SimpliSafe Review

Unlike other SimpliSafe reviews that neglect to display prices and unbiased arguments, our detailed research into this home security company was conducted by our home security experts. They analyzed the quality of Simplisafe’s customer service and the value and functionality of its products, and they compared prices to see if the security is worth what SimpliSafe offers its clients. We also use customer testimonials to rank our top 10 choices.

We know how hard it is to find the perfect fit for your home, which is why we hope to make it easier for you with this complete SimpliSafe review.

9 / 10

What Makes SimpliSafe Stand Out?

All of their equipment comes with a lifetime warranty included in each package. This company also offers incredibly low and affordable monthly monitoring prices for their security. You can install the equipment yourself, so obviously you won’t be paying SimpliSafe any installation costs, and the equipment is 100% wireless, so you also don’t have to do any drilling or home renovations.
  • DIY installation

  • Mobile home-security monitoring

  • Good for renters

  • 100% customization available

  • Good prices

  • No contract

  • Upfront costs

  • No professional installation


SimpliSafe monitoring is not mandatory—you can choose to monitor the home yourself and just purchase the equipment separately. They offer affordable prices, so everyone can enjoy the feeling of being safe in their own home. This company offers five different plans: the Haven, the Knox, the Hearth, the Essentials, and the Foundation.

The monitoring fees are fixed and the same among all the plans. There are two types of monitoring: Standard and Interactive. The main thing separating these SimpliSafe packages from one another is the equipment.

The Foundation
$229.96 + monitoring
$ 229.96

Base station x1

Keypad x1

Entry sensor x1

Motion sensor x1

Key fob

105dB Siren

Smoke detector

Panic button

Freeze sensor

Water sensor

The Essentials
$259.95 + monitoring
$ 259.95

Base station x1

Keypad x1

Entry sensor x3

Motion sensor x1

Key fob

105dB Siren

Smoke detector

Panic button

Freeze sensor

Water sensor

The Hearth
$374.91 + monitoring
$ 374.91

Base station x1

Keypad x1

Entry sensor x3

Motion sensor x1

Key fob x1

105dB Siren x1

Smoke detector x1

Panic button

Freeze sensor

Water sensor

The Knox
$449.87 + monitoring
$ 449.87

Base station x1

Keypad x1

Entry sensor x6

Motion sensor x2

Key fob x1

105dB Siren x1

Smoke detector x1

Panic button

Freeze sensor

Water sensor

The Haven
$489.96 + monitoring
$ 489.96

Base station x1

Keypad x1

Entry sensor x4

Motion sensor x2

Key fob x1

105dB Siren x1

Smoke detector x1

Panic button x1

Freeze sensor x1

Water sensor x1


This basic SimpliSafe home security plan offers you all the essential equipment you would need to protect your home. There isn’t a lot of equipment included, so if you have a bigger home, you might want to take a look at a larger package or purchase more equipment separately. Let’s take a look at what you get with this plan.


This powerful hub is stocked with high-quality speakers and a 95dB siren. It has no-charge cellular and WiFi connectivity and an onboard backup battery to make sure it works even in case of a power outage. This SimpliSafe security device also contacts the monitoring center in case of an intrusion, and it works as the brain of your home, connecting all the devices together.


It lets you arm and disarm your security system. Like the hub, it can also alert the monitoring center in case of an intrusion. If someone smashes or tries to break this device, your monitoring center will still be notified.


The SimpliSafe entry sensor can be placed on doors and windows. It is triggered when it senses that someone is opening or closing any of the entry points without your knowledge. The sensors usually go unnoticed by potential burglars, which makes them a great asset.


As the name suggests, this sensor is activated when it detects motion. You can place it on a shelf or put it on the wall. No matter where you place it, it will activate when it senses movement in the room. The SimpliSafe motion sensor is pet friendly and works up to 30 feet away with a 90° field of vision.


This plan contains exactly the same equipment as the Foundation plan, only it contains two more door/window sensors. The plan includes a main hub and control panel, three door/window sensors, and one motion sensor. It is slightly more expensive than the previous plan, but if you do have more than one entry point and want the basic security setup, then this plan is the right one for you.


This plan contains the same equipment as the Essentials Plan, as well as a few more pieces of equipment. The SimpliSafe cost for this plan is slightly higher because of this, but it’s well worth it if you want the benefits the devices bring. This plan comes with the addition of a key fob, a smoke detector, and a 105dB siren. Let’s take a look at what the added equipment brings you.


This extremely easy-to-use device has four buttons, the home button, the off button to disarm the system, the away button to arm the SimpliSafe security system, and a panic button. The panic button should be used in case of an immediate emergency—a team of professionals will be dispatched to your home right away, no questions asked.


This device has photoelectric sensors to further protect your home. This detector is able to sense fire while it is still in its early stages, so you will be able to save your home and family in time before any serious damage occurs. This device has its own alarm, and if you’re worried it won’t wake you from a deep sleep, relax, the SimpliSafe smoke detector also triggers the entire security system alarm, so you will definitely be wide awake after hearing all the sirens go off.


This incredibly loud and ear piercing alarm is sure to get you on your feet once you hear it. It can be placed both inside or outside the home, in case you also want the neighbors to hear if the alarm goes off. Any home invader will definitely know you have a security system in place with this, and after they hear SimpliSafe’s siren go off, they should change their mind about invading your home. An additional feature for our SimpliSafe reviews, the siren is also weather resistant, so if you live in a place that has heavy snow or rain, the siren will still sound its alarm for you.


The Knox plan is more expensive than the Hearth plan, and that’s because it comes with three more door and window sensors and another extra motion sensor. It also contains the exact same devices as the Hearth plan. This is great if you have a larger home with many potential entry points and several larger indoor areas where you need the SimpliSafe motion sensor.


This plan contains everything you might need to keep your home safe and your family protected. It has the same devices as the Knox plan, with four entry sensors instead of six, but with an additional panic button, freeze sensor, and water sensor. It does come at a hefty price right off the bat, but keep in mind that you get a good amount of equipment for this price, and if you do have a large home, having a substantial SimpliSafe cost in the beginning is inevitable. Let’s find out what benefits the newly added equipment brings.


This is a silent alarm that is incredibly simple to use. Once you press it, the monitoring center is alerted, and they will call you to see if you’re ok. If you don’t answer or if you don’t tell them the “safe word,” they will automatically send the police to your residence. This alarm doesn’t have to be silent—it can be programmed to also set off the entire SimpliSafe alarm system.


This device sets off the alarm in your home when it senses temperatures below 41°. Based on the monitoring plan you select, you can also choose to get notifications of these events via text or email. This sensor is great for vacation homes, cabins, and even your own home. The device helps prevent you from spending a lot of money on repairs due to burst pipes from the cold.

One timeOne time

You can customize your entire SimpliSafe home security system. There is an option on their official website where you can select the equipment you want and add it to your cart. At the end, you will be able to see the exact price of the system you built. This is incredibly handy if you want to try and mix and match to adjust the equipment to your budget and also get the devices you need to keep your home safe.


There are two SimpliSafe monitoring plans you can choose from: Standard and Interactive. There are no contracts with this company, so the payments are done on a month-to-month basis.

Standard Monitoring

Price: $0.50 per day

This is the basic monitoring package, which is great for new users or people on a budget.

24/7 Live Alarm Monitoring
This means that there is a team of professionals keeping a close eye on your home and who are always there to send help if needed. If they detect a burglary, they contact the police, and in case the CO alarm goes off, they dispatch the fire department.

Cellular Connection
You are covered nationwide with your mobile device. SimpliSafe monitoring doesn’t require you to have a landline or internet, and it has built-in GSM technology. This is the safest and most reliable type of monitoring.

Environmental Monitoring
It detects fires quickly. The alarm is triggered the moment it senses a fire, and the monitoring center dispatches the firefighters.

It also detects extreme cold (if you have the SimpliSafe temperature sensor). With this you can avoid frozen pipes. You can also set minimum and maximum temperatures, and the company will notify you when these limitations are crossed.

Finally, it notifies you of water damage. The SimpliSafe water sensor can notify you of leaks before they turn into big floods.

Interactive Monitoring

Price: $0.83 per day

This monitoring package has the same three benefits as the Standard packages but with additional benefits and remote control and home automation capabilities.

24/7 Live Alarm Monitoring
Cellular Connection
Environmental Monitoring

Remote Control
You can turn on and off through the SimpliSafe app. This means you can control your security system even when you’re on the beach 10,000 miles away. And you can use the Event Log to see when the kids came back from school or if the teenager snuck out the night before.

Notifications via SMS or Email
This is the best way to know instantaneously what’s happening in your home. Once any of the alarms and devices are triggered, you will receive a notification on your phone via SMS or email. You can also set it so additional people get SimpliSafe notifications, like spouses or children, maybe even a neighbor.

Secret Alerts
You get alerts when a sensor is tripped without triggering the alarm. This way you can keep an eye on kids or pets if they sneak out at night—or if someone underage approaches your liquor cabinet.

Video Alarm Verification
This is the best way to catch the culprit faster and prove they were in your home. This evidence helps police in their investigation and increases the chances of the criminals getting caught.

Unlimited Camera Recording
There is no limit to the number of SimpliSafe cameras you own. They all record and save footage, which is kept for 30 days in the system. You can then download them and share them whenever you want. You can also record on demand or tap into the live feed and see what’s going on in your home.

Smart Home Integrations
You can arm and disarm the security system using Alexa, Apple Watch, or Nest and use August to automate your door lock.


SimpliSafe home security systems are all wireless, and you can install the devices yourself. The monitoring cost is one of the lowest in the market, and SimpliSafe provides excellent services. The company has updated its equipment to look more attractive and increased the capability of devices to interact with home hubs such as Alexa.

SimpliSafe is transparent with prices, which means the prices you see on the web page are what you’re actually charged, no hidden costs. SimpliSafe reviews on the Better Business Bureau give them an A+ rating. There is no SimpliSafe contract, the payments are month to month, and if you want to save even more money, you can select to use their older equipment—it’s not as fancy, but it definitely gets the job done.


You can choose what you want and how you want it with SimpliSafe. On the website, you’re offered the option to build your own security system by mixing and matching the devices they offer. If you’re unsure how to do it or need help, contact SimpliSafe customer service to help guide you through it.


Yes, its true, there is no contract with this company. No need to bind yourself to a company for three years and go through all their contracts, SimpliSafe makes it easy all the way round. The payments are monthly, and you pay for the monitoring type you selected. The prices are fixed, so don’t worry about surprises when you read the bill.


There are new and older models of devices you can choose from. SimpliSafe Security updated its equipment but still held onto the old sets in case anyone would rather save money on equipment expenses. The older equipment, as you’d expect, isn’t as smooth looking as its replacement, but it does the job. If you aren’t very focused on aesthetics, then you may well end up saving a few bucks. According to some SimpliSafe reviews found online from 2017, users had deducted points for the equipment’s appearance, but that’s not the case anymore.


SimpliSafe’s professional monitoring services are provided by C.O.P.S. Monitoring. It has earned the award of “Best Monitoring in the Industry” by the Central Station Alarm Association. SimpliSafe offers monitoring from multiple centers, so your home is protected at all times.




The keypad is the core of your entire security setup. Once any of your devices are triggered, they will notify your keypad, which then signals the monitoring center of suspicious activity. The monitoring center then sends the authorities to investigate.


Similar to the keypad, this base station helps all your devices communicate amongst themselves. In case of an intrusion, the base will notify the monitoring center to send out authorities to your home if needed.
entry sensor


These sensors protect your doors and windows. They are practically unnoticeable by burglars as they’re designed to blend in with your windows and doors. They’re triggered when someone unauthorized opens or closes these potential entry points. If such a case arises, the monitoring company is automatically notified, and depending on the type of monitoring, you can get mobile notifications.
motion sensor


This SimpliSafe sensor is activated when it detects motion. They are great for large areas, like common rooms. If triggered, the monitoring center will dispatch the authorities to take a look. These sensors are pet-friendly, so you can rest easy knowing that your furry friend won’t be setting off false alarms. If you go for the Interactive monitoring option, you can also receive notifications on your mobile device, in case the motion sensor is tripped.


You can access the camera’s live feed anytime from anywhere through your phone to see what’s happening inside your home. This camera is also incredibly useful for the police: in case an invasion occurs and you catch the culprit on your SimpliSafe camera, the authorities will have an easier time finding the suspect. You can also receive notifications via SMS or email whenever the camera detects motion, so you can alert the police before the intruder finds your valuables.
video doorbell


You can get alerts to know everything that happens on your front doorstep. You have access to the doorbell camera whenever you want through your smartphone, and you can even talk to people standing out front without having to get up from your sofa thanks to the two-way audio. It ignores motion from cars, so your phone won’t be going off needlessly. The camera also has night vision, so it works in the dark as well.
glass break sensor


It’s capable of sensing the specific sound of glass breaking. Sometimes intruders break windows or glass back doors to gain access to your home. With these sensors, you will automatically get notified if this happens. The monitoring center will be notified and send the police to investigate your residence. It will also trigger the alarm, and the piercing sound of the siren should help convince the intruder to think twice about proceeding any further.


It is as loud as sitting in the first row at your favorite band’s live concert. It’s weather resistant, so you can set it up inside or outside your home, or both. Once this device sounds its horn, you can be sure that everyone will know you have a security system in place.
CO detector


These sensors are activated when they sense an abnormal concentration of CO in your home. This sensor will notify you immediately so you’ll know to evacuate everyone from your home immediately.
smoke detector


It detects a fire while it’s still in its earliest phase, so you can avoid a seriously dangerous situation. The fire department will be alerted immediately to finish putting the fire out.
temperature sensor


It’s activated when your temperature hits 41°. And with the second monitoring option, you can also receive notifications on your phone. You can also set a minimum and maximum temperature, in case you want to protect climate-sensitive objects.
keychain remote


This device lets you arm and disarm your home security system with the click of a button. There is also an emergency button that you can press, and the police will be sent to your home immediately, no questions asked.
panic button


This tiny device only has one button, and it serves to provide immediate assistance when it’s activated. The moment the SimpliSafe Panic Button is pressed, the police will be sent to your home and your alarm will be triggered.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Yes, definitely. This company has proven to be reliable and provides great equipment. They offer one of the most affordable monitoring services compared to their competitors and have transparent pricing. They let you completely customize your security system, and they don’t bind you with long contracts. As you can see in our SimpliSafe reviews, 2018, this company makes it to the top of our list.


No, it does not. With this security company, you have the freedom to pay month to month. Even though they are a serious home security company—one of the top in the industry—they understand how important it is to give their customers the freedom to feel safe and not bind or trap them with long-term contracts.


Yes. The payments are month to month and there’s no contract. The price depends on the type of monitoring you choose. There are two monitoring options you can choose from with SimpliSafe, and both provide 24/7 professional monitoring from one of the best companies in the industry. If you’re interested in SimpliSafe, the price for Standard Monitoring is 50 cents per day, and the Interactive Monitoring is 83 cents per day.


Yes, it is. In fact, it’s monitored by the award-winning C.O.P.S. Monitoring company, which has multiple monitoring centers to ensure you are always protected. In case there is an event such as a power outage at one of the monitoring centers, there will always be another one ready to help you in your time of need. There are two kinds of monitoring options, which we’ve described in our SimpliSafe reviews: Standard or Interactive.


SimpliSafe is 100% cellular, so there is no need for an internet connection or landline. Cellular monitoring is the safest kind of monitoring because it won’t stop working in case of a power outage or in case a cable is cut by home invaders. The security system is also 100% wireless, so it’s easy to install and take with you if move. And because it has cellular coverage, you are safe all across the US.


We hope that our SimpliSafe Reviews help you decide which home security company is best for your home. The struggle to find the perfect match can be incredibly difficult, stressful, and time consuming, which is why we have compiled all the necessary information you might need in order to make a stress-free choice and not waste time collecting data on your own, piece by piece. In order to create and complete our SimpliSafe review, we have analyzed all the data we could get our hands on, like customer testimonials, customer service, and security quality in the hopes of answering all your big questions. If you want to leave us a comment or review, feel free to contact us.