Nest Secure Review

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6 / 10

What Makes Nest Secure Stand Out?

Their high-tech system brings unique benefits to your home, and the equipment has a very elegant look. The application is user friendly, and you’ll be able to enjoy feeling safe, as well as have the freedom of knowing you were able to completely customize your entire security system.
  • DIY installation available

  • Flexible monitoring options

  • Multipurpose sensors

  • Compatible with third-party smart home system

  • Slow notifications

  • High upfront cost


The Nest alarm system does not provide set plans for the equipment combined with monitoring. The security setup is 100% customizable, which means you have the ability to build your own system and select the equipment and type of protection you desire.

The upfront costs are quite high compared to competitors. Their equipment’s expensive; however, the monthly payments depend on which type of contract you choose for the monitoring plan. Taking a look at the Nest Security system contracts and monitoring fees, there are three contract length options—therefore there are three monthly payment options that come with monitoring. Nest doesn’t have its own monitoring; they outsource it to Brinks Home Security.

The three-year contract’s fee is
$ 24.99 / month

Nest Guard

Nest Detect

Nest Tags

The one-year contract costs
$ 29.99 / month

Nest Guard

Nest Detect

Nest Tags

This deal is for month-to-month payments, and it’s
$ 34.99 / month

Nest Guard

Nest Detect

Nest Tags


This starter pack has all the basics you need to ensure your home is safe and sound. It is great for smaller homes, but if your home has more potential entry points, you might want to consider adding extra sensors to your package. Let’s take a look at the devices that come in the starter kit.


This device is the central hub of your entire home security system. It has a keypad through which you can turn your security on and off by entering an eight-digit password or by just pressing the Nest Tag on top of the hub. Your Nest Security hub is also fitted with a motion detector, which means the optimal place to put the Guard is in a central room with no obstructions so that it can work up to its full potential. The Guard will send you a notification in case you forget to arm your system after leaving your home.


This Nest alarm device is incredibly useful and practical. You can keep it with your keys and arm and disarm your security system with it. It’s much easier to tap it on the hub than to enter an eight-digit code every time. You can get more that one Nest tag and hand it out to people who will need one or give temporary access to specialized personnel like dog walkers or home sitters.


Nest Home Security has taken door and window sensors to a new level. These sensors have a multifunctional use. They serve not only as door and window sensors but also motion and even lighting sensors—they really are the all-in-one device. They even come with useful benefits like a pathlight and quiet open. Quiet Open This allows you to turn off a sensor by pressing a button located at the bottom of the detector. This Nest home feature can be handy if you have pets and want to let them out but don’t want to deactivate your entire system. Pathlight There is a motion sensor that turns lights on when it senses low lighting. This is useful if you get up during the night for a glass of water or to use the bathroom—there will be a light to guide you through your home without you having to turn all the lights on.


Nest is a company that produces its own home security products and has revolutionized the smart home industry with its Nest thermostat. Nest offers its customers a plethora of high-tech devices that not only do their job but also look incredibly elegant and futuristic.

Their products and services are on the pricey side of the scale compared to other companies offering home security and automation products, but if you value aesthetics and devices with multiple functionalities, then the money may very well be worth it for you. Recent Nest reviews from 2018 show how this company makes the top 10 charts for not only home security but smart home devices as well. Nest is owned by Google, so it’s compatible with the devices this company produces.


The installation is extremely easy since all the equipment is wireless. The Nest app will guide you through the entire process. Each product has a peel-and-stick system, so you can place the device on any flat surface, and the products have a QR code you scan that instantaneously connects the device to your security system. The Nest system is easy to install yourself, but if you do need assistance, you can order professional installation through Nest Pro, which will find the nearest technician to you.


You have three options when it comes to contracts with this company. There is a 36-month contract, 12-month contract, and no contract option. The monthly prices vary depending on the contract length you select. The cheapest monthly plan comes with the 36-month contract. Nest Security also offers a month-to-month payment option with no contract requirements, but this is the most expensive option out of the three. Of course, there is the option of DIY monitoring, where there’s no monthly cost at all—you only pay for your equipment and monitor your home yourself.


Security notifications can take some time with Nest, sometimes even close to an hour to reach you. Chances are that your neighbours will hear the alarm and text you before any notification arrives. This is a bit unexpected when you think of the Nest Security system as a whole: they have top-of-the-line, advanced tech, but they aren’t able to send immediate notifications in case an alarm or sensor is triggered.


Nest devices used to only be compatible with other Nest products. However, now there are third-party devices that are also compatible with this security system. Since Nest is owned by Google, it’s devices are compatible with Google’s, along with Amazon’s Alexa and Echo, Philips Hue lights, August Smart Lock, Belkin WeMo, Logitech remotes, Nokia Sleep, Misfit, Apple Watch, Footbot, Awair, SkyBell, and GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub.


The Nest app is where all your devices are connected, and the power is in your hands. They have managed to turn your residence into a true Nest smart home. You can customize the kind of notifications you want to get from your security system or prioritize them based on preference, and you can view video clips from your camera’s feed.


This feature will make you feel like the head of a serious top-secret security division. You’ll be sure to avoid false alarms and only get notifications when it’s relevant. The Nest cameras are able to adapt, meaning they can learn the faces of family members and friends and differentiate between them and strangers. It also offers an option for audio identification.


This company stores your Nest Secure video recordings safely on a cloud that uses AES 128-bit encryption and also two-step authentication. This means that your video footage will be safe and quite difficult for hackers to get their hands on.


Video doorbell


With this doorbell, you will be able to see who is on your doorstep without having to get up. It is even capable of seeing visitors at night. It has 24/7 streaming, so you can rewind and go back to check in on the exact time a package was delivered or when someone stopped by.
yale door lock


It’s a tamper-proof, deadbolt lock that doesn’t require a key. With the Nest app you can unlock and lock your door remotely, so if you want to let the dog walker in during the day or the housekeeper, you can do it from the office or even halfway across the world.
smart thermostat


This thermostat can help you reduce your energy bills, essentially paying for itself in the long run. It can learn your temperature preferences and create schedules that accommodate your needs. The installation is easy and takes around 30 minutes. It uses the sensors in your home or the location of your phone to tell when you aren’t home to set itself in Eco mode, so you don’t waste energy. You can also remotely adjust the temperature of your home via mobile phone. Additionally, it also shows your daily energy expenditure, so you can manage your energy usage better.
indoor cam


1080p HD cam that lets you see into your home clearly. It has 24/7 live streaming, includes a magnetic stand, and notifies you in case intruders come in. The best thing is that it lets you talk and listen. This means that not only can you hear what’s going on, but you can also talk back, yell at the intruders, tell them to leave, and scare them off by letting them know that you’re watching.
nest cam outdoor


It has 24/7 surveillance, and it is resilient to any weather. If the camera catches any suspicious activity outside your home, it will send a notification to your mobile device. It also has the listen and talk-back feature, so you can hear everything that goes on and even talk back if needed. This camera also has night vision capabilities, and it’s able to distinguish people from objects.
nest IQ camera


This camera can tell the difference between people and things and recognize faces. It has a six-core processor and built-in Google Assistant. The camera has 1080p HD, a 4K sensor, and close-up tracking view. This advanced Nest camera also has a microphone and loudspeakers, so you will be able to clearly hear exactly what is going on in your home and even talk back if needed. It is also capable of differentiating a familiar face from a stranger’s, so you won’t get any false alerts.
smoke and CO


This device shows Nest home automation at its finest. It has a split spectrum sensor, able to test itself, and a lifespan of 10 years. You can hush the sound using your mobile device. It is also capable of sending alerts to your phone that tell you exactly what’s wrong. The detector will also speak and warn you with its friendly voice if something’s burning and it can also tell you where the danger is. For example, if you’re in your room, it can tell you there’s a fire downstairs.
nest guard


This is the main component of your house, through which you can arm and disarm your security system. It has a keypad, so you can enter an eight-digit code, or you can use the Nest Tag. The guard has a motion sensor inside, so it can detect when you’re away and send you a notification in case you forgot to arm the system before you left. You can also arm and disarm your system through the Nest app.
nest detect


These are combined door, window, and motion sensors with a sleek design and are virtually undetectable from the outside. They send notifications to your mobile device in case of an intrusion. These Nest Labs creations are fitted with lights that can guide your way at night when you go for a midnight snack. It also has “quiet open” capabilities, meaning you can manually turn a sensor off without having to disarm your entire security system. Now you can let the dog out for a run or let your kids play in the yard without worrying if someone unexpected will come in from the front.
nest tag


The Nest Home Tag is incredibly practical and easy to carry around. You can attach it to your keychain with the rest of your house or car keys and use it to arm and disarm your security system by tapping it on the Guard. You can have one for each family member and also give people like housekeepers or visitors limited access.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The prices vary depending on the contract length you select. The Nest Secure monitoring services are the same, but the monthly prices vary, with the 36-month contract being the least expensive to the month-to-month payment option being the most expensive.

You can also choose to monitor your home yourself, then there are no monthly bills; however, with Nest, there is a high starting cost. You need to purchase the equipment, which can turn into quite the sum, especially if you have a larger home that needs multiple sensors and more than one Nest security camera.


All of their thermostats are great, but we prefer their Learning Thermostat. This smart thermostat is able to learn your climate patterns and adjust the temperature of the home on its own to accommodate you. If you set the thermostat to a certain temperature in the morning, it will remember and adjust it for you so that you always wake up to a warm and cozy room. You can also control this thermostat remotely from your phone, which means you can turn the heat on before you return from work.


Nest products really are an investment. With their smart thermostat, for example, you can save around 10% to 12% on heating bills and around 15% on cooling bills. On average, that totals up to $131 to $145 per year, so essentially, this device pays for itself and can pay for the rest of your devices over time. It is extremely useful to be able to track your energy expenditure.


Yes, it is. We’re happy to report in this Nest Secure review that the majority of their products are peel and stick, like their sensors, so they’re incredibly easy to install. The products have a QR code on them as well, so all you have to do is scan it and the device will be connected to your security system.

There are other products that might not be as easy to install as the sensors, but there is no device you can’t install yourself. Of course, if you do need help, you can always have a Nest Pro installer help you out.


This is the central piece of your entire security system. It’s the device through which you arm and disarm it. It has a keypad where you can enter an eight-digit code to activate the system or tap your Nest Tag against.

The Guard also has a motion sensor inside, so it can detect when you aren’t home and even send a notification to your phone to remind you to arm it—in case you leave and forget, you’ll be notified, and you can arm your system remotely (a handy feature for this Nest Secure review).


This is a device that functions in hand with your Nest Secure system, and it keeps your Guard and the Detect sensors connected in case you place them too far apart. This device is good for larger homes—you can look at it like the wireless version of an extension cable.


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