Best GPS Trackers for Kids

Parenting is hard, and it’s only getting harder. In 2017 alone, there were 464,324 National Crime Information Center entries for missing children in the US.

What can we do? 

We can start by acknowledging that there is no way you can truly keep an eye on your kid at all times. Not even the best GPS tracker for kids can protect them from all the harm roaming the earth. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. What’s the best we can do?

Until recently, neighborhood parents relied on each other to police kids’ whereabouts. If you ran off where you shouldn’t have, or you began hanging out with the wrong crowd, you could bet your bottom dollar the lady at the end of the street – the best kid tracker – would make sure news of your wrongdoing reached your house before you did.

What was once the job of a close-knit community, however, has been delegated to technology. Modern parents rely on tracking devices to help them monitor their kids and keep them safe.

Modern digital trackers have many advantages that would have been unimaginable only a few years ago. A smart watch, a simple bracelet, a necklace, or a backpack accessory can tell you your kid’s exact location in real-time, and even allow you to contact them whenever you want. 

Take a look at our GPS kid tracker smart wristwatch reviews and rest assured you can’t make a wrong choice with any of the items listed below.

Our Top 3 Recommendations

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Best GPS Trackers for Kids in 2019

Jiobit Inc. Jiobit - smallest real-time location tracker for kids (pure tracker)

  • Rugged and waterproof

  • Acts both as a proximity leash and a GPS tracker

  • Small

  • No calling capability

  • No location history

Cost: From $129.99, $8.00 monthly subscription required

This minuscule, subtle item requires a monthly subscription and a companion iOS or Android app to let you see your kid’s exact location in real-time, anywhere in the world. One of the best child locator devices ever, it updates location data every 10 seconds and it’s secured with 256-bit SSL AES encryption.

Just 50mm long, this Jiobit tracker weighs merely 18 grams. You can use a built-in loop so you can tie it to shoelaces or drawstrings, and a second loop that’s ideal for buttonholes, belt loops, tags, and straps. Either way, Jiobit is a simple wearable GPS tracker. Jiobit says the fully charged battery lasts up to a week. 

One particularly attractive feature setting this GPS kid tracker apart is the geofencing tool. It lets you create geofences around particular locations, which means you’ll receive a notification if your kid visits or leaves the “fenced” area.

Another neat trick is the option to add people to your “Care Team” in order to confirm your kid is with a trusted family member or caregiver when this is expected. 

This child GPS tracker can be attached to your baby, toddler, stroller, or practically anywhere else.

Bottom Line: The Jiobit tracker is a small, convenient way to keep tabs on children who might roam.

Spytec STI GL300 mini portable real-time personal and vehicle GPS tracker

  • 2-week battery life

  • Small and light

  • Magnetic and waterproof

  • Map your kids’ movements via Google Maps

  • The monthly fee might be too high for some users

  • Customer service only available via email

Cost: $79.95

Spytec is an American company, voted by TimeOut New York as best spy shop. The GL300 is a perfect choice if you need to keep an eye on children, teens, or elderly family members. Only three inches long, the unit weighs just 2 ounces and can easily be attached to a backpack, a shoe, or a belt. Waterproof and magnetic, this kid tracker has a battery life of two weeks. A built-in accelerometer helps the GL300 save power, as it turns itself on only when it detects motion. 

The device sends location updates every five seconds, and a special add-on from the Spytec website allows you to apply geofencing. Whenever a child leaves or visits a digitally fenced area, you’ll get a notification. Once you have inserted the tracker device for children, you can track and map their movement online via Google maps. 

For a monthly subscription of $24.95, you can make sure your loved ones are safe and sound. No contract or cancellation fees apply.

AngelSense Guardian Kit GPS tracker for children with special needs

  • GPS tracker and touchscreen phone

  • Waterproof

  • 24/7, real-time location

  • Runner mode designed especially for kids

  • Many adjustments for kids with disabilities

  • Complementary black sleeve, three fasteners, a magnetic key, a charger, and a travel case

  • Doesn’t support Wi-Fi.

  • Pricey for some users.

Cost: $59.00

The most expensive item on our list, this tracker is an engineering wonder and a truly impressive scientific accomplishment. Seemingly only a kids GPS tracker watch, the AngelSense Guardian is also a small touchscreen phone that can call your children in case they get lost. The price includes a GPS device, a black sleeve, three fasteners, a magnetic key, a charger, and a travel case. The watch-cum-phone-cum-wearable GPS tracker was made to meet the unique needs of children with disabilities or autism. 

Your Guardian GPS tracker will arrive in a water-resistant silicone cover which is better left untouched. Put the device into its accompanying black sleeve and attach it to a kid’s shirt, backpack, or any other clothing or accessory. 

The moment you purchase what might be the best kids GPS tracker for children with disabilities, you can create an account on the AngelSense GPS portal and fill in a questionnaire specifying your child’s special needs, routine, and demands. You’ll also need to download the AngelSense app to facilitate future tracking. 

The Guardian will track your child’s location in real-time, 24/7, particularly on school trips and other travels. 

One feature designed particularly for kids with difficulties is called “Runner Mode.” It is especially designed to help find lost children. 

This tracking device for kids was designed for children with special needs. It includes non-removable accessories to address sensory sensitivity. A one-year service plan is included in the price.

Our only complaint? The device doesn’t support Wi-Fi.

XPLORA Technologies XPLORA 2

  • Includes SOS button, fitness tracker, and step counter

  • Integration with Amazon Echo

  • 12 contacts on the contact list

  • Geo-fencing, school mode

  • Disobedience notifications

  • Pricey for some users

  • SIM card purchased separately

Cost: $189.99

XPLORA 2 is intended to help you track and keep in touch with your child. Additional functions include an SOS button, a fitness tracker, and a step counter. The GPS, GSM, and Wi-Fi mix provides both kid and caretaker with flexible connectedness that makes finding your kid’s current location and tracking them in real-time a breeze.  

What makes this GPS for kids unique, though, is its integration with Amazon Echo. This means you can ask Alexa about your kid’s whereabouts at any point during the day. Up to two administrators can be granted access to XPLORA 2’s features and be the child’s main electronic guardians. 

Up to 12 contacts can be listed on the contact list, enabling two-way calls and messaging. You can rest assured that unauthorized or untrustworthy individuals will not be able to bother your child. The advantages of such a device, compared to an ordinary smartphone, are clear. 

The two administrators can set up and control one of the most versatile GPS tracking devices for kids via an iOS or Android app.  Once in the system, you can set up appointments, safety zones, school mode, and more. The fencing options lets you electronically mark areas which you consider relevant or forbidden, sending you immediate notifications if a child disobeys you. The SIM card must be purchased separately. T-Mobile and AT&T SIM cards have been tested and found to be compatible with XPLORA so far.

OJOY LG GizmoWatch smartwatch

  • Free app

  • Also tracks health and exercise

  • Waterproof

  • Real-time traceability

  • Geo-fencing

  • 10 approved contacts

  • Too big and bulky for some kindergarten kids

  • Pricey for some users

Cost: $159.00

Ojoy’s best GPS tracker for kids, LG’s GizmoWatch, comes with a free app available on iOS and Android. It’s powered by a 4G LTE network. You can make sure your kid is safe while also keeping a close eye on their health and exercise routine, with a GPS locator and a step-counting fitness tracker. 

This touchscreen smartwatch is waterproof and trackable in real-time via the accompanying GizmoHub app. The watch also sends scheduled reminders to help you and your kid stay up-to-date with activities and responsibilities. 

This GPS child tracker also provides multiple location safety options, including fencing, automated alerts, and real-time tracking at all times. If your kid happens to enter a digitally restricted or “fenced” area, the app will alert you immediately. Also, the kid-friendly step counter will help your little one stay fit, healthy, and maybe even excited about exercise.

The two-way calls and messaging the smartwatch provides apply only to the 10 approved contacts you choose. Grandparents, your spouse, an aunt, a teacher, or any person you know and trust can help your kid out when you’re not available. This makes the smartwatch much safer than your usual smartphone, which allows pretty much any stranger to contact and potentially influence your child. 

The price for this kids tracking device includes a free app for iOS and Android and a 2-year contract. It does not, however, include a $5 monthly subscription for customers that smoothes the tracking process.

Monimo waterproof smartwatch and GPS tracker for kids

  • Waterproof

  • Affordable

  • GPS+SOS two-way protection

  • 24/7 real-time tracker

  • SOS key

  • Can add other users as friends in a DUIWOIM network.

  • No additional lifestyle or health features

  • Basic set of GPS features only

Cost: $20.50

This water-proof kid tracker watch will help you keep a close eye on your kid’s daily activities on rainy days, during splishing and splashing at the pool, and while washing their hands. Its GPS+SOS two-way protection system will help you track your kid’s movements and current position in real-time via a mobile app. 

Even when you’re away on business or relaxing during a weekend with friends, you can make sure your kid is safe and well looked after. In case of emergency, the SOS key will make sure your kid’s health and safety isn’t compromised. 

This kid tracker watch offers your kid a chance to make friends with other kids who wear the same model, add kids to a friends list, and talk to them voice-to-voice.

You can also keep a record of your little one’s sweetest moments throughout the year, captured during their numerous adventures and bold, daring feats. The GPS kid tracker smart wristwatch can make sure you never miss another important treasured memory.

Republic Wireless Relay

  • Two-way communication

  • Highly precise location tracking

  • Can play and replay past messages both on tracker and smartphone

  • One-year warranty

  • Music, translation, jokes

  • No 911 or emergency access

  • No geofencing

Cost: $49.99

Parents with kids younger than 12 or 13 sometimes feel that handing out smartphones with internet access and access to app stores is too much of a distraction, or even dangerous.

This is why alternatives such as Republic Wireless Relay, a walkie-talkie GPS tracker for kids with nationwide range, are an excellent alternative. As a parent, you can turn your iOS or Android smartphone into a walkie talkie with a $9.99-per-month prepaid account. The accompanying smartphone app facilitates the whole communication and tracking process, but it does not have to be turned on in order to receive messages.

Communicate with your kid anytime. Your kid just presses the middle button and starts talking – just like with a proper walkie-talkie. The Relay can only talk to other Relays or to smartphones running the associated app. This prevents strangers from contacting your kids. At the same time, the Republic Wireless Relay works as a GPS tracking device for kids with SOS alerts and parental controls, so it’s a great choice for kids playing outdoors. 

Unlike some other tracking devices for kids that only let you in on the kid’s general location, the two-way conversation option allows you to not only communicate with your kid, but also determine their location more precisely. For example, a kid might be lost in the playground, and there might be no way for you to learn their exact location other than pressing the middle button, and simply asking. Keep in mind that you can also play and replay past messages on both the tracker and the associated smartphone device.

The kids’ GPS tracker comes with a charging cable, USB power adapter, quick-start guide, and one-year product warranty. A voice assistant facilitates navigation through channels dedicated to chats, music, language translation, daily jokes, and more.

BAUISAN Smart Watch for Kids

  • Encourages education

  • Pedometer

  • SOS button

  • Small contact list

  • Remote camera

  • Voice monitor

  • No video calls

  • No geo-fencing

Cost: $35.99

As far as GPS trackers for kids go, this one packs an amazing amount of top-quality features for a reasonable price. A remote camera, a voice monitor, a GPS tracker, and an intuitive SOS feature power the kind of communication and safety you and your child can rely on.

The 2020 BAUISAN design addresses all of the potential worries of a modern parent. The SOS feature enables your kid to call for help anytime they feel endangered. Also, if you dial the number, the smartwatch will answer automatically, so there’s no need to sit there worrying with no answer at the other end of the line. The remote camera will allow you to see exactly what’s going on whenever you want, providing additional security. 

Most trackers for kids charge customers more for fewer security features, so this one is a great value. Whenever danger arises, your kid need only press the SOS button for 3 seconds or call the preset numbers until somebody answers. You can add up to three SOS numbers to your child’s contact list. 

Track your kid’s movements at any time of day using this kids tracking device. Dual positioning systems based on Assisted GPS (AGPS) and Local Base Station (LBS) technology will provide detailed, accurate data on your kid’s exact position. The watch also includes an alarm, sleep control, a pedometer, voice chat, and even software for finding the watch if lost.

The watch encourages your kid’s education with quick learning and reward features. The tracker watch also supports 2G data traffic via micro SIM card.

KidsConnect KC2 4G kids GPS tracker

  • SOS button

  • Real-time tracking

  • Location history

  • Voice monitoring

  • 4G connectivity

  • Pricey for some users

  • No internet on the device might be a liability

Cost: $85.43

This all-in-one kid-tracking solution is sure to give any parent peace of mind. This wearable child GPS solution offers advanced functions such as an SOS button, real-time tracking, location history, voice monitoring, and 4G connectivity. 

Even though the product is new to the market, it’s been pretty popular so far. Many reviews bear witness to its ruggedness and reliability. Its 4G connectivity guarantees the fastest possible speed options to this limited-feature cell-phone device. This is a huge advantage, as time and successful communication are of the essence in case of an emergency. 

This is a particularly convenient solution for children who find GPS watches too cumbersome, as they can simply wear it around their necks and forget they’re even there. The GPS tracking for kids is made even easier with parental control options, allowing kids to contact only approved numbers. The touch-screen panel is easy to use.

The price is a little high, but keep in mind that the security this item can provide is priceless.

What is the best personal GPS tracker?

Kid locators, implemented as pendants, watches, or tiny devices you can pin to your kid’s backpacks, pockets, or shoes, are there to help you make sure your kid is safe. This is the bottom line, and an area in which every company we listed excels. It would have been easy to go for devices with the biggest number of fancy additional features such as learning assistants, or the best kids GPS watch for games and entertainment. This was not our goal, however. The basic, most important role of childrens GPS devices cannot play second fiddle to any other function.

With the help of modern technology, parents can know exactly where their kids are in real-time, a privilege parents of the past could only dream of. Dependable battery life and state-of-the-art equipment are the most important features we focused on, since we prioritize your kid’s safety as you surely would. All the kid locators on the list have been through a series of rigorous tests and our team went over hundreds and hundreds of user reviews to filter through the very best. 

A GPS tracker for teenager youths and children with behavioral issues or health disorders can find certain features particularly useful. Fencing, for example, can help you make sure your kid goes to school on a regular basis, or avoids problematic parts of town. The two-way communication feature can help parents determine the exact location in case kids get lost in a smaller area, such as a playground. 

Additional features can help you keep track of your kid’s sleep patterns and schoolwork. They may even reduce overall stress levels in the household. 

Choose your best GPS tracker for kids from the list above and rest assured you will never experience the devastating feeling that it’s getting late and your kid is not back from school, piano lessons, or a party.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you GPS chip your child?

If you feel unsure whether your tracker will remain with your kid in case of emergency, placing a chip under the kid’s skin is not the answer. As BrickHouse Security CEO Todd Morris explained in an interview with London’s Observer, it is currently impossible to microchip your kid in this way. The chips on dogs are simple barcodes that do nothing to help you find them, but rather help people identify them once they are located. For a kids tracking device to be placed under the skin, it would require a bulky cellular transceiver and a battery. This procedure would be painful, impractical, and yes, impossible to perform.

Is it legal to GPS track your child?

Like adults, children have a certain ethical right to privacy. Unlike adults, however, there is no legislation concerning tracking devices for kids. Children’s legal guardians are allowed to be in full control of the child’s movements. This includes forbidding a child from visiting a certain area, meaning that even digital fencing, a feature present in some of the devices listed here, is legal.
That being said, there are certain ethical considerations: Should a child be allowed a set of unsupervised activities as a means of growth, development, and self-discovery? If not limited by law, should parents limit their supervision rights themselves? Either way, this is for the legal guardian to decide.

What is the best personal GPS tracker?

This depends on your expectations, your child’s needs, and your budget. The best GPS tracker for kids should provide a secure connection, real-time location information, solid battery life, and preferably, a means of communication between the child and the authorized administrator and limited contacts. Other features are optional, and should be chosen according to your child’s particular needs.

What is the best child tracking app?

The most versatile, and therefore probably the best, app for tracking kid’s movements on our list is XPLORA 2’s app integrated with Amazon Echo. The unique option of asking Alexa about your child’s real-time location makes this app one of the best assistants to digital guardians. The app can be installed on iOS and Android devices.

Rising to Exclusively Modern Parenting Challenges 

A GPS tracker for kids’ shoes or clothes can keep a close watch on your little one and give you the precise, accurate information every parent wants to hear: Your child is safe.

A GPS device for kids can also work as a communication device, letting you check in with your preteens while safeguarding their educations and social lives by prohibiting smartphone use. 

A limited set of administrator-approved contacts also lets you make sure you allow only trusted, well-meaning people talk to your kids, warding off creepsters and strangers who would be able to contact them via a smartphone. 

Child GPS tracking devices are for young teens, preteens, and small children too young to have their own phones. These little guys cannot understand the risks that accompany the freedom of operating a smartphone, and they are less able to take necessary precautions. The same goes for kids of any age that have health issues, autism, or risky conditions that require extra attention and additional care. 

What Children’s GPS Tracker Is Right for My Kid?

If your child is verbal, GPS tracking devices for children can help you check in with them at any time. They also let you determine their location in more detail. For example, you might lose sight of your kid on a playground. The tracker will show you that they are, in fact, on the playground, but you will still not be sure where exactly. Call them up, and they’ll let you know they are behind a tree.

Keep in mind that kids’ GPS bracelets and watches aren’t a panacea. Kids and elderly adults can still get injured even though you know where they are, and of course, trackers can be removed or disabled. Think of them as an extra layer of peace of mind in a world where social media constantly drums up worry and hysteria.

There are all sorts of trackers you can use depending on your budget and your child’s needs. All trackers contain precise GPS devices, most accompanied by a free app easily installed on your iOS or Android device. Some include video or audio two-way communication channels, or a limited list of administrator-approved contacts. SOS buttons are also common, helping you or your kid reach help ASAP.