Brinks Home Security Review

Other Brinks Home Security reviews might be different from ours because unlike those, we actually know how difficult it can be choosing the right home security system company to entrust your home and family’s safety to. The endless searching, getting price quotes, and asking questions but not getting answers isn’t fun.

This is why our team of industry experts compiled and analyzed all the information available on this company, from customer testimonials to the company’s customer service. We hope each Brinks Home Security review on the plans and products the company offers helps you in your search.

6 / 10

What Makes Brinks Home Security Stand Out?

The company has a 30-day trial, so you can return the system if you are not happy with it. They also have transparent pricing, so you can be sure your monthly rate won’t increase, and they offer two-year warranties on all of their products. If you’re not happy with your system, return it within 30 days for a refund.
  • Easy DIY installation available

  • Control via smartphone

  • 90-day return policy

  • Home automation

  • Activation fees

  • Three-year contracts

  • Lifetime warranty costs extra


This company has two main plans: Brinks Home Complete and Brinks Home Complete with Video. The Brinks Home Security Systems prices are average in comparison to other security companies. They also offer the option to add more equipment to the plan. However, the equipment and extra pieces are not free, though they do come at competitive prices. Both plans start you off with a basic and limited set of equipment that you can add to later on.

We must note in our Brinks Home Security reviews that there is a hefty starting cost of $249 minimum, which you will pay for your starting equipment when you purchase your security. The larger package has a starting cost of $299.50, and if you decide to add on more devices, you might end up doing some serious damage to your wallet.

Brinks Home Complete
$249 starting cost +
$ 29 / month

24/7 professional monitoring

Brinks Home Touch

Live voice assist

Wireless door sensors

Wireless motion sensor

Home automation

Control via smartphone

Crash and smash protection

Yard sign and stickers

Indoor camera with night vision

Cloud video storage

Brinks Home Complete with Video
$299 starting cost
$ 39 / month

24/7 professional monitoring

Brinks Home Touch

Live voice assist

Wireless door sensors

Wireless motion sensor

Home automation

Control via smartphone

Crash and smash protection

Yard sign and stickers

Indoor camera with night vision

Cloud video storage


This basic plan contains the security starter pack you would get with most security companies, only with the addition of home automation capabilities. It is priced fairly, and it requires a mandatory three-year contract. The price is set at $29 with the additional $249 starting cost for the equipment. You can save on installation costs and set up the security system yourself; because it’s wireless, it should be fairly easy.


Brinks Security uses a professional company to monitor your home. They are always there to help out whenever and if ever an emergency situation arises. Once an alarm is tripped, they will send out a professional team to your home to investigate.


This means that people from the monitoring center can communicate with you directly and take you step by step through your emergency if need be. They have experienced professionals that can keep you calm and composed so you will react correctly in a bad situation.


This is a touchscreen control panel through which you will be able to arm and disarm your security system, as well as communicate with the monitoring company. It represents the core of your entire security, and it communicates with the other security devices in your home. In case a sensor is tripped, it will notify the control panel, which will automatically alert the monitoring company to dispatch a team of professionals to the scene.


These sensors are placed on your doors. When armed, they will set off your alarm if they sense any unauthorized entry and send an alert to the Brinks Home Security panel, which will notify the monitoring station, who will handle the rest.


These devices can be placed in large areas like a common room, and they are triggered when they detect motion. Like the other sensors, once triggered, a wireless motion sensor will alert the control panel, which will notify the monitoring company, and then they will send out a professional team to your home.


This feature lets you have control over your home via smartphone or another web-enabled device. You can arm and disarm your Brinks Home Security alarm with the touch of a button through your phone, from any location. This means you can arm the house while pulling out of your driveway and disarm it before entering the house.


This feature lets you use your smartphone to control your entire security setup. You can also control other smart devices via phone like smart thermostats or door locks. It gives you the ability to manage your Brinks Home Security Systems from anywhere and at any time.


This means that your equipment will still be able to notify the monitoring center regardless of any damage. Sometimes burglars destroy the control panel, which is the center of your system, in order to disable the security—but with crash and smash protection, even if they break it, the monitoring center will be alerted and send authorities to your residence.


Regardless of what you may think, the Brinks Home Security sign may actually be the very reason no one breaks into your home. When potential intruders case homes, they tend to avoid the ones that have a working security system in place and having a large sign in your yard or stickers placed on your windows or front door can actually turn them away. The best areas to place your Brinks Security sticker is in the most visible part of your home and potential entry points.


This plan is comprised of all the same features and equipment as the basic Brinks Home Complete plan but with additional video features and a surveillance camera. It is priced at $39 per month and has a starting cost of $299 for the equipment. The contract length for this plan is also three years long, and you can install the system yourself. Let’s take a look at these additional features.


Brinks Home Security cameras have night-vision capabilities, so if ever there is an evening break-in and the lights are switched off in your home, the camera will still be able to catch the culprit red-handed. You will also have the ability to access the camera and take a look into your home from a remote location.


The cloud stores all the recorded camera footage. That way you can access your Brinks Home Security monitoring footage at any time and retrieve past images or take a look and see if anything happened while you were gone.


Brinks Home Security is a well-known company in the home security world. They’ve been in business for over two decades and have an established client base. They are one of the few companies that offer home automation capabilities with their smallest plan.

The Brinks Home Security monthly cost is average compared to its competitors, but Brinks charges a serious amount as a starting cost. Their system is wireless, so it’s easy to install on your own and transport, so in case you move, you won’t have to go through much hassle, and you won’t have to renovate your home or drill holes in your walls.

You can also add more equipment to your security system in case you decide you want extra surveillance devices or smart home products. Brinks Security reviews by the BBB give them an A+ rating.


The professional monitoring company watches over your home at all times, and they notify emergency personnel when a security alarm is triggered in your home. With this feature, you are also able to check alerts via smartphone and respond swiftly. In case an alarm is triggered you and the monitoring center can receive notifications via SMS, voice, and email depending on how you configure your system. If you experience a false alarm with your Brinks Home Security system, you can address the situation and report it to the company so they don’t dispatch a team to your home. You can also talk to monitoring representatives in case you need emergency assistance. If they don’t get a response back from you, they will immediately send the police.


It’s intended to be simple, quick, and straightforward. The ability to do it yourself instead of paying someone is definitely a money-saving perk. Brinks Home Security installation will definitely be easy since the devices are wireless and just need to be plugged in, so no need for drills and renovations. Of course, there is an option to choose professional installation, and chances are you’ll have to pay for it depending on the package you’ve chosen. However, if you install it yourself, you can always contact Brinks customer service for assistance. The freedom to do it yourself also gives you the ability to place devices where you want and move them around after a few days if you think they’d fit better elsewhere.


Managing your home security is extremely easy when you can do it just by pressing a button on your phone from anywhere in the world. Brinks home security offers smart devices that keep your home safe and can be controlled via smartphone or any other web-enabled device. With home automation, you can turn your security system on and off, lock or unlock doors with smart locks, and access your lights, smart thermostat, and so on. Once you receive and install your Brinks Home Security box, just lie back and enjoy having total control of your home.


What a great way to know what’s happening in your home at all times. No matter where you are or what time it is, you can access the camera feed and see what’s going on inside your home through your phone. The camera also has night vision, so you will be able to see what happens in your home when the lights go out and night falls. You can also access past recordings from the Brinks Home Security monitoring feed that’s stored in the cloud.


The Brinks app notifies you the moment an alarm is triggered or a sensor is tripped. You will receive an email or SMS notification to let you know which device went off, so you can take action immediately. Your monitoring company will also get notified of this suspicious activity and send help to your residence.


The Brinks Home Security contract length is fixed, and there is no room for customization or exceptions. The contracts are three years long for everyone, and they apply to all of this company’s security plans. This is the standard contract length for home security companies, however. If you are not into a long-term commitment, we suggest you take a look at some other companies that offer month-to-month payments.


video doorbell


With this camera, you will be able to see and hear anyone at your door. This way you will know if it’s a friendly face visiting you or a suspicious person, all from the comfort of your couch.
key-chain remote


This is a powerful device you can use to turn your security system on and off by clicking a single button, and you can keep it with your car keys. You can turn lights on and off with it and also control your garage door.
control panel


This piece of equipment is the nucleus of your home security system. It serves as the center of communication between the rest of your devices, you, and the monitoring center. You talk to a representative through it, and the panel notifies the monitoring center when an alarm is triggered.
glass break detector


This device has a range of 20 feet and is activated upon detecting frequencies of breaking glass. Your Brinks alarm service will notify you via mobile if your windows or glass doors have been broken, and it will also notify the monitoring center.
wireless motion sensor


These sensors are pet-friendly for pets up to 40 lbs, so don’t worry about your furry friend activating the alarm. The sensors are activated when they detect motion and will notify you if such an activity occurs.
door and window sensor


These Brinks Home Security products are activated when an unfriendly visitor tries to open or close your doors or windows without your permission. They come in white and brown to easily blend in with your doors and windows, so burglars don’t detect them.
wireless smoke detector


With the smoke detector, you will be able to prevent serious fire damage in your home. The detectors go off when they detect traces of smoke so you can evacuate the premises and call the fire department.
smart switch


It can communicate seamlessly with your Z-Wave modules and remote controls. With this device, you can control your Brinks Home Security lights through your web-enabled device.
wireless freeze senor


This helps you detect abnormal cold levels and prevent potential damage to your home, such as from pipes bursting in the cold. This device will be able to detect if your furnace is doing its job or not and let you know in time.
indoor camera


Brinks Home Security cameras have night-vision capabilities and record what goes on in your home at all times. You can access the feed from your mobile device, and it can also send you images.
outdoor camera


This camera also has night-vision capabilities, and you can access its feed from any web-enabled device. It can see at a distance of over 40 feet when it’s dark, and it is wireless, which makes it easy to set up.
flood detector


Brinks Home Security systems can help you avoid spending a lot of money on flood damage repair. These sensors can detect a water leak in the area and alert you before anything serious happens.
deadbolt keypad lock


This is a remotely controlled lock, you can let someone in your home without actually having to open the door yourself. There is also a keypad where you can type in your code to enter your home.
smart thermostat


And for the last product entry in our Brinks Home Security reviews, the smart thermostat lets you control the temperature in your home remotely so you can heat or cool your home before entering it—and you can reduce your monthly energy bills in the process. You will be able to monitor your heating and cooling and see where you use up unnecessary energy. Save a few dollars every month on energy bills by controlling your home’s temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


This depends entirely on the plan you select and how many devices you add to your system. The basic plan this company offers, Brinks Home Complete, is $29 per month, not including any extra equipment if you decide to add more, and there’s also a starting fee of $249, which covers the equipment that comes in the package.

You can read more about the cost of Brinks’s products in the Plans and Prices section of our Brinks Home Security review, and the Brinks official website also has transparent pricing.

The other plan they offer, Brinks Home Complete and Video, costs $39 per month, not including the cost of additional equipment. It has a starting cost of $299 for the included equipment in this package. The monthly plan price is fixed, but the starting cost might vary, depending on how many additional devices you decide to purchase.


Yes, they are. It’s much more difficult for an intruder to bypass a wireless system compared to just cutting the wires for landline monitoring systems. If someone tries to enter your home or tries to break your control panel, the system will automatically alert the monitoring company, who will dispatch a team of professionals to investigate. Brinks safe wireless detectors are also secure because they aren’t affected by phone lines, and they are usually unnoticeable by home invaders.


Absolutely. The benefit of having a wireless security system is that you can take it with you anywhere you go, and you can install it yourself. The installation process can take about 20 minutes. Once you move your security to the new location, call the company using the Brinks customer service number (887-849-3249) to let them know of the change. Your monthly fee will stay the same, regardless of your transition.


Yes, they did, in 2010. Tyco Intl owns ADT, which bought Brinks Home Security. The companies merged and operate under the main company, ADT Security Services. ADT is already an established company that’s been around for 140 years.


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