Frontpoint Review

To make this Frontpoint Security review we conducted a detailed analysis of the company, based on our own experiences and research as well as other reliable Frontpoint Security reviews and resources. We will help you see if this company is the right fit for you and aid you in selecting the right plan and equipment to secure your home.

We know how important it is for you to feel safe in your home and ensure the safety of your loved ones—that’s why we want to help you decide which home security provider can help you find the best peace of mind. In our Frontpoint review, you will find out about Frontpoint’s pricing, products, and plans.

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What Makes Frontpoint Stand Out?

Frontpoint customer service is considered one of the best in the industry. It also offers wireless services and removable devices, so renters can also feel safe and take their security with them when they move.
  • Great customer service

  • Risk-free trial

  • DIY installation

  • Professional monitoring

  • Portable equipment

  • Even the most affordable package requires a three-year contract

  • No landline or broadband options

Plans and Prices

There are three security plans, the features of which we’ll also explore alongside Frontpoint pricing. The smallest plan is slightly more expensive when compared to its competition, but nevertheless, even with the basic plan, you will be able to minimize the risk of home invasions and feel safe. The best part about each plan is that with this company you can add on devices. Do keep in mind that Frontpoint contract requirements are a minimum of three years, and only homeowners and credit-qualified individuals are eligible.

Protection Plan
+ the Frontpoint upfront cost, starting at $99.95
$ 34.99 / month

24/7 professional monitoring

100% wireless and cellular

Automated system check

Expandable and removable equipment

Unique user codes

Interactive Plan
+ the upfront cost, starting at $99.95
$ 44.99 / month

Everything in the Protection Plan

Crash and smash protection

Geo-location services

Mobile alerts and notifications through email and text

Remote access and control

Sensor history

Ultimate Plan
+ the upfront cost, starting at $99.95
$ 49.99 / month

Everything in the Interactive Plan

Live video streaming

Video and image history

Monitor-triggered alerts

Night vision enabled

Light control

Smart lock control

Protection Plan Review

This basic plan will give you peace of mind and security without having to lift a finger. The Frontpoint Security cost for the plan is set at $34.99/month, and even though it might be a bit pricey compared to other home security companies, you won’t be disappointed. With this plan you will get professional monitoring with all the basic Frontpoint security equipment.

24/7 Professional Monitoring

Frontpoint works closely with professional and certified monitoring and dispatch centers. These professionals are trained and provide advanced monitoring response services.

100% Wireless and Cellular

This dual-path tech is featured in most home security and Frontpoint Security reviews. It gives you peace of mind regardless of whether unwanted guests try to cut wires or interrupt your signal.

Automated System Check

This is an amazing, headache-free benefit that does a self-diagnostic check every 68 minutes. It makes sure your systems and sensors are active and running smoothly—that way you don’t have to manually check every time you get jittery.

Expandable and Portable Equipment

Frontpoint equipment helps you to avoid drilling holes in your walls and making a mess of your home. The system is entirely wire free and lets you add features to your existing system easily, as well as collect all your equipment and transport it to a new home with ease.

Unique User Codes

Having everyone you give access to your home use the same code can get messy sometimes, and you might want to have an overview of who came in. Frontpoint equipment, like the smart lock, lets you assign codes for specific users to know exactly who is interacting with your system, and you can also put time restrictions on certain codes so that service personnel, for example, can have access only when you deem necessary.

Interactive Plan Review

It contains the same benefits as the Protection Plan and more. Let’s take a look at the extra benefits this plan will give you.

Crash and Smash Protection

The majority of alarm systems don’t have the ability to notify you in case someone breaks your control panel. The Frontpoint Security System sends a signal the moment an intrusion is detected, even if they destroy the control panel. In such a case, the company will assume the worst and dispatch a help team.

Geo-Location Services

This benefit lets you link your smartphone to the system so you can be informed of the location of your family members or house mates. The system sends an automatic alert based on your routine and location.

Mobile Alert Notifications Through Email and Text

With this, Frontpoint Security sends you notifications on your phone so you receive information on who is accessing your home, any environmental issues, and break-in alerts. Break-in alerts notify you if your garage door or any other doors or windows are being tampered with, as well as unauthorised motion or glass beaks. It even includes an image capture. Access notifications let you know who is coming in and out of your home, while Frontpoint environmental sensors can notify you about changes in your home, like smoke, heat, water, or carbon monoxide changes. With location alerts from Frontpoint Security, you can create custom alerts that tell you things related to the location of the family members and housemates.

Remote Access and Control

A great way to always be informed and in control of your home. You can arm and disarm remotely, watch live video, and control a wide variety of smart home devices. Stay informed and in control with remote access for arming and disarming sensors and controlling a wide range of smart home devices.

Sensor History

Frontpoint Security System logs and stores the history of all sensor activity, which is great if you want to take a look and see what’s going on when you are not home.

Ultimate Plan Review

This plan is great. It contains everything the Interactive plan has and more. While on the pricey side, this plan really gives you the full package and ultimate security.

Live Video Streaming

This allows you to take a look into your home at any time from any location through any installed camera.

Video and Image History

This means that your system keeps the data and inventory of all the images and video captured by the Frontpoint Security camera, in and outside your home.

Motion-Triggered Alerts

You get instant notifications with the recorded video or image captures of any activity that was detected inside or outside your home.

Night Vision Enabled

Frontpoint’s cameras are able to capture images at night in incredibly dark conditions, and they also have infrared capabilities.

Light Control

With this benefit you can switch your lights on and off in seconds, as well as set timers or specific schedules when you want the lights to turn off and on—or when specific alarm sensors get triggered.

Smart Lock Control

This is our favorite benefit! Say goodbye to mini heart attacks from lost keys because with Frontpoint Security you can lock and unlock your door using a smartphone. Give unique entry codes to family, friends, or authorised personnel and receive notifications as people enter and exit your home.

About the Company

Frontpoint is well known for providing excellent customer support and great home security. Unlike the majority of companies, Frontpoint has transparent pricing, so you can get insight into how much each plan and piece of equipment will cost—the previous section contains our Frontpoint Security reviews on these plans and their features.

This company offers options for homeowners, renters, world travelers, and anyone looking to protect their home and loved ones without having to drill into walls. The system is 100% portable, so if you want to move, just unplug it from your old home and plug everything in at the new place. The only catch is that you need to make sure you have cell reception since the system requires the use of cell towers. However, the Frontpoint Security system reviews from BBB are A+ standard.

Smartphone Access

With the Interactive and Ultimate plan Frontpoint offers, you can control and access your security system from anywhere at any time using your mobile device. You can look at your alarm history and visitor activity and even set up specialized alerts to fit your needs. You can also control smart devices like your smart thermostat, lights, and cameras.

100% Removable Equipment

Frontpoint Security equipment is completely removable and renter friendly. Frontpoint provides professional monitoring for renters, which is excellent since you don’t have to drill holes in the walls or renovate in order to accommodate to the equipment. The system is completely wireless and works based on a cellular connection, so you don’t have to worry in case of a power outage or phone-line disturbance. The equipment can simply be removed and plugged into a new home, free of charge—a highlight in many Frontpoint reviews.

Life Safety for All

Usually, other companies charge extra for flood, carbon monoxide, and fire monitoring, but not Frontpoint. Every security system the company offers includes security along with the above-mentioned monitoring. The only thing this system can’t warn you about is when the lovely mother-in-law is coming over; but worry not, if you opt for the camera feed monitoring option, you’re safe.

DIY Installation

The best way to save money on the Frontpoint starting costs is to do the installation yourself. Luckily, since Frontpoint security equipment is wireless, you can just plug it in yourself. The equipment is already pre-configured, and the support team will walk you through the process. Installing it yourself will take around 30 minutes.

No Hidden Costs

Unlike some other companies, Frontpoint Security prices are out in the open. There are no installation or activation costs, you just pay for your security system and monitoring package. Frontpoint will even ship the security system to you for free. Once you purchase the security system, you are the owner, and you can take it with you even when you move to your next home. This company even offers a 30-day risk-free trial, so if you don’t like it, you can return it without being asked any questions

Frontpoint Equipment

keypad control panel

Standard Control Panel (Price: $238.99)

This is the core of your security system. It is connected wirelessly to all the security equipment in your home and is able to communicate with it. If a sensor goes off, it sends a message to the control panel, which sends a message to the monitoring company.
Frontpoint - Touch-Screen-Panel

Touchscreen Control Panel (Price: $387.99)

Similar to the standard panel, this Frontpoint control panel is the epicenter of your security system, it receives signals from other devices, and if a hotspot is triggered, it will notify you and the monitoring company of suspicious activity.
keychain remote

Keychain Remote (Price: $31.99)

A convenient way to arm and disarm your security system. It allows you to switch the lights on before you enter the house, and it also has a panic button you can press in case of an emergency.
panic pendant

Panic Pendant (Price: $39.99)

An easy and convenient way to stay safe, you can carry it as a necklace or in your pocket and press it in case of an emergency or if you need medical assistance. This type of Frontpoint alarm is perfect for elderly or disabled family members.
door window sensor

Door and Window Sensor (Price: $32.99)

These are small wireless pieces of equipment that let you know if any unwanted guests are trying to come in or when the doors and windows are opened.
motion sensor

Motion Sensor (Price: $64.99)

With infrared tech, this device can sense motion. It’s a great way to monitor activity when you’re not home. It is wireless and great for larger areas and common rooms.
glass break sensor

Frontpoint Glass Break Sensor (Price: $74.99)

It can detect the sound of broken glass up to 20 feet from any direction. So in case someone is trying to break in or a kids’ baseball game goes wrong, you will be notified.
garage door sensor

Garage Door Sensor (Price: $44.99)

This lets you know when your garage door is being opened or closed without your permission. It’s wireless and has the ability to send you notifications remotely, and it is also compatible with roll-up garage doors.
frontpoint recessed door sensor

Recessed Door Sensor (Price: $42.99)

This can be put inside a door frame to avoid detectability. Similar to the regular Frontpoint sensor for doors, it warns you of intrusions via remote notifications. It also has a five-year battery life.
flood sensor

Flood Sensor (Price: $44.99)

With this you can prevent water damage before it damages your finances. You get an instant notification once something is leaking or a floor starts flooding. It’s wireless, and there is no mounting required for this device.
carbon monoxide sensor

Frontpoint Carbon Monoxide Detector (Price: $89.99)

Protect your family from toxic gas that cannot be seen or smelled. It is easy to install, and you’ll receive a remote notification when CO levels are unnatural and dangerous.
smoke sensor

Smoke and Heat Sensor (Price: $64.99)

It is able to sense smoke and heat in the air, as well as when a room is getting too hot. If it assesses a dangerous situation, it will notify the control panel, which will automatically notify the monitoring company. The Frontpoint smoke detector will let you rest at ease knowing your family and home are safe.
indoor cam

Wireless Indoor Camera (Price: $99.99)

Remotely keep a close eye on what goes on in your home. You can access the feed even if you are across the world.
wireless outdoor cam

Wireless Outdoor Camera (Price: $199.99)

A great way to detect trouble before it even happens. You can also access the live feed via smartphone or computer from anywhere in the world, at any time.
smart lock

Smart Lock (Price: $159.99)

This Frontpoint home security feature lets you remotely lock and unlock your door via smartphone. It’s incredibly easy, and you can even give virtual keys to family members and friends instead of having to make physical copies.

Lights (Price: $49.99)

This lets you switch the lights on and off remotely from any location. This device can help you make your home look like there is someone inside even when you go on vacation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Frontpoint require a contract?

All of the plans at Frontpoint require a 36-month contract, but you can easily move your security system to a new home. You also have a 30-day free-trial period during which you are allowed to return the security system if you don’t like it, no questions asked.

Do I need a landline to use Frontpoint Security?

No, not at all! Frontpoint is one of the rare companies that is completely wireless and 100% cellular. You won’t have to worry about power outages, burglars cutting phone lines, or a weak internet connection—all you need is a good cellular connection and your home will be safe at all times. Since everything is wireless, installation is quick and easy.

Does Frontpoint have outdoor camera options?

Yes, it does. There are outdoor and indoor cameras in the Ultimate service plan. You can take a look at the live feed from anywhere, at any time, using your mobile phone. Frontpoint also offers an image sensor that takes a photo when it detects movement.

How much does Frontpoint cost per month?

The Frontpoint monthly cost starts at $34.99 and includes basic security equipment and professional monitoring. Frontpoint also offers fully loaded security systems in its larger plans that can range up to $44.99 per month. Keep in mind that there is a starting cost with this company, which is around $99.95.

Is Frontpoint a good company?

This company has great customer support according to the majority of the testimonials we read; however, according to a few Frontpoint reviews, some of the equipment may be faulty. In this case, the company will exchange the product for another one. The company offers good prices for its equipment and plans, and its system is reliable. Frontpoint offers a wide range of products that you can add on to your existing plan. With the help of its support team, you can create the perfect combination of products to keep your home safe.


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