The Future of IoT

With estimations showing that the number of IoT devices by 2020 is going to reach the staggering figure of 50 billion, we need to talk more about this topic.

Starting with the basics—such as, “What is the IoT?”—we’ve gone through some of the most common safety concerns related to this technology, as well as introduced some of the most successful companies whose business is based on the internet of things.

In this text, we’ll try to take a peek into the future and see what the IoT world is going to look like a year from now. Some of the most modern devices will be presented, as well as some that are currently just an idea. In addition, we’ll discuss the impact that certain IoT device developments are expected to have on some of the most lucrative industries. But first, let’s take a look at how the IoT’s growth was first predicted during the technology’s infancy, and why the current predictions might be wrong.

Early IoT Projections for 2020 and Beyond

Even just a few years ago, no one could have predicted the massive success of the IoT. This is why early predictions show numbers that, knowing what we do now about the technology, are extremely humble. It’s also the reason why all estimates should be taken with a grain of salt.

Perhaps the best example of this is the Ericsson Mobility Report from 2015. Here are some of the IoT milestones that the report predicted wrongly:

The Number of Connected Devices by 2020

The number of devices that will be in use by 2020 was a wildly underestimated figure in the report. According to Ericsson, only 23 billion devices were predicted to be in use by the year 2020. However, their estimation for 2020 was already exceeded in 2018. In fact, more than 26.6 billion IoT devices were in u