information about the best products on the market and your perfect option.

How Do We Find the Best Security Cameras?

  • Design

First, we will take a look at the design, but we are not going to discuss aesthetics. Instead, we are more interested in their off-putting effect — they need to look high-tech and dangerous. It’s also important that the materials are of high-quality and durable enough to withstand various external factors.

  • Features

The camera shouldn’t only look modern but be modern too. It needs to be packed with the latest features like night-vision and motion-detection, two-way audio, cloud storage, app support, an alarm, look-back functionality, and many other features that come included with even the cheapest packages.

  • Installation & Use

Cameras should be easy to install because installation costs can sometimes be higher than what you’ve actually paid for the camera itself. A good home camera system should also be compatible with other smart systems in your home. You want the camera to prevent the burglary and alert you, not just record everything.

  • Price

Last but not least, you need to consider the price. As we already indicated, security cameras are definitely worth your investment, but that doesn’t mean you should purchase overpriced items or expensive cameras that don’t actually solve your pain points.

Our Top 3 Recommendations

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10 Best Home Security Cameras for 2021

Arlo Pro 2 Review

  • High-quality 1080p video

  • Weather-resistant camera

  • IFTTT and Alexa Voice support

  • Easy setup

  • Expensive

  • Some features only work when camera is plugged in


The company didn’t experiment much with the design, so the camera follows the layout already established with the previous Arlo Pro camera. The elegant white casing has the company logo on the side and holds a camera that records 1080p HD quality footage.

Arlo Pro 2 has an IP65 water-resistant design, and it functions in temperatures ranging from -4° F to 113° F, which makes it ideal for use in an outdoor security camera system. The battery is fully rechargeable and can last up to six months. The camera can also be used indoors and can be hooked up to an AC power supply.


The Arlo Pro 2 camera has a convenient look-back feature. When it detects sound or motion, it sends you a three-second recording of the actions that preceded the warning. You can see what triggered it and act appropriately. Arlo also equipped their WiFi security camera with a two-way audio and security siren, so you can use them to chase away unwanted guests.

Activity Zones is another useful feature that allows you to choose a specific area of the camera’s view and keep track of any motion in that section. It helps you reduce the number of false alarms. Unfortunately, this feature is only available when the camera is plugged in.

Installation & Use

The installation process is relatively simple. The wireless security camera has a magnet on the back so that you can attach it to a metal wall mount or any other solid metal surface. The bottom is flat, so you can also let it sit on any flat surface. There are no wires involved (unless you choose AC charging, of course), which makes the installation process even more straightforward.

The only thing left is downloading the app, creating an account, and connecting the base station to your WiFi. Cameras and the base have quick sync buttons on the top, and pressing them connects and synchronizes the devices instantly. You can see the live footage through the browser or the app, and this wireless security camera system supports IFTTT and Alexa Voice.


The one-camera kit will cost you $127.94, but it comes with a lot of additional equipment. The kit contains the wireless camera, base station, wall mount, a rechargeable battery, cables, adapters, and screws. That means you won’t have any additional costs for mounting equipment.

You will also get a quick start guide to help you set the system up. The two-cam kit costs $394.49, and a three-camera counterpart costs $569.49. Although the wireless camera system with multiple cameras is more expensive, it reduces the price per camera, which can be important considering that Arlo is one of the pricier brands on the market.

Nest Cam IQ Outdoor Review

  • High-quality 1080p HDR video

  • Automatic zoom triggered by motion and sound

  • Two-way audio

  • Works in extreme temperatures

  • Very expensive

  • Weatherproof adapter and Nest Aware subscription cost extra


Nest Cam IQ was nominated by many for the best 4k security camera system in 2021. The round shape and soft edges make this camera look elegant and professional. The casing is IP66 waterproof, and the system operates perfectly in temperatures ranging from -40° F to 113° F, so it can withstand bad weather while providing excellent quality 1080p HDR video from its eight-megapixel 4K sensor.

It has a very flexible mounting arm, and finding the right angle won’t be a problem.


Thanks to the abundance of features, this could quite possibly be the best night vision security camera on the market. The night vision feature here is augmented by a sound and motion detection system, which immediately triggers the auto-zoom function. You will instantly receive a recording, which gives you enough time to react.

The camera can record night footage at distances up to 50 feet, and on top of it all, it even has a face-recognition system. If you subscribe to the company’s Nest Aware plan, you can generate clips and time-lapses or go through the video history. Unfortunately, this home security camera system doesn’t have a built-in alarm. It would really be a whole package deal.

Installation & Use

If you are good with tools, Installing the Nest Cam system is easy. If you are not, you might want to get help. You need to drill a hole for the mount and connect the camera to the power source.

You should be aware that, although the camera and the cable are waterproof, the power adapter is not, which is not something you would expect from one of the best outdoor security cameras on the market. That said, you will have to pay extra for waterproofing the adapter, so double-check if you really need this model.

If all this seems too tricky, you can always hire a Nest professional to install the system. As far as the connectivity is concerned, the camera system works with IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.


The price is very high, to say the least. The single-camera system costs $190, while the two-camera kit costs $399. What makes the whole matter a little bit annoying is that even though you are paying a large amount of money for a high-end WiFi camera system, some of the essential features, like a weatherproof adapter and the Nest Aware subscription, are not included in the price.

Nooie Cam Review

  • Really affordable

  • Cloud and micro-SD storage

  • High-end features

  • No 5G support

  • No magnetic mounts


Noomie Cam 360 has a nice and discreet design, which is very important for an indoor security camera. It is a 360-degree camera, and you can place it anywhere and still get a full view of the room. The 360-degree in its name doesn’t mean it has a 360 field of view; it simply means that the camera can be rotated in all directions. The actual field of view is 101°, and the quality of the video recording is 1080p. This is an indoor camera, but the company also offers Nooie Cam Outdoor versions.


Both camera versions have a night-vision feature, and while the indoor version covers about 32 feet, the outdoor option can record at distances up to 49 feet, which is comparable to the best security cameras for outdoor use. That is why it also pairs quite nicely with the best front door locks to boost your home’s security. You don’t have to adjust the camera angles and directions by hand; you can do it through an app.

Nooie cameras have many features you’d expect from high-end devices, and some of them are motion and sound detection and two-way audio. For a monthly subscription of $5, you can save your videos in cloud-based storage. A free alternative is storing them on your micro-SD card.

Installation & Use

It’s always best to fix your indoor security camera to the wall so it couldn’t be removed or knocked down. Nooie Cam camera is relatively easy to install. You have to drill a hole, fix the wall mount, and plug the camera in.

However, it would be nice if there were easier options, like magnetized mounts. If you are not skillful with tools, you can pay someone to install the cameras, and the price of installation could be more than the price you’ve paid for the cameras in the first place.


The thing that makes Nooie home security camera systems popular is their price. It starts as low as $59.99 for a simple indoor camera and $124.98 for the powerful combination with an Alexa device. But if you need professional installation, the overall cost will be much higher.

Wyze Cam Pan Review

  • Great selection of features

  • Smart sound recognition

  • Excellent rotating speed

  • Low price

  • Has to be plugged in; no batteries

  • Limited usability as an outdoor camera


Wyze Cam Pan is not marketed as a security system but as a lifestyle camera intended to capture different moments in your life. But thanks to the abundance of interesting features, it can easily match the best security cameras on the market.

The design is modern and slick, so it can easily fit anywhere. The camera records a 1080p HD video and has a 360-degree rotation. It can turn 110 degrees in a second, which, in combination with its motion detection feature, ensures that no one can avoid being filmed.


This is a real deal-maker. The Wyze Cam Pan offers so many modern features that it leaves some famous security cameras for home use well behind. Even though it is not technically a security cam, it still has a night-vision that works up to 30 feet. The night footage is clear and precise because the software can recognize 16 shades of grey. The camera has motion and sound detection, as well as motion tagging.

The list of interesting features doesn’t end there. We especially liked Wyze’s smart sound recognition feature. The camera software can recognize the sound of smoke and CO alarms and alert you of possible danger. This feature is rare, even with the best security camera systems. This lifestyle camera can actually save your life.

Installation & Use

This camera needs to be connected to a power source at all times since it doesn’t have a battery. Sadly, this limits your options, especially if you’re thinking of installing it outside. Luckily, the base of the device is compatible with the standard security mounts.

We have to mention that there is no camera mount in the standard package. As far as the connectivity is concerned, you can control the camera through the Wyze app, and it supports IFTTT, Alexa, and Google Assistants, as you would expect from any device aiming for the title of the best home camera system.


This is a cheap device if you consider all the features it provides. For $37.56, you get the camera, a power adapter, a USB cable, and a quick start guide. You will have to pay extra if you want the mounting kit, but it’s not expensive.

The low price and many great features probably make Wyze Cam Pan the best choice for people on a budget.

Blink XT2 Review

  • Small and easy to conceal

  • Integrated thermometer

  • Two-year battery life

  • Completely wireless outdoor camera

  • The camera can’t rotate or pan

  • Limited viewing angle


This is one of the smallest wireless security cameras that are quite easy to conceal. It records a 1080p HD video, and the low-light illumination technology ensures clear images at any time of the day.

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks to the design. The camera has a 110-degree view angle, which is narrow compared to the competitors. More importantly, the camera is fixed and can’t be rotated. You need to experiment with the placing positions and angles before finally installing it. On the bright side, Blink XT2 is IP65 weatherproof, which is standard for wireless outdoor security cameras.


A patented Instant On feature starts recording the moment an alert is activated. This feature is helpful, but it would be nicer if it was backed up by the look-back feature. Blink XT2 is also equipped with a thermometer, so you can always keep track of the temperatures. Besides that, you will get a two-way audio feature, motion detection, and you can schedule the recording times.

Installation & Use

The Blink XT2 wireless home security cameras are very easy to set up and use. You can place these wireless cameras wherever you want since there are no cables or wires involved. You can control them and view the videos through an app, and with Amazon Alexa, you can even use voice controls.

One of the most impressive characteristics of this system is that the batteries can last up to two years. This is an excellent result compared to other wireless home security systems. Unfortunately, they will not last that long if you are constantly using 1080p resolution.


The price of a Blink XT2 one-camera system is $11.99. There is no extra gear in the package, but that’s because you won’t need any since it is wire-free. The five-camera system is priced at $379.99. It’s not exactly cheap, but it’s still less expensive than some of the competitors. And since the installation is easy, you will not have to pay professionals to install the system.

Canary Pro Review

  • Monitors air humidity, quality, and temperature

  • Built-in 90-decibel siren

  • Learning AI

  • Requires a yearly subscription

  • No IFTTT support or local storage


Canary Pro’s has a slick and modern design that can fit in any room in your house. And yes, it is for indoor use only. It has an HD camera with a 147-degree wide coverage area and can record 1080p videos. A wide recording angle, combined with a mechanical pan and tilt, allows you to cover the entire room, and the HD camera ensures the videos will always be crystal clear.


Canary Pro has several interesting features that distinguish it from other indoor cameras. It uses state-of-the-art sensors to check the temperature, humidity, and air quality in your home. This combination of a security cam and a weather station probably makes it the best security camera system for people looking after their health, and not just safety and property.

The system’s most notable feature is its adaptive nature. The advanced AI technology is continually learning about your habits and preferences. It can distinguish the difference between usual and unusual activity in your house and alert you. And it gets smarter with time.

Installation & Use

From a hardware perspective, the Canary Pro is considered by many to be the best home security camera system because it’s effortless to set up. All you need to do is take the camera out of the box, place it on a flat surface, and connect it to the internet. The Canary app will then guide you through the setup process, and you’ll be done in a couple of minutes.

When someone or something activates the alert, you get a video and audio recording so you can evaluate the situation and choose if you want to sound the 90-decibel built-in siren or call the police. Of course, if it’s your pet, you can choose to ignore it.


The Canary Pro offers a yearly subscription starting at $99. With it, you gain access to the Canary Premium service, which comes with a lot of extra safety features that make it one of the best security cameras for the home. One of these features is a safety button, which is a sort of a dead-man switch. If you are in danger, you press the button, and if you release it, the device will notify the police.

TP-Link Kasa Cam KC200 Review

  • Afforable

  • Powerful built-in siren

  • 30-foot night-vision

  • Two-way audio

  • No IFTTT support

  • Subscription plan needed for cloud storage


TP-Link’s best selling wired security camera system has a simple yet modern design that is in line with the company’s philosophy. The camera has a 130-degree view angle and can stream 1080p HD videos. It attaches to the magnetic wall mount and can be tilted to better view the desired area. The casing is IP65 weatherproof, which means it can withstand bad weather conditions.


The device has plenty of interesting features, as you would expect from a device that’s contending for the title of the best outdoor security camera system. Some of them are two-way audio, activity zones, and a siren. The activity zones feature allows you to create four activity zones where the camera will monitor movement. This works even at nighttime because the camera’s night-vision mode enables it to see up to 30 feet away.

When you buy the camera, you will also get two days of free cloud storage. If you need to record more content and make the best use of your home security camera system, you have to subscribe to a Kasa plan.

Installation & Use

The installation process is relatively easy if you are good with tools. If not, you might want to get a professional to do it. Sadly, there’s no magnetic mount that would allow you to attach it to any metal surface, so there will be some drilling involved. You need to fix the wall mount and plug the camera into the power source.

Even though it’s not easy to install compared to wireless home security systems, it is very simple to use. The app is straightforward, and you can also use voice commands, thanks to the Alexa and Google Assistant support.


The package contains the camera, a 10-foot USB cable, a magnetic mount, a mounting plate, all other necessary hardware, and even the weatherproof power adapter that many sellers charge extra for. The price for a single-camera system is $82.97, which doesn’t sound much. But keep in mind that you also have to buy the Kasa Care subscription to get the best of this outdoor camera cloud storage feature.

Frontpoint Premium Indoor Camera Review

  • 180-degree viewing angle

  • Bluetooth speakers

  • Echo-canceling microphone

  • Supports 10 simultaneous viewers

  • No IFTTT support

  • Requires a subscription plan

  • Expensive


Frontpoint’s Premium indoor camera has a beautiful design that nicely fits in any room. In fact, it looks more like a decoration than a security cam. Another nice thing about this camera is that it has an impressive 180-degree viewing angle, making it one of the best in the WiFi security camera category.

The device streams HD video and has a night-vision sensor with a range of about 15 feet. The pan and the tilt of the camera can be adjusted digitally to provide the best possible view of the room.


The camera has Bluetooth speakers and an echo-canceling microphone to give you a great two-way audio experience. What’s more, the camera has a motion-detection feature with adjustable sensitivity. You can also share the viewing experience with other members of your family.

Installation & Use

The installation procedure of Frontpoint’s best indoor camera is quite easy. After unboxing the camera, you need to download the Frontpoint app. It will enable you to control the camera system and provide you with a number of useful features and notifications.

For instance, the system can detect if the garage doors aren’t properly closed or when your kids come home from school. Features like these really make people’s lives easier, and not many competitors have them.


As usual, a premium product comes with a premium price, so the Frontpoint pricing is justified. This best WiFi camera costs $159.99. You should know that when you buy the camera, the company automatically adds a subscription plan that enables you to use unlimited storage space, motion-detection, two-way audio, and other interesting features. But the plan costs $14.99 per month, which is not cheap at all. And with time, it really adds up to the overall expense.

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery Review

  • Powerful LED spotlight

  • 140-degree viewing angle

  • Loud 110-decibel siren

  • Two-way audio system

  • Costly

  • No pre-buffering option


This is Ring’s contender for the title of the best wireless security camera system. At first glance, it doesn’t look too appealing. No subtle and unobtrusive design here. The designers’ intention was to show that this camera means business. And it does. With a large built-in LED spotlight and a 110-decibel siren, it’s a force to be reckoned with. The camera system has a wide 140-degree field of view and an IP55 weatherproof casing.


The most prominent features are the powerful LED spotlight and a 110-decibel siren that can scare potential intruders. This camera actually gives you a way of dealing with burglars instead of just notifying you that they are near. This is what makes it stand out from other wireless security camera systems.

Ring’s system also has all the other features you’d expect from a prominent security company. Some of them are a two-way audio system with noise reduction and motion-detection with adjustable sensitivity.

Installation & Use

It will take you about 10 minutes to set up the camera. You have to drill the holes for the mounting screws, but that’s about it. The package comes with all the necessary equipment you need to install the outdoor wireless camera, so you won’t have any additional expenses. The pack also includes a rechargeable battery and an optional solar panel for extra power. The user manual is intuitive and easy to follow, and the whole system is quite easy to set up.


We can’t say that Ring Spotlight Cam is a budget-friendly option. The single-camera kit costs $199.99 and goes up to $549.98 if you want a multiple camera system in place.

Reolink Argus 2 Review

  • Excellent night-vision functionality

  • Built-in magnet for easy setup

  • Plenty of additional equipment

  • Reasonable price

  • A weak siren

  • No SD card included


The Reolink Argus 2 WiFi outdoor security camera has a futuristic design, and it uses a built-in magnet to connect to the metal wall mount. It has a wide 130-degree monitoring angle and streams 1080p full HD quality videos. Thanks to the special Starlight CMOS sensor, it provides excellent night vision functionality.


The camera has two-way audio, and that’s pretty much the industry standard. What’s interesting about this camera is the solar panels to power the system. If the battery capacity falls below 10%, you will receive an alert so you can quickly switch to an alternative source.

Argus 2 uses exceptionally sensitive PIR motion-detection technology to detect intruders and start recording immediately. The built-in 75-decibel siren could be louder, but it’s definitely better than not having one.

Installation & Use

The installation and setup process of these outdoor wireless security cameras are simple. You can easily attach and detach the cameras whenever you need to, thanks to the built-in magnet system. But this also makes them more vulnerable to theft or interference.

The package comes with all the equipment you might need, including batteries, screws, cables, and even a needle you might need to reset the camera. The app is straightforward and smart. For instance, if you get too many motion-detection warnings, you will get a suggestion to reduce the sensitivity level.


The price of just $114.94 makes Argus 2 a good deal and maybe even the best wireless home security camera system for the price. Reolink Cloud service subscription is free for one camera, which makes it an even better deal. If you want to use more devices and store more videos, you will have to pay. A standard plan for up to five devices and a 30-day video history will cost you an additional $3.49 a month.


Choosing the best security camera for your home is so much more than clicking on a ‘Buy’ button. You need to do a little bit of research before that. Even the best camera might not be good enough for your specific needs.

You should consider what you need first and take into account things like the installation procedure, electric sockets, hard-material walls, and the strength of your WiFi signal. Only then you can choose a camera system for your home.

However, once you have the appropriate camera in place, you can also install the best outdoor motion sensor lights and smart door lock on your front door to really make your family feel safer than ever.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the best security cameras for home?

The best cameras for home are the ones that were chosen according to your needs, well placed, and functioning properly. As for the companies and models, some of the best options include Reolink Argus 2, Arlo Pro 2, Nest Cam IQ, Canary Pro, TP-Link Kasa Cam KC200. When choosing, make sure it suits your needs, installation options, and your home layout.

How do I choose outdoor security cameras?

When choosing an outdoor security camera, you should pay attention to where it would be placed. Will it be hit by direct sunlight, rain, and snow? Choose waterproofing level accordingly. If you don’t have a power socket nearby, maybe you should opt for a battery-operated camera.

If the area you are monitoring is always in the shade, you should choose a higher sensitivity camera. If there are many pets in the neighborhood that could set off the alarms, choose a camera with adjustable sensitivity settings.

What is the best home security camera system without a monthly fee?

Most of the cameras on the market let you store the videos locally on your hard drives or SD cards. What’s more, some companies also allow you to use cloud storage for free. That applies to a limited number of devices, of course.

For instance, with Arlo Pro 2, you can store videos from five devices for up to seven days. Wyze Cam Pan offers free 14-day storage for one device, and TP-Link Kasa Cam KC200 offers just two-day storage for one device.

What is better, wired or wireless security cameras?

It’s impossible to say which cameras are better because it depends on the user’s needs and installation options. Wired cameras are always a safer solution as they are less susceptible to interference.

But when it is too complicated to set up a wired system, a wireless one will do the job just fine. It is much easier to install and enables you to be more flexible as you will not be restricted by electric sockets, hard-material walls, and similar.

What's the best outdoor wireless security camera?

Some of the best are Arlo Pro 2, Nest Cam IQ Outdoor, Reolink Argus 2, TP-Link Kasa Cam KC200, etc. If you want a top-of-the-line product, then Arlo Pro 2 is the best choice. However, if you don’t want to spend too much money on a camera system, then one of the Nooie systems could be a great solution.

What is the most reliable home security system?

Some of the most reliable home security systems on the market are Arlo Pro 2, Nest Cam IQ, Reolink Argus 2, Ring Spotlight Cam Battery, Nooie Cam. They are easy to use, so you are less likely to hit a wrong button, which is one the most common causes of “malfunction.” These companies also have great support teams, and they can quickly help you with any issues you might have.

What is the best affordable home security camera system?

Some of the best affordable security camera systems are Nooie Cam with prices starting at just under $20, and Wyze Cam Pan with a $30 starting price. Even though they are cheap, especially when compared to top products, they are by no means low-quality. The quality and the features they provide are quite satisfying. If you want to spend a little bit more and get the best quality-price ratio, one of the best security cameras for you is Reolink Argus 2 ($99).