Asurion Protection Plan Review: Protect Your Devices for $29

If you love your phone or any other device so much you can’t stand the thought of losing it, keep on reading our Asurion protection plan review to learn more about its services and offers. In essence, Asurion helps you fix your devices in case of any damage.

According to the company, the team of experts can fix anything that has a button. In this review, you’ll learn how to protect your devices even after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Asurion protects you against unexpected product failures and delivers fast repairs to enable you to use your tech again.

What Makes Asurion Stand Out

If you wonder whether an Asurion protection plan is worth it, you can rest assured knowing that for a low monthly price, you can protect your devices from theft, damage, or loss. You’ll enjoy excellent customer service and find the extended warranty features useful for your home.

  • Easy to file claims
  • Fast replacement service
  • Low monthly cost
  • 24/7 tech support
  • 10,000 experts at customers’ disposal
  • Most repairs performed in less than two hours
  • Extended warranty features available

  • Replacement is not always identical
  • Protection could cover more issues
  • Claim submission sometimes lags

About Asurion

Asurion LLC is based in Nashville and was founded by Kevin Taweel in 1992. As we mentioned already in our Asurion protection plan review, this company provides insurance for mobile phones, tablets, consumer electronics, and other personal tech items.

Asurion is a global leader with 300 million satisfied customers. The offices are located all over North and South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Its services also include:

  • Cracked screen repair
  • iPhone protection
  • Mobile app center
  • Extended warranty for home appliances

There are over 10,000 employees ready to provide an amazing customer experience. You can file a claim 24/7 and receive real-time updates on claim resolutions as well.

Asurion Pricing Plans

Even though it may seem strange, you won’t find Asurion pricing plans on the official website, but you will on Amazon. For example, the Asurion 4 year protection plan package might cost you as low as $29.99, depending on the type of coverage you select.

If you decide to shop via Amazon, your protection plan will be delivered within 24 hours of purchase. Once you receive your plan, you can register it at the official website. Remember to read the description of your desired plan carefully, as it will explain what’s covered in the insurance or protection plan and if there’s any additional cost.

Another example of the plan we found is the Asurion 2 year protection plan, where a service fee will apply, meaning you’ll pay $29.99 for the basic repair service or $49 to have your mobile phone replaced.

Still, we believe this is a fair price compared to how much you’d have to pay for a brand new phone.

When it comes to the Asurion Home+ plan, you can have all devices in your household insured for only $24.99 per month. This is less than $1 a day for peace of mind. Also, a dedicated team of experts is ready to jump in whatever happens to your devices.

Asurion Protection Plan and Services

Now, let’s take a look at an extensive array of Asurion features to help you decide whether you’ll choose this company to secure your devices.

Asurion Tech Help Service

Thanks to the excellent tech support, Asurion offers assistance tailored to suit your needs. The more you communicate with the team, the more they know about you and your devices. The experts are US-based, friendly, and knowledgeable. Depending on your issue, the Asurion team might even come to you and fix your device.

They’ll respond within seconds, whether via phone call or chat. Asurion protection plan comes with AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon support. Check out this feature below.

Mobile Protection

Mobile protection service is a great set of features to help you be carefree about any problems with your phone. Asurion experts will make the whole process quick, easy, and painless. What’s more, with this feature, you’ll avoid paying the full retail cost of a replacement phone, which is great if you’re leasing or paying it off.

According to Asurion protection plan user reviews, you’ll also get a fast phone replacement, sometimes even in the first 24 hours after you submitted your claim.

Asurion has got you covered for:

  • Apple iPhone
  • Galaxy Note
  • Motorola Droid and other brands

You’ll also receive unlimited support for setting up and troubleshooting problems with smartphones, tablets, and connected devices. Download the Asurion app or head over to its official website to read more about this helpful feature.

Cracked Screen Repair

We know there’s nothing more stressful than dropping your phone and ending up with a cracked screen. That’s why the Amazon Asurion protection plan is worth it. When your screen is cracked, you can’t enjoy listening to music, taking photos, or watching videos.

Luckily, with Asurion, you can have your screen fixed the same day it broke. You get to keep your phone and regain access to precious data you stored on your phone. To get your screen fixed, all you have to do is submit a claim.

Once your smartphone is confirmed to be eligible, you’ll see the repair options:

  • Dropshipping it to the authorized store
  • Having a technician come to you
  • Mailing your device to the company

With this service of Amazon Asurion protection plan, you’ll get your phone fixed fast and pay as low as $29. You’ll also enjoy the 1-year authorized repair warranty. If you’ve recently cracked a screen on your phone and need to fix it, check out how to submit your claim below.

iPhone Protection

iPhones are expensive, but their insurance doesn’t have to be. You can protect it today with the cell phone protection plan that includes:

  • Cracked screen and physical damage coverage
  • Mechanical failures
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Loss and theft protection
  • Water damage
  • Local repairs
  • Next-day phone replacement
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Accessories coverage

You can shop for the Asurion protection plan on Amazon or check out other services. This feature saves you money by helping you avoid paying up to $1,000 for an iPhone replacement.

Samsung Phone Protection

Your Samsung Galaxy phone is possibly the best phone you’ve ever had. This is why you shouldn’t take chances.

By using Asurion to protect your favorite device, you’ll have the following services at your disposal:

  • Next-day phone replacement
  • Coverage for loss and theft
  • Coverage for water damage
  • Broken screen repair
  • Malfunction coverage

This is why the Amazon 4 year Asurion protection plan is worth it if you have Samsung Galaxy.

Mobile App Center

In case you already have mobile protection provided by your carrier, you can download the app to unlock additional features. The available apps are:

  • AT&T ProTech
  • Sprint Complete
  • Verizon Tech Coach

Find the app for your carrier and download it to see Asurion’s full potential. Apps are available on Google Play and Apple Store.

TV & Home Theatre

We’ll cover the extended warranty features that you can use to keep your devices running and save money in the long run. The first thing we want to tell you about in our Asurion warranty review is the extended warranty for television.

Your TV is the main item in your living room and a place where your family gathers to have fun and relax. However, it may happen that your TV breaks. If you don’t want to wait for a repairman in complete silence, you can utilize Asurion’s first-class service.

If your TV is dead, chances are the manufacturer won’t cover the repair cost. Asurion’s plans can help you save money from unexpected repairs of your:

  • Flat-panel display
  • Plasma TV
  • LCD TV

The following TV issues are covered, according to another Asurion TV protection plan review:

  • Broken buttons
  • Power supply failure
  • Loose power plug or cable plugs
  • Power surges
  • Pixel burnout
  • Discoloration
  • Blown or buzzing speakers, and more

If you have one of the following TVs that broke:

  • Samsung
  • Vizio
  • Toshiba
  • Sharp
  • Sony
  • Insignia

The repair process is easy and fast. You’ll get first-class service and real-time updates.

However, keep in mind that features vary based on the program.

Laptop and Computer

Your laptop or computer is undoubtedly a necessary device. With the Asurion laptop protection plan, you’ll know you’re safe if any issues arise. You won’t face unexpected costs, wait for a repair to be done, and be without your laptop while waiting for a replacement.

This laptop extended warranty covers:

  • Prepaid shipping
  • 24/7 claim filing
  • Real-time updates
  • Fast repairs

The most common laptop failures are caused by:

  • Dust and humidity
  • Battery problems
  • Loose charging port
  • Broken hinges
  • Drops, spills, and similar

With Asurion, you’ll have an extended warranty available for the most common laptop brands, such as Apple, Samsung, Acer, Sony, Lenovo, Dell, and others. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Check out the available services today and prevent accidents.

Home Appliances

With Asurion/no sweat protection plan and extended warranties, you’ll have your whole household secured. Asurion home appliances service comes with great benefits, including triage and diagnostics, first-class support, and easy online access to filing a claim.

Asurion covers kitchen appliances like refrigerators, ovens, ranges, dishwashers, dryers, and similar. The company will help you with failures most manufacturers won’t. If your appliance is beyond repair, you’ll receive a replacement or reimbursement.

The following issues are covered:

  • Control board failures
  • Defective water pumps and gas valves
  • Wear and tear
  • Heat, dust, and humidity
  • Ice maker breakdowns

With the Asurion kitchen protection plan, you’ll even be protected from food spoilage, which can save you even more money and you won’t waste food. Some of the top appliance brands you can submit your claim for are LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Amana, and others.


Electronics are a huge part of our everyday lives, and they deserve proper treatment. Unfortunately, mistakes happen, and you might end up damaging your camera or headphones. Luckily, with Asurion, you’ll be able to repair them quickly or receive reimbursement.

According to the Amazon Asurion warranty review and a rating of 4.2, this feature is a great addition to the basic phone protection service. Asurion works fast to get your electronics up and running again. You should keep in mind that you should organize all your documents before filing a claim so that the whole process can go smoothly.

Keep your electronics secured from:

  • Drops and spills
  • Dust and humidity
  • Remote control failure and other problems

Asurion also covers portable gaming systems like Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, and others.

Tablets and eReaders

Asurion tablet protection plan will help you protect your music, books, and other data you keep on your tablet.

The tablet warranty covers:

  • Mainboard and digitizer malfunctions
  • Drops, spills, and cracked screens
  • Wear and tear
  • Heat, humidity, and dust
  • Defects in material

If Asurion can’t fix your tablet or eReader, you’ll receive a replacement or a reimbursement. This way, you won’t be left without your tablet or eReader for too long.

Asurion Home Plus

Asurion can help you secure more than your phones and appliances. When it comes to Asurion Home+ reviews, users recommend reading Terms and Conditions to understand better what the Home+ package covers.

Nonetheless, the offer is excellent, as it covers everything you need in one simple plan. According to Asurion, you’ll be eligible even if you don’t have a receipt, regardless of how old your devices are. The company covers an unlimited number of devices and provides you with up to $2,000 coverage per claim. You can also file as many claims as necessary and cancel at any time.

The following devices are covered:

  • Home entertainment
  • Office products
  • Smart home and wearables

Even though there are some complaints about Asurion wireless insurance, you won’t have any issues with the company if you pay attention to what you’re purchasing. Feel free to visit the official website for more details about the Home+ package.

With Asurion Home+, you’ll receive 24/7 service, $49 device installation, data breach monitoring, and more.

Office Equipment Protection Plan

We decided to separate the office equipment protection and cover it in detail since your work is extremely important. The Office Protection Plan is a part of the Home+ plan, meaning that Asurion will cover unlimited numbers of devices, providing you with up to $2,000 coverage per claim. File a claim, pay the service fee of $99, and let Asurion deal with your problems.

Asurion 4 year office equipment protection plan covers:

  • Desktop PCs
  • Laptops
  • Tablets and eReaders
  • External monitors
  • Printers
  • Mice and keyboards
  • External hard drives
  • Modems

Asurion Enterprise

If you’re on the lookout for a solution that can help your remote workers once they face tech-related issues, you can take a look at what Asurion has to offer.

The Asurion for Enterprise can help set up an office for your remote employees, maintain it, keep it safe, and immediately react if something breaks down. You can request a meeting with Asurion to see how it can be of service for your business and remote employees.

Asurion Protection Plan Review – Customer Support

Asurion customer support is more than just a team talking with you on the phone. According to Asurion protection plan reviews, customers are amazed at the speed of the service. Filing a claim is available 24/7, and in some cases, people have heard back from the support in a matter of hours.

The company currently has more than 10,000 employees working to fix your devices quickly. You won’t have to be on the phone for days or call multiple numbers to solve your problem.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to customer support via the Contact Us page. The team is also active on social media, so you can head over to Facebook or Twitter to chat. Working hours are 8 AM to 5 PM CST.


At the end of this Asurion protection plan review, we can say that this is the company worth considering. There’s nothing more frustrating than a device dying on you. Luckily, with Asurion’s protection plans and extended warranties, you can secure your entire home.

The company has over 10,000 highly skilled employees, which guarantees professional service. What we didn’t like is the lack of pricing plans on the official website.

To check out all the offers, you have to head over to Amazon or another website. Regardless, the protection plans are worth it since you’ll be eligible for a replacement or reimbursement if the Asurion team can’t fix your tech.

People Also Ask

What is the Asurion Protection Plan?

The company’s protection plan, also called extended service plan, provides you with product coverage that’s above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.

Asurion protects your devices, appliances, and other technology from wear and tear, environmental factors, power surges, defects, and more.

With Asurion, you’ll put your mind at ease and become eligible for a device replacement or reimbursement. The protection plan differs from the warranty in terms of longer service, 24/7 support, and coverage of accidental damage from handling.

With Asurion, you can take your device to a specialized repair store, send it via mail, or have an expert come to you.

How does the Asurion Protection Plan Work?

The company works with three big US carriers. Asurion will cover loss, theft, accidental damage, and malfunction, as these are the most common reasons people file claims.

After you file your claim and it gets approved, you’ll be notified whether Asurion will repair or replace your device. If you’re eligible for a replacement, a different device will be quickly shipped to you, and it may be new or refurbished. That’s how the basics work. Since every claim is different, make sure to read the fine print.

What damage does Asurion cover?

Asurion phone insurance covers loss, theft, damage, liquid damage, and defects, even after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. It also covers cracked screens, with the option of local repairs and next-day phone replacement. What’s great about Asurion insurance is that it will also cover phone accessories.

For home appliances and other devices, Asurion insurance will cover:
  • Broken buttons
  • Power supply failure
  • Loose power plug or cable plugs
  • Power surges
  • Pixel burnout
  • Discoloration
  • Blown or buzzing speakers
  • Dust and humidity
  • Battery problems
  • Loose charging port

Is the Asurion Protection Plan worth it?

A damaged device will certainly give you a headache. The company’s protection plan is worth your money, especially if you own an iPhone.

The company will cover various malfunctions and quickly respond to your claim. You’ll have access to experts who can get your devices up and running.

Asurion is perfect if you need a fast repair. The process of filing a claim is simple.

Customers report having their issues fixed in less than two hours. As we mentioned in our Asurion protection plan review, the Asurion team is ready to assist 24/7.

Can I get my money back from Asurion?

If you’re wondering whether you can receive reimbursement for your device, the answer is yes. The easiest way to get a refund or cancel your purchase is by clicking the return button associated with the purchase.

If you feel more comfortable talking with a real person, you can email or call Asurion, and the customer support team will assist you.