Vivint Review

This is not like other generic Vivint reviews. Our detailed examination of the Vivint security company and its security services, features, and products was conducted using our personal experience with the company and the compiled experiences of Vivint users.

We understand the need to feel safe and keep your family protected, as well as what kind of struggle it is to find the perfect home security firm to entrust your home to. This is why we will provide you with as much information as possible in our Vivint security reviews.

7 / 10

What Makes Vivint Stand Out?

It is one of the leaders in the security systems industry with home automation capabilities. Vivint provides video doorbells, smart locks, and smart thermostats. The security feels like a luxury since you get to feel safe while being able to remotely control devices in your home. After the following overview, we’ll go through each of the security plan options in these Vivint reviews.
  • Excellent equipment

  • Total customization is available

  • You can upgrade your system at any time

  • Professional monitoring

  • Only professional installation

  • Long contracts

  • On the expensive side

  • Vivint customer service is poor

Plans and Prices

Vivint home security allows you to create your own package. You can mix and match products and customize your security to exactly the way you want it. They also have two monitoring options you can choose from: Smart Protect and Control and Smart Complete.

This company is more expensive when compared to its competition, but unlike some of their competitors, the Vivint security system essentially turns your place into a smart home as well.

Smart Protect and Control
$39.99 per month + equipment
$ 33.99 / month

Basic burglary security equipment

Basic environmental security equipment

Smart complete
$49.99 per month + equipment
$ 44.99 / month

Full home security features

Two or more special security options

About the Company

Vivint has over 500,000 customers, and although Vivint reviews on BBB give it a B- rating, the company offers a great security system with home automation capabilities. Vivint provides clients with some of the most advanced technology in the home security industry.

Vivint has smart technology and energy management features that its clients love (who doesn’t love to save a few bucks on energy bills?). With this company you have the luxury of customizing your security system to the core: almost whatever you need, they can offer you those services. It does come at a price though, Vivint security pricing is quite high if you compare it to other companies in their niche.

Total Home Automation

Regardless of the package you choose, you will have the ability to receive notifications via email and text message. You can also control your smart thermostat, locks, and other appliances remotely. On top of the total control, you also have 1 TB of cloud storage. So with your Vivint security system, if you want to switch your lights on or make sure you turned off your coffee maker, you can literally do it from halfway across the world. They also offer solar panel installation for those of you who want to reduce your energy bills even more and help save the environment in the process.

100% Wireless

All of the equipment from Vivint is completely wireless and supports its security system—each piece is able to communicate with the other pieces of security equipment. A touchscreen panel is offered in every package, and it represents the epicenter of your security system. The touch panel has an LCD screen, and it makes it possible for you to work with all of this equipment remotely. Vivint security will make you feel in control of your safety and home.

Security Cameras

With this useful feature, you can take a look into your camera’s live feed at any time, from anywhere, via phone or computer. In case you’re home and you don’t want to record while you’re there, simply select the Privacy Mode option or switch it off completely, and you’ll be all set. The Vivint home security camera gives you the ability to be home even when you aren’t.

Professional Installation

This company’s equipment requires professional installation. This is because the equipment they provide is serious stuff, and the average Joe wouldn’t know where to begin. It’s best to have a professional set everything us because they’ll tell you where the optimal points and sensitive areas are and where potential danger spots are located. While the installation is going on, all you have to do is sit back and relax.

Vivint Equipment

sky control panel

Sky Control Panel (Included in Package)

This control panel is user-friendly and serves as the center of your security system. It has two-way voice communication abilities, which means that in case of an emergency you can directly talk to a representative from the monitoring center.
CO detector

Carbon Monoxide Detector (Price: $120)

This detector lets you know when there are unnatural levels of CO before it gets critical. CO is undetectable by humans as it has no smell or color, so the best way to be sure your family and home are safe is by using this kind of device.
smoke alarm

Smoke Alarm (Price: $120)

This Vivint alarm can detect smoke and heat. If it senses smoke or high heat levels, it will automatically notify the monitoring center, which will then send out the local firefighting team to check on you, all within a minute.
door and window sensors

Door and Window Sensors (Price: $60)

Doors and windows are the entry points to your home and these sensors let you know when someone is opening one of the two without your authority. The sensors notify your control panel, which sends an alert to the monitoring company.
glass break sensor

Glass Break Detector (Price: $120)

Vivint home security has a detector that lets you know if any windows are being broken in your home. They have a 360° sensing angle, and it even works in places with multiple large windows.
key fob

Key Fob (Price: $60)

A super convenient piece of equipment that you can attach to your car keys or carry in your pocket. It works up to 100 feet away, and it lets you arm and disarm your security system remotely or open and close your garage door, and it even has a panic button.
fixed camera

Fixed Video Camera (Price: $149)

You can watch live feed via mobile or computer with this Vivint home security camera. You can also record video clips. No matter where you are or what time it is, you can always have access to your home and see what’s going on.
smart lighting

Lighting and Smaller Appliances (Price: $39)

You can control a variety of appliances with this device, like coffee pots and even curling irons, and you are notified if you forgot to turn them off by mistake. This device also lets you turn the lights on and off remotely, so while you park your car, just switch them on before you come in.
smart lock

Vivint Electronic Door Lock (Price: $199)

No matter where you are, you will be able to lock and unlock your door. You won’t have the need for keys or making copies to give to a caretaker, guest, or whomever, just send them a virtual key. The door to your Vivint home can be opened via smartphone or another web-enabled device.
pan and tilt cam

Pan and Tilt Video Camera (Price: $199)

With this device, you’ll have an overview of a larger area of your home, and you can access the live feed or recorded clips using your phone or computer.
smart thermostat

Smart Thermostat (Price: $129)

You can adjust the temperature to what you want remotely via phone or web-enabled device. You can also adjust temperatures in advance. For example, set the house to warm up when you leave from work so when you get back it automatically feels nice and cozy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does Vivint cost per month?

The Vivint starting security packages begin at $39.99 a month, which includes the 24/7 monitoring fee. Their other package comes at $49.99 a month, which also includes the monitoring fee. You can add on more equipment to your system, Vivint allows for total customization. Keep in mind that extra equipment is sold separately, so be careful not to get carried away—your wallet might suffer. There’s also a $99 activation fee.

Does Vivint require a credit check?

Yes, this company does a credit check to see if you are eligible for their services. There is a Vivint contract involved, after all, and the company does want to make sure everything is in order before signing. Their equipment is pricey, and their services are also on the pricey side. However, a contract is a standard procedure that’s followed by most security companies, like ADT and Frontpoint, so we can’t call this too much of a hindrance in our Vivint reviews.

Do you need a landline for Vivint?

No, Vivint is 100% cellular based, so there’s no need for a broadband or landline connection. You don’t have to worry about a weak internet connection, power outage, or someone cutting the cables. Cellular-based monitoring connections are the safest security option and the most difficult type to disable. This type of connection is also more reliable because it doesn’t get influenced easily by inclement weather.

Does Vivint have a contract?

Yes and no. Vivint offers you a month-to-month option as well as multi-month contracts. The options for a longer Vivint contract length are 36, 42, or 60 months. In order to select the month-to-month option, you will have to pay for all the equipment you selected up front. Before making any decisions, we recommend you think about what payment plan is best for you and what will be the most cost-effective in the long run.


Our Vivint reviews have been researched to the fullest in order to provide you with informative content to help you better prepare your home security plans. We want to make your search go as smoothly and easily as possible. Entrusting anyone with your home and family is a big deal, especially when it’s with a company you know little about.

Before making a final decision, make sure to read about other companies to see if this is the one that suits you best. Finally, we hope that our Vivint security reviews helped you in your search for the best security system company on the market. If you would like to leave us a comment or review, visit our contact page.