The Very Best Baby Monitors for Safety and Peace of Mind, 2019 Edition

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Baby Monitor

Battery life: Monitors that have both video and audio features are bound to use more power. Rechargeable monitors eliminate the cost of purchasing batteries. Once charged, a baby monitor should work for at least six to seven hours: long enough to get a good night’s sleep or get some work done. 

Camera quality – The lowest camera quality on our list is 640 x 480 resolution. You want the image to be crystal clear with digital zoom, as well as panning or tilting lens, to keep a close watch on your kid regardless of their location in the nursery. Kids are curious and surprisingly easy to lose sight of, so seeing clearly is of key importance. The best baby camera with an LCD color display and HD or near-HD resolution will ensure safety and capture some beautiful memories. 

Range – The longer the range, the further you’ll be able to be away from the base station without losing the monitor’s connection. Which is the best baby monitor to buy? Depending on your routine, range can be a critical factor. The range you need depends on your home’s size. Some baby monitors have a range of up to 900 feet – that’s the length of three football fields. 

Our Top 3 Recommendations

FROM $125.99
FROM $115.00
FROM $99.99

Miku Smart Baby Monitor

Miku Smart Baby Monitor - best baby monitors
  • Photo and video resolution 720p

  • Cloud Storage

  • Notifications: Email, Push

  • Night Vision

  • Two-way audio

  • Pricey for some users

  • Lacks Alexa and Google Assistant voice support

This is our top-rated video baby monitor. This year, Miku was a sensation at CES, the annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association. A bit on the pricey side, this item is an astounding engineering achievement packed into a tiny piece of baby gear. The monitor tracks your baby’s every breath in real-time, and sleep patterns to. A tamper-resistant crypto chip stores all data on the cloud, and the monitor can even sing lullabies to help your child fall asleep thanks to custom Ole Wolff speakers. 

Probably the best Wi-Fi baby monitor on the market, the Miku Smart Baby Monitor is a particularly useful resource for parents and caretakers whose child might have a health issue. Real-time tracking of a baby’s breathing is no small feat for non-wearable monitors. 

This is a baby monitor with phone app that communicates with you whenever you are online. With picture-perfect HD video, the monitor allows you to share and download an unlimited quantity of sound and video to distract your little one. With 256-bit encryption, you can be sure your baby’s data is safe and sound. 

Price: $299.00

Eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor

Eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor - best baby monitors
  • Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) connectivity

  • 720p video resolution

  • Night Vision

  • Two-way audio

  • No Wi-Fi

  • No mobile app

  • No recording capabilities

Baby monitor reviews simply aren’t complete without a Eufy. The setup of this product is as simple as taking the monitor out of the box and putting it where you see fit. The sleek design is aesthetically pleasing and blends in well with any environment. The handheld unit can pan the monitor an astounding 330 degrees horizontally and 110 degrees vertically to see floor to ceiling, hunting for children as they wiggle away into the hidden corners of the room. The handheld radio transmission unit will also keep you tuned in with your baby’s behavior even when you grab a cup of coffee with your neighbors, or at a nearby café.

This entry in the best baby monitors list has a 460-foot coverage area that keeps you connected in real-time regardless of your location on the premises. Whenever your baby starts crying, you can immediately get alerted. If you like, you can try to soothe the baby via two-way audio. The unit does not use a Wi-Fi connection.  

Keep in mind that the five-inch 720p display is partly behind the relatively high cost of the best baby monitor on our list. It’s 10 times better than the usual 240p display.  There’s also no need to purchase a wide-angle lens separately. Once the baby is up and about, you can simply attach the extra lens to expand the view to 110 degrees. 

Price: $168.88

Panasonic KX-HN3001W Long Range Baby Monitor

Panasonic KX-HN3001W Long Range Baby Monitor - best baby monitors
  • DECT Connectivity

  • Night Vision

  • Two-way audio

  • Motion, sound, and temperature alerts

  • No mobile app

  • No Wi-Fi connectivity

  • Resolution could be higher

This remote range baby monitor with astounding audio and HD camera also monitors the temperature of your baby’s room. Along with night vision baby monitor options and motion sensors, this is by far one of the best choices on the list when it comes to the overall mix of useful features and quality.

The crystal-clear video and audio experience will cover twice the range of comparable monitors, with an interference-free signal strength up to 1,500 feet. You can be alerted to motion, temperature, and sounds.

This high-quality video baby monitor contains a 13-hour rechargeable battery with five hours of baby monitor options for both indoor and outdoor use. Two-way sound reproduction allows you to comfort, entertain, and put your baby to sleep from a nearby friend’s house. The baby monitor video camera contains microphones and speakers.  

One of the best video baby monitors  out there allows you to keep a close eye on your baby while still taking some time to yourself. Easily remote pan, tilt, and zoom the monochrome night vision camera along with a 3.5-inch color monitor. The offer includes a complementary camera wall mount and AC adapter.

Price: $199.99

Summer Infant In View 2.0 Color Video Monitor

Summer Infant In View 2.0 Color Video Monitor - best baby monitors
  • 5-inch high resolution

  • Adjustable brightness

  • Low battery warning

  • Private & secure Connectivity

  • Night Vision

  • Two-way audio

  • No mobile app

The Infant In View monitor has a lot of the same features as more expensive units — a big screen, zooming capabilities, a rechargeable handheld form factor, and even a built-in night-light — but at a fraction of the cost. It can be used on a flat surface or mounted to the wall, and it works with up to four cameras. The video quality isn’t as good as on some other monitors, so you won’t see sharp details. But with all these features, this is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a cheap video baby monitor.

One of the best baby monitors out there in this price range, Summer’s Infant In View monitor features an extra-large flat screen and automatic night vision with top-of-the-line infrared technology, which means you get a great view of your baby, day or night. The monitor uses all-digital technology for privacy and security, with an 800-foot range. The camera has a remote zoom that you can control from the other room, as well as a soft-glow night-light to soothe your baby. 

You can adjust the screen brightness and volume or use the sound-activated LED indicator lights to keep tabs on ambient noise changes in your baby’s room. Any respectable collection of 2019 baby monitor reviews would not be complete without a power-save mode and one-touch video on/off, with additional indicators if your battery is running low or you’re out of range. If you want to monitor multiple rooms, you can add up to three more cameras (four in total) to this system.

Price: $99.99

Owlet Smart Sock + Cam

Owlet Smart Sock + Cam - best baby monitors
  • HD video resolution

  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Connectivity

  • iOS and Android App

  • Smart sock

  • Night Vision

  • Two-way audio

  • Pricey for some users

Owlet offers a complete, integrated monitor solution with separate sensors for your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate along with HD video and quality audio features. Just download the free baby monitor app to your phone, and you will be notified the second something seems off. 

Three sock-like wrap sizes are included so you can keep using the Smart Sock as your little one grows. All provide vital information about your  baby’s health and well-being. The Smart Sock is connected to a base station that glows green when there’s nothing to worry about. If the baby’s heart rate or oxygen levels are out of order, lights, sounds, and app notifications are used to let you know immediately. 

For additional reassurance, the Owlet Smart Sock + Cam bundle includes a video/audio monitor. The two work together, as the wearable baby monitor comes in handy while the baby is asleep and might encounter a separate set of threats compared to the ones it goes through during playtime. 

Parents whose little ones have health issues are likely to find this item particularly useful.

Price: $399.00

VTech DM223 Audio Baby Monitor

VTech DM223 Audio Baby Monitor - best baby monitors
  • DECT connectivity

  • Rechargeable parent unit

  • Plays lullabies

  • Built-in intercom

  • Up to 1000 feet range

  • Two-way audio

  • No Wi-Fi connectivity

  • Short actual battery life

If audio-only is what you’re after in a monitor, this budget-friendly VTech option is your best bet. It may well be the best audio baby monitor on the market. Featuring crystal-clear transmission, a rechargeable parent unit with a backlit display, and up to 1,000 feet of range, this back-to-basics monitor gets the job done without breaking the bank. Unlike some audio-only options, this monitor does feature two-way talk through a built-in intercom, a feature many parents find extremely useful. The parent unit can also play lullabies to your little one.

This DECT baby monitor provides clear audio transmission and superior range, eliminating annoying background noise while allowing you to move from room to room. Stay connected to your baby from another room or even from the yard. Go about your day with up to 1,000 feet of range. Enjoy some added peace by being silently alerted when there is a sound in your baby’s room. Sometimes all your baby needs is to hear the sound of your voice. Comfort your infant from any room with the built-in intercom on the portable baby monitors.

Price: $69.95

iBaby Monitor M6S

iBaby Monitor M6S - best baby monitors
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity

  • 1080p Video resolution

  • 1,920 x 1,080 Photo resolution

  • Cloud Storage

  • Android, iOS App

  • Night Vision

  • Two-way audio

  • Requires a strong Wi-Fi connection

  • Meant for tech-savvy parents

One of the best video monitor options available, this item keeps track of any changes in sound, motion, or air quality anywhere near your baby. You get push notifications via your smartphone whenever the monitor measures any alarming changes. 

With a 360 degree view and a 110 degree tilt, the iBaby monitor will never lose sight of your little one. If you are feeling worried or curious, you can just direct the M6S monitor in any wanted direction with a finger movement on your smartphone display. Add unlimited users to your baby’s everyday adventures, play lullabies from your iTunes music list, record your voice, or post and share videos. The options are limitless with M6S’s numerous amazing features. 

The two-way audio and 1080p video quality make this item one of the most efficient video baby monitors on the list.

Even though this item offers full environment monitoring, it’s a good fit only for tech-savvy parents. If you are not comfortable with a smartphone or you suffer from a lousy Wi-Fi connection, this might not be a fit for you. Still, gadget lovers will find this solution the best value-for-money option by a long shot. 

Price: $115.00

Angelcare AC517

Angelcare AC517 - best baby monitors
  • Wireless Connectivity

  • Breathing sensor

  • Remote pan and Zoom

  • Night Vision

  • Two-way audio

  • Pricey for some users

  • No lullabies

This infant monitor offers a 5” touchscreen with maybe the best image quality on the market. The monitor measures room temperature and motion activity, storing collected data two months before deleting it. The baby’s breathing is also closely measured via a wireless sensor. If the monitor does not measure any breathing activity for 20 seconds or more, you are immediately notified. The under-the-mattress wireless breathing sensor measures the most subtle changes and movements otherwise undetectable to audio and video monitors. 

Baby monitoring is made easy and affordable given the wide variety of available features. 

If there’s any trace of trouble, the baby monitor immediately communicates relevant data, protecting your baby from a wide array of potentially risky situations. Remote pan and zoom are also available. If you are worried about your baby’s first couple of weeks of sleeping alone, Angelcare’s AC517 is the right fit for you. 

Price: $199.99

Infant Optics DXR-8

Infant Optics DXR-8 - best baby monitors
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity

  • Night Vision

  • A popular choice

  • Stunning audio quality

  • Portable

  • Two-way audio

  • Video resolution: 640 x 480

  • The three lens types are sold separately

One of the best Target baby monitors on the market, this item strikes a perfect balance between practicality and versatility. It’s small enough and light enough to take with you around the house, but also offers stunning audio quality.

What makes the DXR-8 truly remarkable are the camera-lens options. You can match any specific environment, just like with a professional camera system. The three lens types include zoom, wide-angle (sold separately), and normal. The monitor streams video in real-time, with an LCD color display. The panoramic view becomes particularly useful when your baby starts moving about, as monitoring playtime requires a more demanding mechanism.

One of the best baby monitors 2018 came up with, this item won an award as the Popular Mechanics best baby monitor. 

The monitor does not share data via the internet, so you can be assured of no privacy violations. 

Price: $164.97

iBaby Care M7 Smart Baby Monitor

iBaby Care M7 Smart Baby Monitor - best baby monitors
  • 1080p Video resolution

  • Motion, sound, temperature, humidity smart sensors

  • Night Vision

  • Two-way audio

  • Pan and tilt: 360° pan, 140° tilt

  • Expensive

The M7 carries Wi-Fi circuitry that will connect to your home network via the 2.4GHz or 5GHz band. You just need to download the iBaby baby monitor app, which lets you stream and record live videos. It delivers 1080p video quality at 30 frames per second.

This baby monitor with app options also provides night vision at a detection range of up to 20 feet. The iBaby uses built-in microphones and speakers that alert you when the baby starts to cry. It even includes two-way communications so you can sing and lull your baby back to sleep. The iBaby monitor allows you to play lullabies or music directly from your phone. What’s more, it includes sky projections like the moon which create an exciting but soothing atmosphere for the baby.

Play relaxing and soothing sounds through the unit’s speakers to give your baby a better night’s sleep. See your baby’s every move with the crystal-clear full-HD 1080p video feed. And with 360-degree pan and 110-degree tilt, you can see every angle of your baby’s nursery. Away from home or at the office? You can still view your baby’s monitor from any location, even if you’re half-way around the world.

Price: $125.99

Do you need a baby monitor? If your baby sleeps in the same room as you, probably not. The same goes for if you live in a very small apartment. You could probably get by without one. Probably.

But what happens when your baby falls asleep and you decide to have coffee with a neighbor? What if you need to get work done on your laptop from a nearby café? The best baby monitors we list below will help you stay alert while giving you some valuable freedom.

Maybe you want to get notified if your baby starts crying or making a fuss, regardless of what you’re doing at the time. You might decide to drop everything and soothe your little one. You could even try and lull the baby back to sleep with a two-way audio tool. If it works, you can keep on sipping coffee. With the right video and audio baby monitors, the choice is entirely up to you.

Quality baby monitors help you keep a close eye (and ear) on your little one, even if you’re not in the same room, or even the same building. Instead of staying close to the nursery all the time, constantly checking on your kid, you can get away with a round of Netflix and chill, catch up with local news and gossip channels, or relax with friends and a glass of wine. 

A baby video monitor can also double as a nanny cam so you can keep a close eye on your child and their caretaker when you’re away.

Gone is the fear of stepping on a creaky floorboard or stumbling in the dark while sneaking up to check on your sleeping baby. A baby monitor can help reassure you 24/7, regardless of your location.

What Type of Baby Monitor is Best?

The ideal baby monitor is different for different parents. It really depends on what you need and what makes you comfortable. You can choose from several types of monitors:

  1. Audio monitors help you listen in on your baby.
  2. Video monitors let you keep an eye on your baby’s whereabouts.
  3. Wearable baby monitors track vitals such as breathing and sleep patterns.

Final Thoughts

Parents who try baby monitors quickly come to rely upon the convenience and peace-of-mind. Instead of needing to stay close to the nursery or constantly checking on the child, you’re free to rest, catch up on Netflix, or get things done around the house. A monitor can also double as a nanny cam to keep an eye on your child and the caretaker when you’re not at home.

Keep your home and lifestyle in mind when choosing a monitor. Living in a small city apartment? A long-range monitor probably isn’t a must-have, but one that minimizes background noise might be. Work out of the home? Then you may want the option to check in on your little one via your smartphone. We have listed for you the best of the best baby monitors on the market in 2019, with various features and price ranges to suit different needs. Consider what will make parenting easier and your family the happiest, and you can’t go wrong.