Best Nanny Cams

Most of us live in an environment where grandparents and other family members are no longer able to help out with the kids all the time. Babysitters are the next best solution. Forced to trust complete strangers with their beloved children, however, some people look for the best nanny cam solutions to keep their minds at ease. 

Having an extra set of eyes helps us ensure that our little ones are safe and well looked after. Trust is a huge building block in a relationship with childcare workers, but the best kind of trust is still based on cold, hard facts. When your kids are too young to vocalize their concerns, a quality nanny cam can give them a voice. 

The best hidden nanny cam solutions provide a wide variety of features, such as real-time monitoring, HD footage, 360-degree coverage, and motion detectors. You can see and hear what your kids are up to and make sure they’re safe at all times. Many models include night vision to help you keep watch, even in pitch darkness. These days, all these features come with cameras that are discreet, easily hidden, and built into ordinary household items. You can even buy a nanny cam stuffed animal.

If you think nanny cams are just fuel for people’s paranoia, think again. Nanny cams protect countless children and serve as a warning to anyone who might want to cause harm. A device like this can show you exactly what type of person you’re dealing with and whether it’s safe to put your trust in them or not.

Our Top 3 Recommendations

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Top Nanny Cameras:

Nest Cam Indoor

  • 1080p video quality

  • Easy setup

  • Syncs with Nest heating

  • Two-way audio

  • Night vision

  • 130-degree camera lens

  • Subscription plans must be paid separately

The top pick on our list, the Nest Cam Indoor might just represent the best value for money on the nanny cam market in 2019. This brand used to make wireless smart cameras primarily for home security purposes. Today, however, Nest Cam offers the best nanny cam for capturing activity. With 1080p resolution, quality night-vision technology, and a 130-degree camera lens, this second pair of eyes won’t miss a thing. The camera also detects noise and movements and sends you smart alerts. Just connect to a Wi-Fi network with your smartphone and access the cloud video storage via an app. 

The wide viewing angle lets you install the camera anywhere you want in designated areas, such as the living room. Even with all the above-mentioned features, the Nest Cam Indoor is an affordable option for anyone looking to buy a nanny camera. It also comes with standard, affordable subscription costs. If you connect the device to Nest heating, you can also increase the temperature when putting your little ones to bed. The two-way audio function also allows you to lull them to sleep, if need be.

Arlo Go 4G LTE

  • Can be used anywhere

  • 130-degree lens

  • Night vision

  • Free cloud storage

  • Excellent app

  • Recording options

  • Two-way audio

  • Pricy for some users

  • A data contract is needed

  • Relatively low resolution

The Arlo Go is a smart, 4G LTE camera you can take anywhere. Its 720p, 130-degree cam with night vision is super-reliable, as it does not depend on a Wi-Fi connection. Portable cams that work with their own internet are pricier than other models when you factor in data costs, but buying a hidden nanny cam with audio options like this one can help you keep an eye – and an ear – on your kids even if they go on a school trip. Also, as the Arlo Go does not depend on a Wi-Fi connection, a hypothetical burglar couldn’t bypass it by cutting power or damaging the Wi-Fi router. 

The only downsides to this reliable, practical, and compact device are having to pay for data and the less-than-perfect 720p resolution. Still, the motion and noise alerts are a huge plus and can be tracked via the fantastic Arlo Go smartphone app. You also get free cloud storage and the option to record.

BrickHouse Camscura Micro

  • Hidden and small

  • Motion-activated

  • Local storage

  • microSD recording option

  • 62-degree camera lens

  • Night vision

  • Relatively low resolution

  • No audio

  • No Wi-Fi

The BrickHouse Camscura Micro is a black box-type camera. This means you can easily turn it into a teddy bear nanny cam, or hide it between books on your bookshelf. If you want, you can even ask BrickHouse to hide this camera in a custom-made camouflage like a smoke detector. 

The cam can record 720p videos and offers motion- and vibration-triggered recording modes. In order to help them stay undetected, most companies avoid adding wide-angle lenses to hidden nanny cams. That’s why BrickHouse features a modest 62-degree lens that doesn’t affect its camouflage. The Camscura Micro also provides night vision and local microSD storage. 

The camera has continuous, scheduled motion- and vibration-recording modes and can capture video up to 720p, which is reasonable compared to other hidden nanny cams. Although sounds can trigger recording, be aware that this camera does not actually record audio, in accordance with federal and state wiretapping laws. The Camscura Micro uses a microSD card to store video, although it doesn’t come with one in the box.

Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System with Motion Detection

  • Motion detector

  • Two-year battery life

  • Cloud storage

  • Amazon Alexa Skill

  • Live view, real-time monitoring

  • Limited by the range of the Wi-Fi

  • No night vision

  • 720p resolution

The Blink Indoor hidden nanny cam uses WiFi to help you keep a close eye on your kids and their caregivers. You can keep track of the camera footage via an iOS and Android app, and monitor your kid’s safety using the Blink Indoor cam’s motion detector. The moment it’s triggered, the cam sends an alert to your smartphone and records a short clip. All the footage is stored on the cloud. 

You can also control the camera via Amazon Alexa Skill. With two lithium AA 1.5 V batteries included in the price, you can expect two years of battery life. To help you keep track of your kids and their nanny, you can use the “live view” feature to monitor the room in real-time. This wireless mini spy camera comes with no monthly fees or contracts. 

Blink doesn’t charge any data fees to store your footage on the cloud, but it only lets you store up to two hours’ worth. That’s not very much — Arlo and Nest Cam both offer more — but depending on how much activity takes place in your home, it might be enough.

Conbrov T10

  • Night vision

  • 75-degree camera lens

  • Two-year battery life

  • microSD card storage (not included)

  • Motion detector

  • No Wi-Fi or app available

  • 720p resolution - common in hidden cameras

One of the best hidden security cameras on the market, the Conbrov T10 is disguised as a 5×7 photo frame. The device can capture everything you want to know, with 720p resolution, a 75-degree camera lens, and night vision LED lights. With a clever blend of useful features and effective camouflage, the Conbrov T10 is a great fit for people who want to move the camera around the house. The photo frame fits in as naturally on your bookshelf as it does on your child’s nightstand among the toys. 

The camera saves energy by running on standby mode until it detects motion, which means its battery can last for up to two years. Videos are stored on a microSD card, which you can insert into the device. This is a nanny cam with audio recording options, although you are advised not to use this feature without people’s consent, as this is illegal in most states.

Enter The Arena

  • 1080p HD resolution

  • Looks like a phone charger

  • Portable

  • Records to SD card (not included)

  • Works with any power outlet

  • Lifetime guarantee

  • No real-time videos

  • No cloud storage

Enter The Arena offers the best hidden camera resolution on this list at 1080p. The device records video footage to an SD card, which you can insert into the back of the device. Because it’s clever disguised as a phone charger, this camera plugs directly into a power outlet without the need for any cords. The biggest asset of this hidden cam is its portability. You can take it with you on holiday, use it for school camps, or set it up wherever you want in the house.

As all footage is recorded on the SD card, there’s no way for you to see the footage in real time. This hidden nanny cam is easy to set up and affordable, and provides the very best when it comes to camouflage and resolution quality. Popular for its quality and overall reliability, Enter The Arena is so confident in its product that it offers a lifetime guarantee.

Amtifo Butterfleye Smart Security Camera

  • 24/7 streaming and recording

  • Seven days of free cloud storage

  • Optional facial recognition

  • Built-in storage and battery backup

  • Two-way audio

  • Full HD

  • Compatible with Ooma Home Security

  • Subscription required for some features

  • Normal usage results in a two-week battery life

If you want to let your kids’ caretakers know they’re being watched to preempt any potential incidents, the Ooma Butterfleye Smart Security Camera is an excellent choice. The Butterfleye is a wireless nanny cam that records in full HD. It connects to your Wi-Fi signal and allows you to store footage on the cloud for free for up to seven days. 

The feature-packed cam also offers two-way audio and optional facial recognition that’s compatible with Ooma Home Security. There’s also no need to worry if your neighborhood is prone to power outages; the Ooma Butterfleye will keep recording no matter what, as it features battery backup as well as 16 GB of internal storage. 

Another reason many people consider this the best camera for kids is that it includes a motion sensor and sound detection, as well as thermal sensors. That makes it ideal for capturing your little ones sneaking, crawling, and running around the house. Set the camera up anywhere you want and receive notifications when it detects activity. Sadly, the battery dies within two weeks of normal usage, so this solution is not a good fit for people who are away from home for long periods.

Ring Stick Up Cam

  • Works with Alexa voice commands and IFTTT

  • Sharp 1080p video

  • Motion detection

  • No hub required

  • Built-in siren

  • Easy to install

  • Expensive

  • Wired

  • Recorded video requires cloud subscription

The Ring Stick Up Cam is one of the rare wired options on our list. Still, you can successfully hide the device, provided you install it properly. The Ring Stick Up Cam can monitor both indoor and outdoor home areas with its 1080p HD video and night vision. This nanny cam has WiFi connectivity, allowing you to view the live feed. You can control the night vision, two-way audio, and alarm-activation features via an app. Even if it means just reminding your children to do their homework, the two-way audio feature can be useful. 

You can control what you see and hear from your phone, tablet, or PC, and use the nanny cam recorder to capture 1080p videos. Motion sensors will send notifications the moment they detect any movement, and you can check your real-time video whenever you see fit. Using the app, you can set up custom motion zones within the house and the yard to activate the recording feature whenever a person passes a specific zone. 

The nanny camera system connects to Wi-Fi or the ethernet and works with selected Alexa devices that are triggered by voice control. The Ring Stick Up Cam comes with a 30-day free trial, after which you’ll have to pay a small subscription fee of $3 per month. 

YI Dome Camera 1080p HD

  • Motorized pan-and-tilt feature with movement tracking

  • 1080p smart cam

  • Night vision

  • Motion detector

  • Excellent, easy-to-use app

  • Complete 360-degree coverage

  • 24/7 emergency response service for just $4.99/month

  • Integrates with your YI Home family

  • Wi-Fi connectivity only available on the 2.4 GHz band

  • Difficult to hide

The YI Dome Camera is a 1080p smart cam that can be tilted, zoomed, and panned remotely from your iOS or Android phone. The cam also offers complete 360-degree coverage, advanced night vision, and a motion detector that sends real-time activity alerts while you’re out. The device connects to the nanny cam app via Wi-Fi, meaning you can access and control the cam with the YI Home App on your mobile device or PC at any time. 

For $4.99 per month, you can use the optional 24/7 emergency response service, which coordinates with police, fire, and EMS agencies to ensure that any situation that might arise is promptly handled. The YI Dome Camera connects to YI Cloud and stores your footage there, in case your SD card is compromised. You’ll also get built-in support for 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, although 5 GHz is not yet supported.

Keep in mind that this is not one of the most discreet nanny cams, as it is fairly large and difficult to hide. Still, an honest relationship with your nanny is often a good idea. Knowing that they’re being watched discourages employees from problematic behavior. If you own other YI Home smart products, you can easily integrate your Yi Dome Camera with them. As with all YI Technology products, this comes with a one-year warranty.

Faleemi 720p Pan/Tilt Wireless WiFi IP Camera

  • Remote tilting

  • Wireless camera

  • Easy to sync with router and phone

  • Wide viewing angle with IR capabilities

  • Slightly outdated Wi-Fi option

  • Fairly grainy for 720p due to wide lens

  • No zooming option

Faleemi’s 720p pan/tilt camera is a cheap nanny cam for people who want the basics without all the bells and whistles. Despite its low price, this model is a standout among affordable options and is sure to provide you with peace of mind. 

This smart device – which connects to the intuitive, easy-to-use Faleemi app – can be conveniently placed within your home, or anywhere within range of your Wi-Fi router. You can control this small nanny cam remotely via a smartphone, PC, or tablet. 

One account on Faleemi’s app can support many cameras linked together, with one screen able to access up to four cameras simultaneously. Each camera can also connect to several mobile phones, PCs, or tablets at the same time.

The cam records footage at 30 frames per second and offers a built-in microphone and speaker, in case you want to communicate with your little one while you’re away. The Faleemi 720p also contains a memory card socket that can support cards with up to 123 GB of memory, although these are sold separately. This nanny spy camera is sleek and easy to hide, but it lacks zoom capabilities. This shouldn’t be an issue, as the cam covers enough ground without it.

Final Words

You can’t put a price on your peace of mind, especially where your little one is concerned. It’s hard to find a balance between worrying about your child’s safety and building a trusting relationship with your babysitter. Sometimes, the right technology is the answer. A reliable nanny cam can help you ensure your home, assets, and your child are safe and well-treated when you’re away. 

The best nanny cam can help you give your child a voice in the moments when they might not be old enough to protest, complain, or ask for help. Installing nanny cam in the living room, the hallway, or your kid’s play area is legal in all states. Naturally, no cams should be installed in private areas, such as the nanny’s bedroom or the bathroom. Regardless of where you put it, in most states you need to make sure the cam does not record audio. Any evidence acquired by these means will be useless in court as it was acquired illegally.

Even the best nanny cams cannot (at least not legally) use all of their many features. It is, therefore, possible that you might have to hold back on your inquisitive ambitions. Still, even a regular cam can help ease your mind and keep your child safe while you’re away. 

Of course, if you’re using them as part of a security system or to monitor older children while you’re away, then there’s not nearly as much to worry about. Ultimately, it boils down to how you’re using these cameras.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best nanny cam to buy?

The first cam featured on our list is the Nest Cam Indoor, with 1080p video quality, night vision, two-way audio, and many other features. Still, this might not be exactly what you need. instead, you might be fine with a cam that features 720p resolution and no costly subscription plans. Or would you prefer a camera that comes with custom-made camouflage? Either way, the best cam is one with quality hardware and a large number of positive user reviews. This is what we value the most: positive user experiences and quality service. If the cam actually does everything it advertises, it’s a good choice for you.

Do you have to disclose if you have a nanny cam?

While it is legal to install a nanny cam in your home, federal wire-tapping laws state that it is illegal to tape conversations without the consent and knowledge of the person being taped. Some states also prohibit the secret recording of any speech and have laws that regulate where surveillance cameras can be placed.

If you opt to use a nanny cam, disclose that fact to anyone who will be working in your home. Typically, nannies aren’t bothered if their interactions with children are recorded, but they do care if they’re recorded without their knowledge or consent. If the nanny does find one of these undisclosed cameras, that can cause embarrassment to both the nanny and the family. For example, a nanny who changes her shirt in the living room because the baby spit up on it may feel spied upon if she realizes she was being filmed the whole time.

How much does a nanny cam cost?

As with everything else, you probably have a budget in mind for your camera. Nanny cams can range from a little over $30 to a whopping $400 or more. How much you’re willing to spend on one will largely depend on its specifications and number of features.

Nanny cams can almost always be connected to a smartphone, while many offer cloud storage for recordings, eliminating the need for memory cards and the like. With a high-quality nanny cam, recorded videos look better, sound clearer, and can even be shot with night vision, which drastically improves the camera’s usefulness in the dark.

What is the best hidden nanny cam?

The BrickHouse Camscura Micro is likely the best choice when it comes to well-hidden cameras. The biggest benefit is that you can pre-order a custom-made camouflage for the camera. This could come in the form of a picture frame, a phone charger, a vase, or even a teddy cam – it’s up to you. Other than that, the Camscura offers plenty of useful features, such as motion-activation, night vision, and a 62-degree camera lens. These are all amazing options for such a well-camouflaged camera, since items this small can rarely fit such a wide variety of specs.

The Camscura Micro is one of the smallest black box recording devices on the market, but that doesn’t mean it’s small on features. Measuring in at 1.7 x 3.5 x .7″, this mini recorder manages to capture 1280 x 720 full HD video. It also uses a battery that can last for 10 hours of continuous recording or 90 days in standby mode. With customizable recording triggers based on motion, vibration, and sound, you’re sure to get the footage you need and nothing else. All video is stored to an SD card, up to 64 GB, which you can easily check on any computer.

What is the best affordable nanny cam?

Probably the Faleemi 720p pan/tilt wireless WiFi IP camera, if budget is an issue for you. For less than $40, you get a simple-to-use camera that can be conveniently positioned within the wireless range of your internet router and remotely controlled from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

The built-in microphone and speaker enable two-way communication, while the memory card slot lets you capture videos 24/7 onto a memory card (up to 128 GB, not included). If you want a surveillance device to help you protect your home and your child in a discreet way, this is an ideal solution. Faleemi is the best nanny cam for anyone who wants to protect their child but doesn’t want to break the bank.

Things to Consider

Before you order a best buy nanny cam, take a look at the features you should consider in your decision-making process. The first consideration you need to make is whether all the camera’s features are legal in your state. Is the camera camouflaged or is it out in the open? Do you need night vision and do you value a wider range of recording options? 

Let’s start by clarifying that you can legally install even the best nanny cameras in all 50 states. However, 13 states prohibit the unauthorized installation of cameras in private spaces, such as the bathroom or the bedroom. 

Here are some more criteria to help you sort through our list of nanny cam reviews and find the perfect product for your family.  


The best thing to do is probably tell your nanny that you have installed a nanny cam. For most people, the knowledge that they’re being monitored is enough to prevent any problematic behavior. Still, your nanny doesn’t have to know exactly where the camera is, right? 

If you plan on purchasing a hidden nanny camera, take a look at some of our camouflage options. Some are small enough to fit seamlessly on your bookshelf, while other hidden cameras are masked as other objects, such as a picture frame or a phone charger. In some cases, you can even specify your preferred camouflage before ordering. 

On the other hand, some cameras are out in the open doing their job in plain sight. There are many benefits to this approach. After all, the best way to prevent potential problematic behavior is ensuring you let people know you’re watching them. 


How much should your nanny cam cost? Well, that depends both on your budget and what you actually need. There’s no use in purchasing a particularly pricey model and then not using any of its many capabilities. 

The price of video equipment varies a great deal, and nanny cams are no different. Some of the items on this list cost $40, while others go for up to $400. Figure out how much you’re willing to spend and how many fancy features you need to provide yourself and your family with peace of mind. 

The price of nanny cams is, of course, affected by their size, design, brand name, and features. Camouflaging sometimes costs extra, too. Bear in mind that some cams require low-value monthly payments (usually those with cloud storage). Either way, it’s up to you to decide which nanny cam best buy option suits you. 

 Viewing and Recording Options

Do you need a night vision cam? If you plan on leaving your kids alone with a babysitter while you’re having a night out, this might be a good idea. There are also different viewing and recording options to factor in. Some cameras don’t actually record, while others store the recorded material on the cloud or an external storage device. 

Some products, on the other hand, only start recording when motion is detected. Keep in mind that recording audio is available on some cameras, but it’s illegal in most states, and will be useless in court. If you want a spy camera with audio recording capabilities, you have to inform the babysitter and get their consent. 

Without further ado, here is our list of the best nanny cams 2019 has to offer.

Top Nanny Cameras:

  1. Nest Cam Indoor 
  2. Arlo Go 4G LTE
  3. BrickHouse Camscura Micro
  4. Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System with Motion Detection
  5. Conbrov T10
  6. Enter The Arena
  7. Ooma Butterfleye Smart Security Camera
  8. Ring Stick up Cam
  9. YI Dome Camera 1080p HD
  10. Faleemi 720P Pan/Tilt Wireless WiFi IP Camera